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Edited by Nachiko Uchiyama and Marcelo Zanchetta do Nascimento .

In this volume, the topics are constructed from a variety of contents: the bases of 
mammography systems, optimization of screening mammography with reference to 
evidence-based research, new technologies of image acquisition and its surrounding 
systems, and case reports with reference to up-to-date multimodality images of breast 
Mammography has been lagged in the transition to digital imaging systems because of 
the necessity of high resolution for diagnosis. However, in the past ten years, technical 
improvement has resolved the difficulties and boosted new diagnostic systems. We 
hope that the reader will learn the essentials of mammography and will be forwardlooking 
for the new technologies.
We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the co-authors who 
have contributed their work to this volume.

Nachiko Uchiyama M.D.
National Cancer Center, Tokyo,

Dr. Marcelo Zanchetta do Nascimento
Universidad Federal do ABC, Santo André,


Part 1 Optimization of Screening Mammography .

Chapter 1 Choice, Trust and Risk - The Policy
Context and Mammography Screening 3
Karen Willis

Chapter 2 Meta-Analysis: Culturally Sensitive Education and Mammography Uptake of Minority Women 25
Mabel E. Caban and Beverley Adams-Huet

Chapter 3 How to Optimize Population Screening Programs for Breast Cancer Using Mathematical Models 47
Montserrat Rue, Misericordia Carles, Ester Vilaprinyo, Roger Pla, Montserrat Martinez-Alonso, Carles Forne, Albert Roso and Arantzazu Arrospide

Chapter 4 Effects of Health Belief and Cancer Fatalism on the Practice of Breast Cancer Screening Among Nigerian Women 71
Adenike Akhigbe and Kingsley Akhigbe

Chapter 5 Screening Mammography Need, Utilization and Capacity in Chicago: Can We Fulfill Our Mission and Our Promises? 89
Kristi L. Allgood, Garth H. Rauscher and Steve Whitman

Part 2 Quality Control .

Chapter 6 Comparison of Individual Doses During Mammography Screening Examinations with Screen – Film and DR Systems and Optimization Attempts of Exposure Parameters 109
E. Fabiszewska, K. Pasicz, I. Grabska, W. Bulski and W. Skrzyński

Chapter 7 An Analysis of Application of Mean Glandular Dose and Factors on Which It Depends to Patients of Various Age Groups 133
Suad Kunosic

Chapter 8 Assessment of AGD in UAE Hospital 149
Najlaa Almazrouei

Part 3 Novel Diagnostic Approach by Mammography .

Chapter 9 Is Mammographic Density a Biomarker to Study the Molecular Causes of Breast Cancer? 173
Hanna Mirette and Diorio Caroline

Chapter 10 Mammographic Density Under Hormonal and Hormone-Like Treatments 199
Şerban Nastasia

Chapter 11 Evaluation of Mammographic Segmentation and Risk Classification Based on Tabár Tissue Modelling 217
Wenda He, Erika Denton and Reyer Zwiggelaar

Chapter 12 MIDAS – Mammographic Image Database for Automated Analysis 243
Fabiano Fernandes, Rodrigo Bonifácio, Lourdes Brasil, Renato Guadagnin and Janice Lamas

Chapter 13 Fusion of Two-View Information: SVD Based Modeling for Computerized
Classification of Breast Lesions on Mammograms 261
Rogério Daniel Dantas, Marcelo Zanchetta do Nascimento, Ricardo de Souza Jacomini, Danilo César Pereira and Rodrigo Pereira Ramos

Part 4 Emerging Technologies – Computer Aided Detection, Diagnosis and Digital Mammography 

Chapter 14 Breast CAD (Computer Aided Detection) in FFDM (Full Field Digital Mammography) 
Nachiko Uchiyama

Chapter 15 Metrological Assessment of a CAD System for the Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Digital Mammography 293
Arianna Mencattini and Marcello Salmeri

Chapter 16 Computerized Image Analysis of Mammographic Microcalcifications: Diagnosis and Prognosis 321
Anna N. Karahaliou, Nikolaos S. Arikidis, Spyros G. Skiadopoulos, George S. Panayiotakis and Lena I. Costaridou

Chapter 17 Photovoltaic GaAs Detectors for Digital X-Ray Imaging 341
V.F. Dvoryankin, G.G. Dvoryankina, Yu.M. Dikaev, M.G. Ermakov, A.A. Kudryashov, A.G. Petrov and A.A. Telegin

Chapter 18 Optimization of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 355Nachiko Uchiyama, Takayuki Kinoshita, Takashi Hojo, Sota Asaga, Junko Suzuki, Yoko Kawawa and Kyoichi Otsuka

Part 5 Clinical Case Reports .

Chapter 19 Fat Necrosis 373
Sergi Ganau, Lidia Tortajada, Fernanda Escribano, F. Javier Andreu and Melcior Sentís

Chapter 20 A Case of a Secretory Carcinoma of the Breast: Radio-Pathological Correlation 389
Shinya Tajima, Ichiro Maeda, Yasuyuki Kurihara, Miyuki Fukushima, Yoshihide Kanemaki, Hiroshi Shimamoto, Keiko Kishimoto, Tomoko Uejima, Koichiro Tsugawa and Yasuo Nakajima

Chapter 21 Radiologic Features of Triple Negative Breast Cancer 399
Yasuyuki Kojima, Reika In and Hiroko Tsunoda

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