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Edited by Hilal Arnouk .
228 pages .

..Suddenly we heard a voice crying, "This is the sea. This is the deep sea. This is the vast and 
mighty sea." And when we reached the voice it was a man whose back was turned to the sea, 
and at his ear he held a shell, listening to its murmur” 
Khalil Gibran – The Madman

For decades we have been learning about the interplay between tumors and the 
immune system. Our knowledge seemed somewhat incomplete and indirect, like 
listening to the ocean waves through a shell. Only recently, cancer immunotherapy has 
started to become a reality, with Provenge (Dendreon Corporation, WA), an 
autologous antigen-presenting cell preparation, earning the approval of United States 
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in 
This book provides an excellent review of the field of cancer immunotherapy, with 
special focus on prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers and a leading cause 
of cancer deaths in industrialized countries. The directions of immunotherapy of 
melanomas are also dicsussed in some detail within this book. Several chapters are 
dedicated to novel immunotherapeutic approaches utilizing the immunostimulatory 
functions of cell-based and protein-based vaccines, Toll-like receptors,
Glycosphingolipids, Stress molecules, Type III Interferons, Interleukin 12 and 
biological plant-based compounds such as Triterpenes. 
I would like to thank the people who helped with this publication, especially Ms Petra 
Nenadic. Finally, I dedicate this book to my family, my mentors and mentees 
throughout my career.

Hilal Arnouk, MD, PhD
Director of Research and Development,
Cell Constructs, Inc.,
Affiliated with Georgia State University,
Atlanta, GA,


Chapter 1 Immunotherapy in Urologic Malignancies: 
The Evolution and Future of Pattern Recognition Receptors 1
Jane Lee and Arnold I. Chin

Chapter 2 Vaccine and Cancer Therapy for Genitourinary Tumors 21
Robert J. Amato and Mika Stepankiw

Chapter 3 Challenges to Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy 37
Elena N. Klyushnenkova and Richard B. Alexander

Chapter 4 Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy – Strategy with a Synthetic GnRH Based Vaccine Candidate 63
J.A. Junco, F. Fuentes, R. Basulto, E. Bover, M.D. Castro, E. Pimentel, O. Reyes, R. Bringas, L.Calzada, Y. López, N. Arteaga, A. Rodríguez, H. Garay, R. Rodríguez, L. González-Quiza, L. Fong and G.E. Guillén

Chapter 5 Immune-Therapy in Cutaneous 
Melanoma – Efficacy Immune Markers 83
Monica Neagu and Carolina Constantin

Chapter 6 Innate Immunity-Based Immunotherapy of Cancer 107
Kouji Maruyama, Hidee Ishii, Sachiko Tai, Jinyan Cheng, Takatomo Satoh, Sachiko Karaki,
Shingo Akimoto and Ken Yamaguchi

Chapter 7 The Potential Use of Triterpene Compounds 
in Dendritic Cells-Based Immunotherapy 143
Masao Takei, Akemi Umeyama and Je-Jung Lee

Chapter 8 The Novel Use of Zwitterionic Bacterial Components and Polysaccharides in Immunotherapy of Cancer and Immunosuppressed Cancer Patients 155
A.S. Abdulamir, R.R. Hafidh and F. Abubaker

Chapter 9 Type III Interferons IL-28 and IL-29: Novel Interferon Family 
Members with Therapeutic Potential in Cancer Therapy 175
Hitomi Fujie and Muneo Numasaki

Chapter 10 Interleukin 12: Stumbling Blocks and 
Stepping Stones to Effective Anti-Tumor Therapy 197
Hollie J. Pegram, Alena A. Chekmasova, Gavin H. Imperato and Renier J. Brentjens .

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