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Edited by Ravi Mahadeva .

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The last decade has seen the emergence of COPD as a major health problem worldwide.
The recognition of this has stimulated the biomedical community to actively  research in this area, towards understanding the pathogenesis of this devastating  disease. This book contains a mixture of summaries of complex molecular pathogenic  mechanisms, emerging new clinical entities and novel treatments. The book begins  with sections on pathogenesis, innate immunity, anti-proteinase function and a review  of the relationship between hypothesis, basic science and the development of a related  treatment. These chapters are followed by description of the newly recognized  association between pulmonary fibrosis within COPD and state-of-the art descriptions of novel bronchoscopic treatments and new strategies for the management of the  common clinical problem of air leaks. It is currently an exciting time in COPD, and it is  hoped that this book will stimulate further interest in this hitherto relatively neglected disease.

Dr Ravi Mahadeva

Director of the Cambridge COPD Centre 
and Clinical Director for Respiratory Medicine,
Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust and Associate Lecturer,
Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge
United Kingdom


 1 Pathogenic Mechanisms in Emphysema: From Protease Anti–Protease Imbalance to Apoptosis 1 Raja T. Abboud

 2 Innate Immunity of Airway Epithelium and COPD 19 Shyamala Ganesan and Uma S. Sajjan

 3 The Role of Alpha–1 Antitrypsin in Emphysema 49 Sam Alam and Ravi Mahadeva

 4 The Dichotomy Between Understanding and Treating Emphysema 69 Frank Guarnieri

 5 Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema (CPFE) 79 Keisaku Fujimoto and Yoshiaki Kitaguchi

 6 Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction 89 Daniela Gompelmann and Felix J.F. Herth

 7 Surgical Management of Prolonged Air Leak in Patients with Underlying Emphysema 103 Boon-Hean Ong, Bien-Keem Tan and Chong-Hee Lim .

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