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Edited by Fernando A. Barrios and Clemens Bauer .

124 pages . 

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The study of the function of the Basal Ganglia is a subject of increasing prominence, not only among neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists and cognitive-scientists but  also for clinical ergonomists, rehabilitation, internal medicine and public health  physicians. This work represents an attempt to bring together diverse scientists who  are interested in a common subject, the Basal Ganglia, nevertheless are situated in  different contexts in the scientific landscape. Basal Ganglia research in the last decade  has been singled out with compelling findings, resulting in new ideas of related  functional networks with other brain structures and internal functions that were not  considered before. Many of these findings come from animal models and brain  functional imaging like fMRI and PET research. These findings have resulted in the  need for new approaches to the study of the Basal Ganglia from animal models to  human brain mapping, translational and clinical practice, therefore, new  interdisciplinary resources regarding Basal Ganglia are needed. All of the contributors   to this volume have published in highly specialized research magazines but want to  pioneer into a multidisciplinary open access work. This volume aims to provide online  access to high-quality research and is an example of leading academics making their  work visible and accessible to diverse audiences around the world.

Fernando A. Barrios and Clemens C. C. Bauer

Neurobiology Institute

National Autonomous University of Mexico,


Chapter 1 Clinical Motor and Cognitive Neurobehavioral 
Relationships in the Basal Ganglia 1 Gerry Leisman, Robert Melillo and Frederick R. Carrick

Chapter 2 Fetal and Environmental Basis for 
the Cause of Parkinson’s Disease 31 Clivel G. Charlton

Chapter 3 Basal Ganglia and the Error Monitoring and Processing System: How Alcohol Modulates the Error Monitoring and Processing Capacity of the Basal Ganglia 65 M.O. Welcome and V.A. Pereverzev

Chapter 4 The Integrative Role of the Basal Ganglia 87 
Clemens C.C. Bauer, Erick H. Pasaye, Juan I. Romero-Romo and Fernando A. Barrios

Chapter 5 Organization of Two Cortico–Basal Ganglia Loop 
Circuits That Arise from Distinct Sectors of the Monkey Dorsal Premotor Cortex 103 Masahiko Takada, Eiji Hoshi, Yosuke Saga, Ken-ichi Inoue, Shigehiro Miyachi, Nobuhiko Hatanaka, Masahiko Inase and Atsushi Nambu .

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