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Chemical biology, a scientific discipline connecting the fields of chemistry and biology, refers to the application of chemical techniques and tools, synthetic chemical compounds, to the study and manipulation of biological systems. Chemical biology utilizes chemical principles to modulate systems to either investigate the underlying biology or create new function. The research area of chemical biologists is very close to that of cell biology and pharmacology.
This book aims to provide a brief overview on chemistry and biology of the biomolecules, while focusing on connection of them in chemical biology. The first section opens up this book with an overview of protein purification and enzymology by introducing some important concepts. The second section addresses properties and effects of vitamins and antioxidants. The third section deals with biotransformation and gene delivery, quite popular areas. The last two sections combine signaling, regulation and organization.
The collection of contributions from outstanding scientists and experts from different countries presents detailed information about different topics and provides a general overview about the current issues of chemical biology. The book covers a wide range of current issues, reflecting on actual problems and demonstrating the complexity of the chemical-biological interactions. I would like to tell my gratefulness to the authors around the world for their excellent contributions to the book and hope that the book will enhance the knowledge of scientists in the complexities of chemical and biological approaches; it will stimulate both professionals and students to dedicate part of their future research in understanding relevant mechanisms and applications of chemical biology.

Dr. Deniz Ekinci

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Ondokuz Mayıs University


Part 1 Protein Purification & Enzymology 

  1 Protein Purification 3 
Nison Sattayasai

  2 The Problems Associated with Enzyme Purification 19 
Etienne Dako, Anne-Marie Bernier, Adjéhi Thomas Dadie and Christopher K. Jankowski

  3 Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Inhibitors 41 
Dan Wu, Dilyara Cheranova, Daniel P. Heruth, Li Qin Zhang and Shui Qing Ye

  4 Cofactor Recycling Using 
a Thermostable NADH Oxidase 63 Jun-ichiro Hirano, Hiromichi Ohta, Shosuke Yoshida and Kenji Miyamoto

  5 Analyses of Sequences of (β/α) Barrel Proteins Based 
on the Inter-Residue Average Distance Statistics to Elucidate Folding Processes 83 Masanari Matsuoka, Michirou Kabata, Yosuke Kawai and Takeshi Kikuchi

  6 Functional Implication Guided by Structure-Based 
Study on Catalase – Peroxidase (KatG) from Haloarcula Marismortui 99 Takao Sato

Part 2 Vitamins & Antioxidants 

  7 Effects of Dietary Fortification of Vitamin A and 
Folic Acid on the Composition of Chicken Egg   129 M.J. Ogundare and S.A. Bolu

  8 Mitochondria and Antioxidants: The Active Players in Islet Oxidative Stress 139 Tatyana V. Votyakova, Rita Bottino and Massimo Trucco

  9 Nitric Oxide Signaling During Senescence
and Programmed Cell Death in Leaves 159 Meena Misra, Amarendra Narayan Misra and Ranjeet Singh

  10 Menaquinone as Well as Ubiquinone as a Crucial 
Component in the Escherichia coli Respiratory Chain 187 Naoko Fujimoto, Tomoyuki Kosaka and Mamoru Yamada

Part 3 Biotransformation & Gene Delivery 

  11 Genetically Modified Baker’s Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
in Chemical Synthesis and Biotransformations 211 Ewa Białecka-Florjańczyk and Agata Urszula Kapturowska

  12 Animal Models for Hydrodynamic Gene Delivery 235 
Michalis Katsimpoulas, Dimitris Zacharoulis, Nagy Habib and Alkiviadis Kostakis

Part 4 Hormones and Receptors

  13 Role of β-Arrestins in Endosomal Sorting of 
G Protein-Coupled Receptors 253 Rohit Malik and Adriano Marchese

  14 Structure and Function of the Lipolysis Stimulated Lipoprotein Receptor 267 Christophe Stenger, Catherine Corbier and Frances T. Yen

 15 Ghrelin, a Gastric Hormone with Diverse Functions 293 Ziru Li, Jie Luo, Yin Li and Weizhen Zhang

Part 5 Organization & Regulation  

  16 Polysialylation of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule: 
Setting the Stage for Plasticity Across Scales of Biological Organization 343 Marie-Claude Amoureux, Annelise Viallat, Coralie Giribone, Marion Benezech, Philippe Marino, Gaelle Millet, Isabelle Boquet, Jean-Chrétien Norreel and Geneviève Rougon

  17 What Does Maurocalcine Tell Us About 
the Process of Excitation-Contraction Coupling? 365 Michel Ronjat and Michel De Waard

   18 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis and Metabolic Regulation 385 Yu Matsuoka and Kazuyuki Shimizu

  19 QCM as Cell-Based Biosensor 411 
Tsong-Rong Yan, Chao-Fa Lee and Hung-Che Chou .

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