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Edited by Ihsan M. Ajeena .

Clinical neurophysiology is a continuously growing branch of medical sciences that 
tends to link itself with unlimited number of other medical and surgical specialties.
Recently, it is known that clinical neurophysiology is becoming increasingly important 
not only for the early diagnosis of some diseases but also because it can be applied 
within some surgical fields and within the intensive care units. Neurophysiology is 
also important for long term monitoring of some patients despite its role in curing 
many entities of diseases. It also has a role to monitor the progress of some diseases in 
response to different modalities of treatment.
The emergence of new diagnostic and therapeutic applications of this field 
necessitate that neurophysiologists master these medical arts and participate actively 
in them in order to consolidate and develop new concepts to meet the increasing 
demand of evidence-based medicine aiming to ameliorate human well being and 
eliminate patient suffering.
Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology is not simply a handbook of neurophysiology. I 
strongly encourage neurophysiologist and clinicians interested in this field to get this 
book as many advance techniques and findings in clinical neurophysiology are 
I am sincerely grateful to the brilliant, talented and experienced authors that 
participated in this edition and for their patience and kind compliance with my 
requests. My deep gratitude should be extended to the publishing managers and the 
publisher for their support and continuous commitment to complete this book.
Hoping to enlighten new neurophysiologic diagnostic and therapeutic ideas, I herby 
present this book to you, dear reader. I will be awaiting your kind scientific feedback 
because without constructive feedback we cannot improve ourselves.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ihsan M. Ajeena
College of Medicine - University of Kufa


Chapter 1 The Examination of Cortical Dynamics for 
Perceptual-Motor Processes in Visually-Guided Cognitive/Motor Task Performances 1
Hiromu Katsumata

Chapter 2 Electroencephalography (EEG) and Unconsciousness 31
Dongyu Wu and Ying Yuan

Chapter 3 The Skin Neural Interface 55
Pierre Rabischong

Chapter 4 Sleep Spindles – 
As a Biomarker of Brain Function and Plasticity 73
Yuko Urakami, Andreas A. Ioannides and George K. Kostopoulos

Chapter 5 Neuromuscular Disorders in Critically-Ill Patients – 
Approaches to Electrophysiologic Changes in Critical Illness Neuropathy and Myopathy 109
Fariba Eslamian and Mohammad Rahbar

Chapter 6 Pacemaker Neurons and Neuronal Networks 
in Health and Disease 121
Fernando Peña-Ortega

Chapter 7 Motor Unit Action Potential Duration: 
Measurement and Significance 133
Ignacio Rodríguez-Carreño, Luis Gila-Useros
and Armando Malanda-Trigueros

Chapter 8 The Neurocognitive Networks 
of the Executive Functions 161
Štefania Rusnáková and Ivan Rektor

Chapter 9 Mild Cognitive Impairment and Quantitative EEG Markers: Degenerative Versus Vascular Brain Damage 171
D. V. Moretti, G. B. Frisoni, G. Binetti and O. Zanetti .

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