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Edited by Cila Umat and Rinze Anthony Tange .

covering multiple disciplines which include otology, engineering, audiology, speech 
language pathology, education and psychology, among others. Through these research 
studies, we have started to learn or have better understanding on various aspects of 
cochlear implant surgery and what follows after the surgery, the implant technology 
and other related aspects of cochlear implantation. Some are much better than the 
others but nevertheless, many are yet to be learnt. This book is intended to fill up some 
gaps in cochlear implant research studies. The compilation of the studies cover a fairly 
wide range of topics including surgical issues, some basic auditory research, studies to 
improve the speech or sound processing strategies used in cochlear implants, some 
ethical issues in language development and cochlear implantation in cases with 
auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. The book is meant for postgraduate students, 
researchers and clinicians in the field to get some updates in their respective areas.
To all the contributing authors, your efforts and patience are very much appreciated. 
We consider that one of the uniqueness of this publication is that the contributing 
authors are people who are experts and renowned in their fields. We have learned a 
lot throughout this whole process of involvement as book editors, just by reading and 
commenting on these superb-written chapters.
We changed the earlier book title to ‘Cochlear Implant Research Updates’ to better define 
or reflect its content. In facilitating the expected diverse readers of this book, we have 
divided it into three sections: Surgical Techniques, Speech Processing Strategies, and Other 
Research Updates. We hope the readers will find the chapters in the book as much 
interesting and informative as we personally have. They are stimulating new findings 
and hold for the future of improving the technology, and better understanding of how 
the users hear through the cochlear implant device. One of the studies also discusses 
on the contra aspect of what we generally believe on the usefulness of the cochlear 
implant technology in facilitating speech and language development of young 
children with severe and profound hearing impairment. Reading the chapter is 
refreshing as we, in the excitement to observe how the cochlear implant technology 
changes the lives of many people who use this hearing device, tend to forget that there 
are people with different views on cochlear implantation especially for young 
children. Including this chapter in this book hopefully will allow readers to critically 
analyze the arguments or concerns put forward by this group of people.
We would like to thank Ms Ana Skalamera as the book manager of this project and her 
dedicated publication team at InTech for this opportunity, their help and patience in 
finishing this project. Dr Cila Umat would like to thank her colleague Prof Dr. Siti 
Zamratol-Mai Sarah Mukari who has been a mentor and a friend and has consistently 
encouraged her to put up to this academic research exercise and challenges. Last but 
not least, her very special gratitude goes to her father Hj. Umat bin Hj. Baba, her 
loving mother Hjh. Maznah bt Hj. Abdullah and her siblings Along Anum Umat & 
family, Angah Bahia Umat & family, Achik Dauza Umat & family, Ezamudin Umat,
Far’ain Umat and Gazlia Umat for their ever-lasting, undivided loves, support and 
We hope that everyone who reads this book will benefit from the collection of studies 
presented here. Happy reading!

Cila Umat, PhD
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

Rinze Anthony Tange MD PhD
Associate Professor Otology (UHD)
Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology
University Medical Center


Section 1 Surgical Techniques 1

Chapter 1 Cochlear Implant Surgery 3
Hakan Soken, Sarah E. Mowry and Marlan R. Hansen

Chapter 2 Modifications on the Alternative Method for 
Cochlea Implantation 23
R.A. Tange

Section 2 Speech Processing Strategies 37

Chapter 3 Wavelet Based Speech Strategy in 
Cochlear Implant 39
Gulden Kokturk

Chapter 4 Strategies to Improve Music Perception in 
Cochlear Implantees 59
Joshua Kuang-Chao Chen, Catherine McMahon and Lieber Po-Hung Li

Chapter 5 A Review of Stimulating Strategies for 
Cochlear Implants 77
Charles T. M. Choi and Yi-Hsuan Lee

Chapter 6 A Fine Structure Stimulation Strategy and 
Related Concepts 91
Clemens Zierhofer and Reinhold Schatzer

Section 3 Other Research Updates 115

Chapter 7 Acoustic Simulations of Cochlear Implants in 
Human and Machine Hearing Research 117
Cong-Thanh Do
Chapter 8 The Cochlear Implant in Action: Molecular Changes Induced in the Rat Central Auditory System 137
Robert-Benjamin Illing and Nicole Rosskothen-Kuhl

Chapter 9 Cochlear Implantation, Synaptic Plasticity and 
Auditory Function 167
Jahn N. O'Neil and David K. Ryugo

Chapter 10 Cochlear Implants and the Right to Language: 
Ethical Considerations, the Ideal Situation, and Practical Measures Toward Reaching the Ideal 193
Tom Humphries, Poorna Kushalnagar, Gaurav Mathur, Donna Jo Napoli, Carol Padden,
Christian Rathmann and Scott Smith

Chapter 11 Cochlear Implantation in 
Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder 213
C. M. McMahon, K. M. Bate, A. Al-meqbel and R. B. Patuzzi .

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