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Edited by Marzia Salgarello .
288 pages . 

Breast reconstruction is an evolving art that challenges surgeons to combine 
reconstructive and aesthetic principles in the search for the best results possible.
The goal of breast reconstruction after mastectomy and after conservative treatment, is 
to restore the appearance of the breast and to improve a woman's psychological health 
after cancer treatment. Similarly, rebuilding the breast after severe breast 
malformation such as Poland syndrome, is similar to breast reconstruction after 
oncologic treatment. In this way the book joins together breast reconstruction after 
cancer treatment, and after a serious congenital condition that may even result in the 
absence of the breast and the deformity of the homo-lateral chest. Although the 
technical strategies for breast reconstruction are getting increasingly sophisticated, the 
two main options can still be summarized as autogenous and/or prosthetic, both now 
reaching a high standard of results. Having this in mind, the purpose of this book is to 
examine many of the modern techniques for breast reconstruction, and also giving 
some insight into specific topics.
The text consists of five sections. The first is an introduction to the oncologic aspects of 
breast reconstruction. In brief, this chapter introduces the issue of immediate breast 
reconstruction, of which the main benefit is superior aesthetic results compared to 
those of delayed reconstruction, together with a gain in psychological, social, and 
sexual well-being, and a significant cost reduction. The book goes on to examine the 
topic of detection and treatment of local recurrences after breast reconstruction, and 
the relationship between immediate breast reconstruction and adjuvant therapies. This 
chapter also provides significant information on the safety of conservative
mastectomies. Section two focuses on prosthetic breast reconstruction, which contains 
chapters for two-stage and one-stage implant-assisted reconstruction together with a 
chapter examining the effect of mastectomy and implant breast reconstruction on the 
maintenance of proper body posture after surgery. Section three is about autogenous 
breast reconstruction, and has several chapters covering the main topics from 
latissimus dorsi and abdominal flaps to omentum flap. Section four analyzes breast 
reconstruction with the use of a fat graft. Finally, section five covers the current 
approaches to breast reshaping after conservative treatment, mainly modified 
reduction mammaplasty, and adjacent tissue rearrangement.

Dr. Marzia Salgarello
University Hospital “Agostino Gemelli”,
University of “Sacro Cuore”,


Part 1 of the textbook : Oncology and Breast Reconstruction .

Chapter 1 Oncological Considerations 
for Breast Reconstruction 3
Grant W. Carlson

Part 2 of the textbook : Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction .

Chapter 2 Implant and Implant 
Assisted Breast Reconstructions 23
Sarah S.K. Tang and Gerald P.H. Gui

Chapter 3 One-Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction 
with Implants in Conservative Mastectomies 49
Marzia Salgarello, Giuseppe Visconti and Liliana Barone-Adesi

Chapter 4 The Effect of Breast Reconstruction on Maintaining 
a Proper Body Posture in Patients After Mastectomy 83
Sławomir Cieśla and Małgorzata Bąk

Part 3 of the textbook : Autogenous Breast Reconstruction .

Chapter 5 Modified Extended Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous 
Flap with Added Vascularised Chest Wall Fat in Immediate Breast Reconstruction After Conservative (Sparing) Mastectomies 105
Adel Denewer and Omar Farouk

Chapter 6 Breast Reconstruction with DIEP and S/IGAP 129
Maria M. LoTempio, Grace Lucta Gerald and Robert J. Allen

Chapter 7 Preoperative Computed Tomographic Angiogram 
for Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap for Breast Reconstruction: The Imaging Mapping Era 159
Jaume Masia, Carmen Navarro, Juan A. Clavero and Xavier Alomar

Chapter 8 The Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery (SIEA) 
Flap and Its Applications in Breast Reconstruction 171
Zachary Menn and Aldona Spiegel

Chapter 9 Double-Pedicle DIEP and SIEA Flaps and 
Their Application in Breast Reconstruction 177
Marzia Salgarello, Liliana Barone-Adesi and Giuseppe Visconti

Chapter 10 The Omentum Flap 195
Sirlei dos Santos Costa and Rosa Maria Blotta

Part 4 of the textbook : Fat Graft in Breast Reconstruction .

Chapter 11 Autologous Fat Transplantation – 
A Paradigm Shift in Breast Reconstruction 217
Daniel Del Vecchio and Hetal Fichadia

Part 5 of the textbook : Breast Reconstruction After Conservative Treatment .

Chapter 12 Breast Reconstruction 
Approach to Conservative Surgery 243
Egidio Riggio and Valentina Visintini Cividin .

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