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Edited by Noboru Motomura .
256 pages . 

The aortic valve is located at the center of the heart and is the core of the cardiac 
anatomy. In the history of cardiac surgery, the aortic valve prosthesis was the first 
target of the cardiac surgery, which was performed by Dr. Hufnagel at Georgetown 
University, Washington DC, in 1952. Since then, aortic valve surgery has led the field 
of cardiac surgery. Many prosthetic heart valves have been developed to replace 
defective valves, and numerous surgical procedures have been created to deal with the 
complexities of aortic valve surgery.
Aortic valve surgery has developed from a single valve replacement to more complex 
procedures, such as the Ross procedure or valve sparing surgery. Recently, a transcatheter 
aortic valve replacement has evolved as well. All aspects regarding of the 
aortic valve are addressed in this book, including anatomy, physiology, preoperative 
examination by techniques such as echocardiography, as well as various surgical 
procedures, operative risk analysis especially in the senile population, and newly 
emerging technologies. The authors are among the most active cardiac surgeons 
chosen from all over the world. I believe this book will help clarify daily questions 
regarding the clinical practice in aortic valve surgery, as well as induce inspiration and
new insights into this field.
I would like to thank all the chapter authors who sent us splendid manuscripts albeit 
their tight schedules. I could not have accomplished editing this book without the help 
and tremendous support of the staff at INTECH. Finally, I thank my family for 
encouraging me to proceed with this project.

Noboru Motomura, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Director, University of Tokyo Tissue Bank (UTTB)
Department of Healthcare Quality Assessment
University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine


Part 1 Anatomy and Preoperative Estimation 1

Chapter 1 Intraoperative Imaging in 
Aortic Valve Surgery as a Safety Net 3
Kazumasa Orihashi

Chapter 2 Revealing of Initial Factors Defining Results 
of Operation in Patients with Aortic Valve Replacement and Coronary Artery Disease 19
A.M. Karaskov, F.F. Turaev and S.I. Jheleznev

Part 2 Selection of Prosthesis 33

Chapter 3 Which Valve to Who: Prosthetic 
Valve Selection for Aortic Valve Surgery 35
Bilal Kaan Inan, Mustafa Saçar, Gökhan Önem and Ahmet Baltalarli

Chapter 4 Prosthetic Aortic Valves: 
A Surgical and Bioengineering Approach 57
Dimosthenis Mavrilas, Efstratios Apostolakis and Petros Koutsoukos

Part 3 Aortic Root Replacement 85

Chapter 5 Valve-Sparing Aortic Root 
Replacement and Aortic Valve Repair 87
William Y. Shi, Michael O’ Keefe and George Matalanis

Chapter 6 Aortic Valve Sparing Operations 105
Bradley G. Leshnower and Edward P. Chen

Part 4 Aortic Valve Allograft 121

Chapter 7 Clinical Outcome of Aortic Root Replacement 
With Cryopreserved Aortic Valve Allografts 123
Aya Saito and Noboru Motomura

Part 5 Outcome Assessment 137

Chapter 8 Forecasting of the Possible Outcome of Prosthetics 
of the Aortal Valve on Preoperational Anatomo-Functional Hemodynamics and According to Heart Indicators 139
F. F. Turaev, A. M. Karaskov and S. I. Zheleznev

Chapter 9 Aortic Valve Surgery and Reduced Ventricular Function 151
Dominik Wiedemann, Nikolaos Bonaros and Alfred Kocher

Chapter 10 Relationship Between Aortic 
Valve Replacement and Old Age 167
Jean-Michel Maillet and Dominique Somme

Chapter 11 Neurological Complications in Aortic Valve 
Surgery and Rehabilitation Treatment Used 187
M. Paz Sanz-Ayan, Delia Diaz, Antonio Martinez-Salio, Francisco Miguel Garzon,
Carmen Urbaneja, Jose Valdivia and Alberto Forteza

Part 6 Congenital Anomaly Application 205

Chapter 12 Correction of Transposition of Great Arteries with 
Ventricular Septal Defect and Left Outflow Tract Obstruction with Double Arterial Translocation with Preservation of the Pulmonary Valve 207
Gláucio Furlanetto and Beatriz H. S. Furlanetto

Part 7 New Technology 217

Chapter 13 An Expansible Aortic Ring for a Standardized 
and Physiological Approach of Aortic Valve Repair 219
Emmanuel Lansac, Isabelle Di Centa, Rémi Escande, Maguette Ba, Nizar Kellil, Eric Arnaud Crozat, Eric Portocarrero, Aicha Abed, Anthony Paolitto, Mathieu Debauchez and Anne Meddahi- Pellé . 

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