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Edited by Hany A. El-Shemy .

Natural products are a constant source of potentially active compounds for the treatment of 
various disorders. The Middle East and tropical regions are believed to have the richest supplies 
of natural products in the world. Plant derived secondary metabolites have been used 
by humans to treat acute infections, health disorders and chronic illness for tens of thousands 
of years. Only during the last 100 years have natural products been largely replaced 
by synthetic drugs. Estimates of 200 000 natural products in plant species have been revised 
upward as mass spectrometry techniques have developed. For developing countries the 
identification and use of endogenous medicinal plants as cures against cancers has become 
attractive. Books on drug discovery will play vital role in the new era of disease treatment 
using natural products.
This book consists of 17 chapters and covers diverse topics from isolation, identification and 
validation and hit the drug cell interaction.
I would like to thank all contributors for their excellent effort regarding the drug discovery 
issues and I believe this book will provide significant knowledge to students and scientists.

Hany El-Shemy
Faculty of Agriculture
Cairo University, Egypt 


Chapter 1 Fruit/Vegetable-Drug Interactions: Effects on Drug 
Metabolizing Enzymes and Drug Transporters 1
Lourdes Rodríguez-Fragoso and Jorge Reyes-Esparza

Chapter 2 Anticancer Drug Discovery — From Serendipity to 
Rational Design 35
Jolanta Natalia Latosińska and Magdalena Latosińska

Chapter 3 Drug Interactions, Pharmacogenomics and Cardiovascular Complication 75
Irina Piatkov, Trudi Jones and Mark McLean

Chapter 4 Interactions with Drugs and Dietary Supplements Used For 
Weight Loss 107
Melanie A. Jordan

Chapter 5 Small Molecule Screens to Identify Inhibitors of 
Infectious Disease 157
Elizabeth Hong-Geller and Sofiya Micheva-Viteva

Chapter 6 Practical Considerations of Liquid Handling Devices in Drug Discovery 177
Sergio C. Chai, Asli N. Goktug, Jimmy Cui, Jonathan Low and
Taosheng Chen

Chapter 7 Data Analysis Approaches in High Throughput Screening 201
Asli N. Goktug, Sergio C. Chai and Taosheng Chen

Chapter 8 Oxidative Stress in Human Infectious Diseases – Present and Current Knowledge About Its Druggability 227
Carsten Wrenger, Isolmar Schettert and Eva Liebau

Chapter 9 Discovery of Selective and Potent Inhibitors of 
Palmitoylation 251
Sonia Lobo Planey

Chapter 10 The Antibacterial Drug Discovery 289
Jie Yanling, Liang Xin and Li Zhiyuan

Chapter 11 Air, Water and Soil: Resources for Drug Discovery 309
Luis Jesús Villarreal-Gómez, Irma Esthela Soria-Mercado, Ana Leticia Iglesias and Graciela Lizeth Perez-Gonzalez

Chapter 12 Transition State Analogues of Enzymatic Reaction as 
Potential Drugs 325
Karolina Gluza and Pawel Kafarski

Chapter 13 Suppression of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines via Targeting of
STAT-Responsive Genes 373
Charles J. Malemud

Chapter 14 Coupled Enzyme Activity and Thermal Shift Screening of the 
Maybridge Rule of 3 Fragment Library Against Trypanosoma brucei Choline Kinase; A Genetically Validated
Drug Target 413
Louise L. Major, Helen Denton and Terry K. Smith

Chapter 15 Colon Cancer: Current Treatments and Preclinical Models for 
the Discovery and Development of New Therapies 433
Samuel Constant, Song Huang, Ludovic Wiszniewski and Christophe Mas

Chapter 16 Applications of Snake Venom Proline-Rich Oligopeptides (Bj- 
PROs) in Disease Conditions Resulting from Deficient Nitric Oxide Production 459
Claudiana Lameu and Henning Ulrich

Chapter 17 Introduction to Biochemical Pharmacology and Drug Discovery 475
Gabriel Magoma .

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