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Edited by Valeria Tripodi and Silvia Lucagioli .

The aim of this book is the study of cholestasis from different points of view.
Cholestasis is one of the most common and devastating manifestations of hereditary 
and acquired liver diseases. Since the importance of the disease has been made aware, 
there have been many research works, providing an increase of information. 
Identification of the molecular defect in cholestasis is not only important for diagnostic 
reasons, but also to emphasize that impaired transporter function has pathological 
consequences. Indeed, it is now becoming clear that impaired or down regulated 
transporter function is also involved in the pathogenesis of acquired cholestatic 
Linked to the diagnosis of cholestasis, an important area to study is the serum bile acid 
profiles. In this sense, a great development of analytical methodologies has allowed 
the relationship between them and the different types of cholestasis to be studied. The 
proper interpretation of serum bile acid profiles provides medical management 
against the disease.
Different models of induction of cholestasis have been designed in order to deepen 
understanding and clarify protective mechanisms, which could contribute to 
improved treatment of the pathology.
The complete understanding of cholestasis will provide an efficient treatment and an 
overall improvement in the patient life quality.

Dr. Valeria Tripodi and Dr. Silvia Lucagioli
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry,
University of Buenos Aires,


Part 1 Medical Management 1

Chapter 1 Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy: The Usefulness of Serum Bile Acid Profile
for Diagnosis and Treatment 3
Silvia Lucangioli and Valeria Tripodi

Chapter 2 Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injuries Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Myth or Reality? A Recent Literature Review from 2006 to 2011 17
Giovanni Conzo, Salvatore Napolitano, Giancarlo Candela, Antonietta Palazzo, Francesco Stanzione, Claudio Mauriello and Luigi Santini

Chapter 3 Expression and Function of Renal
Organic Anion Transporters in Cholestasis 33
Anabel Brandoni and Adriana Mónica Torres

Part 2 Experimental Models of Cholestasis 51

Chapter 4 Drug-Induced Models of Cholestasis and Lysosomes 53
T.A. Korolenko, O.A. Levina, E.E. Filjushina and N.G. Savchenko 

Chapter 5 Phytosterols and Lack of Occurrence of Cholestasis in Rats Nourished Parenterally or Orally 71
M.L. Forchielli, G. Bersani, S. Tala’, G. Grossi, A. Munarini, L. Martini, C. Puggioli, R. Giardino4 and A. Pession

Chapter 6 How Do Lampreys Avoid Cholestasis After Bile Duct Degeneration? 81
Mayako Morii, Yoshihiro Mezaki, Kiwamu Yoshikawa, Mitsutaka Miura, Katsuyuki Imai, Taku Hebiguchi, Ryo Watanabe, Yoshihiro Asanuma, Hiroaki Yoshino and Haruki Senoo .

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