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Edited by Leon A. Assael .

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty rooted in dentistry and forged in 
academic medical centers in departments of surgery, as the surgical specialty well 
equipped to care for conditions of the mouth, jaws, head and neck. Today oral and 
maxillofacial surgeons are advancing cancer care, neurosciences, understanding the 
pathology of the region, managing congenital and acquired deformities among others. 
In the process this specialty is improving the lives of our patients with better function, 
appearance, self esteem and longevity.
This text is unique in that it is developed online and published in that fashion. It also 
addresses some unique issues that are important subsets of the needs of oral and 
maxillofacial surgery patients. While it does not comprehensively address the field, 
the papers enclosed provide an important niche in the development of the future 
specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery .

Dr. Leon A. Assael
Oregon Health and Science University,


Chapter 1 Radiologic Evaluation, Principles of Management, Treatment 
Modalities and Complications of Orofacial Infections 1
Babatunde O. Akinbami

Chapter 2 Aetio-Pathogenesis and Clinical Pattern of Orofacial Infections 13
Babatunde O. Akinbami

Chapter 3 The Forearm Flap – Indications, Appropriate Selection, Complications and Functional Outcome 29
Raphael Ciuman and Philipp Dost

Chapter 4 Mandibular Condylar Hiperplasia 47
Everton Da Rosa, Júlio Evangelista De Souza Júnior and Melina Spinosa Tiussi

Chapter 5 The Mandibular Nerve: The Anatomy of Nerve Injury and Entrapment 71
M. Piagkou, T. Demesticha, G. Piagkos, Chrysanthou Ioannis, P. Skandalakis and E.O. Johnson.

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