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Edited by Atef M.M. Darwish .
180 pages . 

Since its first description by Steptoe and Edward, IVF  gainedpopularity among both 
doctors and patients. There is many studies on assisted reproduction and they cover 
most of the related technical, laboratory as well as clinical aspects. To write a book on 
assisted reproduction nowadays seems very difficult due to a wide plethora of related 
papers and well-illustrated books. This small-sized book aims at refinement of some 
already known points of practical importance in infertility management particularly 
ART. Before advising couples to start a protocol of ART, gynecologists shouldn't 
ignore proper preoperative assessment of the female. A lot of money and stress can be 
eliminated if the patient has a proper combined laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. In this 
book, an unbiased stratification plan for every infertile case is demonstrated before 
referring her to ART. The established role of endoscopic preparation for ART is well 
addressed. Many failures can be prevented when a simple office hysteroscopy is 
performed before starting the cycle. Moreover, success can be increased by utilizing 
some assisted endoscopic embryo transfer techniques particularly in cases with 
recurrent implantation failure.
Induction of superovulation is a subject of debate particularly in poor responders. In 
this book, you will find that the inclusion of LH in the stimulation of poor responders 
and women thirty-five and older would improve ART outcomes. If you are an 
embryologist, you will enjoy reading a detailed chapter on technical updated tricks 
that would be very valuable in all steps of lab work. For clinicians, a modified 
technique of embryo transfer as well a detailed discussion of luteal phase support 
protocols will be address in two separate chapter.
In short, this book is tailored to add new ideas or tricks to different steps of ART. We 
hope it would serve as a foundation of valuable information to all gynecologists that 
they all find useful during ART day practice.

Dr. Atef M.M. Darwish, MD, PhD
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Woman's Health University Hospital,


Chapter 1 The Role of Endoscopy in Management of Infertility 1
Jozsef Daru and Attila Kereszturi

Chapter 2 Endoscopy versus IVF: The Way to Go 27
Atef Darwish

Chapter 3 The Use of rLH, HMG and hCG in Controlled Ovarian 
Stimulation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies 53
Micah J. Hill and Anthony M. Propst

Chapter 4 The Means of Progress in Improving the Results of 
in vitro Fertilization Based on the Identification and Correction of the Pathology of Hemostasis 77
Andrey Momot, Inna Lydina, Lyudmila Tsyvkina, Oksana Borisova and Galina Serdyuk

Chapter 5 Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – 
Factors Affecting Fertilization 117
Murid Javed and Essam Michael

Chapter 6 SubEndometrial Embryo Delivery (SEED) with Egg Donation 
– Mechanical Embryo Implantation 145
Michael Kamrava and Mei Yin

Chapter 7 Luteal Phase Support in ART: An Update 155
Mohamad E. Ghanem and Laila A. Al-Boghdady .

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