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Edited by Pedro M. Baptista .

This book focuses on the current knowledge regarding the physiologic processes that 
are triggered after hepatic injury and ultimately lead to liver regeneration. Some of 
these mechanisms are common to other tissues/organs, but the quickness, precision 
and effectiveness of liver regeneration in completely restoring its initial physiological 
function after injury is quite remarkable and unique among all the solid organs. Thus, 
the knowledge of these specific molecular and cellular mechanisms is crucial for the 
improvement of the current therapies and ultimately, complete recovery from liver
Hence, the first section of the book comprises multiple chapters that detail the 
mechanisms of molecular and cellular liver regeneration. Then, the second section 
describes different animal models used in this field of research, highlighting their 
significance and contribution to the study of liver regeneration. Finally, the last section 
presents a chapter on the gold standard for end-stage liver disease, liver 
transplantation, followed by numerous approaches and strategies for liver 
regeneration that rely on different cell therapies. The last chapter of this book 
describes some of the new approaches being developed that rely on tissue and organ 
It is then my hope as the book editor that this book will be able to help as many 
professionals and curious minds as possible, working in or out of the liver field, and 
that it can shed some light in the intricate mechanisms of organ regeneration.

Pedro M. Baptista, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine,


Section 1 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Regeneration 1

Chapter 1 Hepatocytes and Progenitor – Stem Cells in Regeneration and Therapy 3
Laura Amicone, Franca Citarella, Marco Tripodi and Carla Cicchini

Chapter 2 Liver Progenitor Cells, Cancer Stem Cells and Hepatocellular Carcinoma 17
Janina E.E. Tirnitz-Parker, George C.T. Yeoh and John K. Olynyk

Chapter 3 Hepatic Progenitors of the Liver and Extra-Hepatic Tissues 43
Eva Schmelzer

Chapter 4 Possible Roles of Nuclear Lipids in Liver Regeneration 63
M. Viola-Magni and P.B. Gahan

Chapter 5 Matrix Restructuring During Liver Regeneration is Regulated by Glycosylation
of the Matrix Glycoprotein Vitronectin 79
Haruko Ogawa, Kotone Sano, Naomi Sobukawa and Kimie Asanuma-Date

Chapter 6 The Protective Effect of Antioxidants in Alcohol Liver Damage 99
José A. Morales González, Liliana Barajas-Esparza, Carmen Valadez-Vega, Eduardo Madrigal-Santillán, Jaime Esquivel-Soto, Cesar Esquivel-Chirino, Ana María Téllez-López, Maricela López-Orozco and Clara Zúñiga-Pérez

Section 2 Animal Models of Liver Regeneration 121

Chapter 7 Analbuminemic Rat Model for Hepatocyte Transplantation 123
Katsuhiro Ogawa and Mitsuhiro Inagaki

Chapter 8 Rodent Models with Humanized Liver: A Tool to Study Human Pathogens 141
Ivan Quétier, Nicolas Brezillon and Dina Kremsdorf

Chapter 9 Liver Parenchyma Regeneration in Connection with Extended Surgical Procedure – Experiment on Large Animal 151
Vaclav Liska, Vladislav Treska, Hynek Mirka, Ondrej Vycital, Jan Bruha, Pavel Pitule, Jana Kopalova, Tomas Skalicky, Alan Sutnar, Jan Benes, Jiri Kobr, Alena Chlumska, Jaroslav Racek and Ladislav Trefil

Section 3 Transplantation, Cell Therapies and Liver Bioengineering 175

Chapter 10 Liver Transplantation in the Clinic – Progress Made During the Last Three Decades 
Marco Carbone,Giuseppe Orlando, Brian Sanders, Christopher Booth, Tom Soker, Quirino Lai, Katia Clemente, Antonio Famulari, Jan P. Lerut and Francesco Pisani

Chapter 11 Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Liver Regeneration 189
Melisa Andrea Soland, Christopher D. Porada and Graça D. Almeida-Porada

Chapter 12 Cell Based Therapy for Chronic Liver Disease: Role of Fetal Liver Cells in Restoration of the Liver Cell Functions 217
Chaturvedula Tripura, Aleem Khan and Gopal Pande

Chapter 13 Liver Regeneration and Bioengineering – The Emergence of Whole Organ Scaffolds 
Pedro M. Baptista, Dipen Vyas and Shay Soker .

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