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Edited by Neeraj Kumar Agrawal .

Thyroid hormone is important for controlling metabolism and many other body 
functions. Changes in thyroid hormone physiology, its regulation and diseases thereof 
have been a concern for the mankind. 
Understanding of thyroid hormone(s) has been continuously updated and revised.
The contributions from different authors have been incorporated in this book for this 
purpose. The original work of these contributors will be especially useful in furthering 
the knowledge on thyroid and help in creating new vistas of research.
The book incorporates physiology of thyroid hormone in maternal-fetal axis, and 
regulation of thyroid hormone synthesis in health and disease. The controversy in the 
cut-off for delineating normal from abnormal thyroid function has also been dealt 
with. Thyroid hormone deficiency and excess states have been highlighted through 
elaborate review to encompass the present understanding and management of such 
problems. A separate section on thyroid hormone changes in special situation has been 

Dr Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
Associate Professor and Head of Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi, India


Section 1 Thyroid Hormone Physiology 1

Chapter 1 “Quo Vadis?” Deciphering the Code of Nongenomic Action of Thyroid Hormones
in Mature Mammalian Brain 3
Pradip K. Sarkar

Chapter 2 Ecological Genetics of Thyroid Hormone Physiology in Humans and Wild Animals 37
Asano Ishikawa and Jun Kitano

Chapter 3 Paracrine Regulation of Thyroid-Hormone Synthesis by C Cells 51
José María Fernández-Santos, Jesús Morillo-Bernal, Rocío García-Marín, José Carmelo Utrilla
and Inés Martín-Lacave

Chapter 4 Thyroid Hormone Effects on Sensory Perception, Mental Speed, Neuronal Excitability
and Ion Channel Regulation 85
Irmgard D. Dietzel, Sivaraj Mohanasundaram, Vanessa Niederkinkhaus, Gerd Hoffmann, Jens W. Meyer, Christoph Reiners, Christiana Blasl and Katharina Bohr

Section 2 Developmental Physiology 123

Chapter 5 Maternal-Fetal Thyroid Interactions 125
R.G. Ahmed

Section 3 Thyroid Hormone Excess 157

Chapter 6 Thyroid Hormone Excess: Graves’ Disease 159
N.K. Agrawal, Ved Prakash and Manuj Sharma

Section 4 Thyroid Hormone Deficiency 181

Chapter 7 Mild Thyroid Deficiency in the Elderly 183
Giuseppe Pasqualetti, Angela Dardano, Sara Tognini, Antonio Polini and Fabio Monzani

Section 5 Thyroid Hormone in Special Situations 211

Chapter 8 Obesity and Weight Loss: The Influence of Thyroid Hormone on Adipokines 213
Renata de Azevedo Melo Luvizotto, Sandro José Conde, Miriane de Oliveira, Maria Teresa De Sibio, Keize Nagamati Jr and Célia Regina Nogueira

Chapter 9 Thyroid Disorders and Bone Mineral Homeostasis 251
Eva Feigerlova, Marc Klein, Anna Angelousi, Lelia Groza, Bruno Leheup and Georges Weryha

Chapter 10 Thyroid Hormone and Energy Expenditure 277
Einav Yehuda-Shnaidman, Bella Kalderon and Jacob Bar-Tana

Chapter 11 Thyroid Autoimmunity in Patients with Skin Disorders 297
Emina Kasumagic-Halilovic and Begler Begovic

Chapter 12 Thyroid Function Abnormalities in Patients Receiving Anticancer Agents 311
Francesco Torino, Agnese Barnabei, Roberto Baldelli and Marialuisa Appetecchia

Section 6 Experimental Advances 343

Chapter 13 Thyroid Culture from Monolayer to Closed Follicles 345
Clara Spinel and Magnolia Herrera .

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