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Edited by Omboon Vallisuta and Suleiman M. Olimat .

Pharmacognosy is an interdisciplinary study, drawing from a broad spectrum of 
biological and even socio-scientific subjects. Even though most of the pharmacognostic 
studies are focused on medicinal plants / herbal medicines, other organisms are 
regarded pharmacognostically interesting. Particularly this is true for different types 
of microbes, i.e. bacteria and fungi. More recently, many marine organisms have 
become targets of pharmacognostic studies.
The subject deals with natural drugs from plants, animals or minerals and even 
microorganisms. Therefore the scope of research is extremely wide ranging from 
traditional medicine to modern biotechnology with phytochemistry and analytical 
chemistry, which play an important part in the quality assurance of the raw material 
and their finished products.
This book provides a full picture of research in the area of pharmacognosy with the 
goal of drug discovery from natural products based on the traditional knowledge or 
practices. Several plants that have been used as food show their potential as 
chemopreventive agents and the claims of many medicinal plants used in traditional 
medicine are now supported by scientific studies.
Drug Discovery Research in Pharmacognosy is a promising road map which will help 
us find medicine for all!

Dr. Omboon Vallisuta
Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy,
Mahidol University, Bangkok,

Dr. Suleiman M. Olimat
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy,
University of Jordan, Amman,


Chapter 1 Ayurveda the Ancient 
Science of Healing: An Insight 1
Manoj Goyal, D. Sasmal and B.P. Nagori

Chapter 2 Developments in Phytochemistry 11
Moronkola Dorcas Olufunke

Chapter 3 Analytical Evaluation of Herbal Drugs 23
Anjoo Kamboj

Chapter 4 Standardized Cannabis and Pain Management 61
A. Paul Hornby

Chapter 5 The Research of Lygodium 77
Zhang Guo-Gang, He Ying-Cui, Liu Hong-Xia, Zhu Lin-Xia and Chen Li-Juan

Chapter 6 Natural Alkamides: 
Pharmacology, Chemistry and Distribution 107
María Yolanda Rios

Chapter 7 A Comparison Between Lignans from Creosote 
Bush and Flaxseed and Their Potential to Inhibit Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Activity 145
Jennifer Billinsky, Katherine Maloney, Ed Krol and Jane Alcorn

Chapter 8 Potential Applications of 
Euphorbia hirta in Pharmacology 165
Mei Fen Shih and Jong Yuh Cherng

Chapter 9 Medicinal and Edible Plants 
as Cancer Preventive Agents 181
Ken Yasukawa

Chapter 10 Induction and Activation of Plant 
Secondary Metabolism by External Stimuli 209
Fumiya Kurosaki

Chapter 11 The Metabolites of Food Microorganisms 227
Hirofumi Takigawa and Yusuke Shibuya .

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