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Caries remains one of the most common diseases throughout the world. It has been  classified by the WHO as the third world's health calamity. This book describes the  cause, diagnosis, control and prevention of caries, and the progression in daily caries  clinical practice, and an increased emphasis on the dental caries in children and  secondary caries. The book will appeal to dental students as well as graduate students,
dental health educators, hygienists, and therapists. It will also be useful to scientists  working in the field of cariology and to qualified dentists who wish to update their  knowledge. I wish to thank Ms. Maja Bozicevic and InTech. And an enormous thank  to all the contributors who worked overtime to produce their sections.

LI, Ming-yu
Associate professor /Researcher/Dentist,
Shanghai Research Institute of Stomatology
Ninth People’s Hospital, Medical College
Shanghai Jiao Tong University


 1 Caries Through Time: An Anthropological Overview 3  Luis Pezo Lanfranco and Sabine Eggers

 2 Socioeconomic Influence on Caries Susceptibility in Juvenile Individuals with Limited Dental Care: Example from an Early Middle Age Population (Great Moravia, 9th-10th Centuries A.D., Czech Republic) 35 Virginie Gonzalez-Garcin, Gaëlle Soulard, Petr Velemínský, Petra Stránská and Jaroslav Bruzek

 3 Impacted Teeth and Their Influence on the Caries Lesion Development 63 Amila Brkić

 4 Susceptibility of Enamel Treated with Bleaching Agents to Mineral Loss After Cariogenic Challenge 75 Hüseyin Tezel and Hande Kemaloğlu

 5 Statistical Models for Dental Caries Data 93 David Todem

 6 Traditional and Novel Caries Detection Methods 105 Michele Baffi Diniz, Jonas de Almeida Rodrigues and Adrian Lussi

 7 How to Diagnose Hidden Caries? The Role of Laser Fluorescence 129 Camilo Abalos, Amparo Jiménez-Planas, Elena Guerrero, Manuela Herrera and Rafael Llamas

 8 Clinical, Salivary and Bacterial Markers on the Orthodontic Treatment 155 Edith Lara-Carrillo

 9 The Dental Volumetric Tomography, RVG, and Conventional Radiography in Determination the Depth of Approximal Caries 181 Cafer Türkmen, Gökhan Yamaner and Bülent Topbaşı

 10 Effect of 1000 or More ppm Relative to 440 to 550 ppm Fluoride Toothpaste – A Systematic Review 191 Alexandra Saldarriaga Cadavid, Rubén Darío Manrique Hernández and Clara María Arango Lince

 11 Microbial Dynamics and Caries: The Role of Antimicrobials 203 Andréa C.B. Silva, Daniela C.C. Souza, Gislaine S. Portela, Demetrius A.M. Araújo and Fábio C. Sampaio

 12 Inhibitory Effects of the Phytochemicals Partially Hydrolyzed Alginate, Leaf Extracts of Morus alba and Salacia Extracts on Dental Caries 221 Tsuneyuki Oku, Michiru Hashiguchi and Sadako Nakamura

 13 Sealing of Fissures on Masticatory Surfaces of Teeth as a Method for Caries Prophylaxis 241 Elżbieta Jodkowska

 14 Probiotics and the Reduction of Dental Caries Risk 271 Arezoo Tahmourespour

 15 Laser Technology for Caries Removal 291 Adriana Bona Matos, Cynthia Soares de Azevedo, Patrícia Aparecida da Ana, Sergio Brossi Botta and Denise Maria Zezell

 16 White-Spot Lesions in Orthodontics: Incidence and Prevention 313 Airton O. Arruda, Scott M. Behnan and Amy Richter

 17 Filling Materials for the Caries 333 Cafer Türkmen

 18 Caries Incidence in School Children Included in a Caries Preventive Program: A Longitudinal Study 363 Laura Emma Rodríguez-Vilchis, Rosalía Contreras-Bulnes, Felipe González-Solano, Judith Arjona-Serrano, María del Rocío Soto-Mendieta and Blanca Silvia González-López

 19 Effect of Dental Caries on Children Growth 379 Tayebeh Malek Mohammadi and Elizabeth Jane Kay

 20 The Effects of Plant Extracts on Dental Plaque and Caries 395 Hamidreza Poureslami

 21 Secondary Caries 405 Guang-yun Lai and Ming-yu Li

 22 Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Morphological, Aetiological, Epidemiological and Clinical Considerations 423 Márcia Pereira Alves dos Santos and Lucianne Cople Maia

 23 Caries and Periodontal Disease in Rice-Cultivating Yayoi People of Ancient Japan 447 Tomoko Hamasaki and Tadamichi Takehara

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