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Edited by Young Suck Ro .

160 pages .
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ISBN 978-953-307-577-8 .

We are proud to present the first book on Contact Dermatitis, which was written to  reflect the current state of the science, practice, and art of dermatology. In this book,  we have invited a number of skilled individuals to share their expertise with our  readers. Contact Dermatitis is an excellent tool to be utilized for anyone who requires  help in diagnosing patients with a conundrum or treating patients with a  therapeutically challenging dermatitis.
During the last decade, our insight into the knowledge of pathogenesis has increased. Diagnostic modalities have been modified and newly developed. Our aim is to  encourage the understanding of scientific aspects of dermatology, and to provide an  updated reference guide to contact dermatitis. A distinct feature of this book is that it  describes numerous possible allergens causing contact dermatitis, and extensive  details of research in the basic sciences and advanced diagnostic techniques are  provided. Thus, this book will help our readers understand more about contact  dermatitis. It is our hope that this book will assist physicians in treating contact  dermatitis in the best way possible. Most importantly, we hope that this text will  benefit patients in the future.
We thank all authors. We would also like to thank the production team of InTech for  their efforts throughout the preparation of this book.

Prof. Dr. Young Suck Ro

Head Professor and Chairman, Department of Dermatology,
Hanyang University Hospital, Seoul,


Part 1 Contact Dermatitis - Epidemiology .

  1 Epidemiology of Contact Dermatitis 3 Jesús Jurado-Palomo, Álvaro Moreno-Ancillo, Irina Diana Bobolea, Carmen Panizo Bravo and Iván Cervigón González

Part 2 Contact Dermatitis - Pathogenesis .

  2 Animal Models of Contact Dermatitis 23 Federico Simonetta and Christine Bourgeois

  3 Keratinocytes, Innate Immunity and Allergic Contact Dermatitis - Opportunities for the Development of In Vitro Assays to Predict the Sensitizing Potential of Chemicals 39 Jochem W. van der Veen, Rob J. Vandebriel, Henk van Loveren and Janine Ezendam

Part 3 Contact Dermatitis - Patch Testing .

  4 Topical Delivery of Haptens: Methods of Modulation of the Cutaneous Permeability to Increase the Diagnosis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis 61 M. Nino, G. Calabrò and P. Santoianni

  5 Progress on the Development of Human In Vitro Assays for Assessment of the Sensitizing Potential of a Compound: Breaking Down the In Vivo Events 71 Susan Gibbs and Krista Ouwehand

Part 4 Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Specific Allergens .

  6 Dental Metal Allergy 89 Maki Hosoki and Keisuke Nishigawa

Part 5 Contact Dermatitis in Children .

  7 Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Children 111 Alena Machovcová

  8 Contact Dermatitis in Children 127 Laurel M. Morton and Katherine Szyfelbein Masterpol .

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