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Edited by Luis M. Amezcua-Guerra .

378 pages . 

“But there were also other fevers, as will be described. Many had their mouths affected with aphthous ulcerations. There were also many defluxions about the genital parts, and ulcerations, boils (phymata), externally and internally, about the groins. Watery ophthalmies of a chronic character, with pains; fungous excrescences of the eyelids, externally and internally, called fig, which destroyed the sight of many persons. There were fungous growths, in many other instances, on ulcers, especially on those seated on the genital organs”.
This archetypal description of the Adamantiades-Behçet´s disease remains as valid today as when it was detailed by Hippokrates of Kos (460-377 BC) in his Epidemion, book III, part 7 (Hipp. Epid. 3.3.7).
Nevertheless, in these last 2500 years we have advanced a lot in the knowledge of vasculitis, a fascinating array of life-threatening and minor diseases caused by inflammatory conditions that affect the blood vessels. Indeed, research in immunology has invigorated the entire field of vasculitis, shaping a rational approach to its
etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment, which is the matter of the present book.
This is not a textbook on vasculitis, since it was never intended as a compilation of comprehensive reviews. Rather, it represents the view of each author on selected topics related to vasculitis, verifying the scientific evidence with their own expertise.
In other words, this book represents the amalgam between an evidence-based medicine to one based on eminence. Only outstanding experts within defined scientific fields of research in vasculitis from all over the world were invited to participate in this publication. This resulted in an exciting combination of original contributions, structured reviews, overviews, state-of the-art articles, and even the proposal of novel
etiopathogenetic models of disease.
Organizing this diversity of manuscripts has not been easy, and I am not certain how long will take readers to cover this Vasculitis book from beginning to end, but all the authors have endeavored to draw them into this volume by keeping both the text and the accompanying figures and tables lucid and memorable. This book has been intended to provide a broad base upon which one can build additional knowledge
acquired from other sources.
I invite you to read both consecutive but separable books on Vasculitis to better understand these fascinating but complex diseases.
“Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vasculitis” contains a section that provides practical information about the screening approach to vasculitis by laboratory analysis, histopathology and advanced image techniques. The part “Advances in the treatment of vasculitis” provides the current standard treatment as well as new and more specific interventions including biologic agents, reparative surgery, and experimental therapies. Finally, miscellaneous issues such as the extra temporal manifestations of “temporal arteritis” or the diffuse alveolar hemorrhage syndrome are covered.
I am thankful to all the contributing authors. Their expert knowledge and experience has guaranteed a thoughtful and innovative approach for rheumatologists,
nephrologists and other specialists interested in the fascinating field of vasculitis. Each author must be certain that their efforts will benefit to all patients suffering from these serious diseases.
I am also grateful to Aleksandar Lazinica for this kind invitation to edit the present book; thank you for your confidence. Off note, this book could not have been edited without the dedicated technical assistance of the publishing process managers, Petra Zobic and Dragana Manestar; thank you for your patience and willingness.
What began for Celsus as Rubor et tumor cum calore et dolore and led to Virchow’s Functio laesa has grown beyond the therapeutic targeting of cytokines. As editor, I hope that some of the enthusiasm and excitement of the contributing authors may be shared by each reader of this book.

Dr. Luis M. Amezcua-Guerra, MD
Department of Immunology
The National Institute of Cardiology ʺIgnacio Chávezʺ
Mexico City


Part 1 of the textbook : Diagnostic Approaches in Vasculitis .

Chapter 1 ANCA Diagnostics in Clinical Practice: 
New Developments 3
Jan Damoiseaux, Jos Austen and Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert

Chapter 2 Histopathology of Cutaneous Vasculitis 19
Ko-Ron Chen

Chapter 3 FDG-PET in Large Vessel Vasculitis 57
Quinn K.T. Ng, Bernd Klaeser, Ulrich A. Walker and Martin A. Walter

Part 2 of the textbook : Advances in the Treatment of Vasculitis .

Chapter 4 Treatment of Different Types of Vasculitis 75
Hisayoshi Imanishi and Daisuke Tsuruta

Chapter 5 Treatment of ANCA 
– Associated Vasculitis 91
Christina G. Katsiari and Lazaros Sakkas

Chapter 6 Biologic Agents for 
the Treatment of Systemic Vasculitis 105
P. Sfriso and F. Schiavon

Chapter 7 The Role of Biological Therapies in 
the Management of Systemic Vasculitis 125
Paloma Vela and Mariano Andrés

Chapter 8 Intravenous Immunoglobulin 
Therapy in Primary Vasculitides 149
Norbert Lukán

Chapter 9 Immunopathogenesis Based Adamantiades- 
Behcet Disease Vasculitis Treatment 167
Panagiota Boura, Konstantinos Tselios, Ioannis Gkougkourelas and Alexandros Sarantopoulos

Chapter 10 Bypass for the Treatment of Vasculitis 
Affecting the Central Nervous System 199
Ana Rodríguez-Hernández, S. Andrew Josephson and Michael T. Lawton

Chapter 11 Therapeutic Vascular Angiogenesis for 
Vasculitis Related Peripheral Artery Disease 211
Gen Takagi, Masaaki Miyamoto, Yasuhiko Tabata and Kyoichi Mizuno

Chapter 12 Oral Delivery of DNA Vector Conjugated with Chitosan and Its Effect on Th1 Polarized Inflammation 221
Bunsoon Choi, Ju Young Choi, Do-Hyun Jo and Seonghyang Sohn

Part 3 of the textbook : Miscellaneous Overviews in Vasculitis .

Chapter 13 Churg Strauss Syndrome: 
Clinical and Pathogenetic Approach to Therapy 235
Giovanni Rolla, Monica Boita, Enrico Heffler and Giuseppe Guida

Chapter 14 Diagnosis and Treatment of Giant 
Cell Arteritis (Temporal Arteritis) – Past, Current and Future Aspects 253
Jan Tore Gran

Chapter 15 “Extra-Cranial” Manifestations of Giant Cell Arteritis 291
Aurélie Daumas, Fanny Bernard, Pascal Rossi and Brigitte Granel

Chapter 16 Large Giant Cell Arteritis with Eye Involvement 311
Jianu Dragoş Cătălin, Jianu Silviana Nina, Petrica Ligia and Şerpe Mircea

Chapter 17 Kawasaki Disease in a Tertiary Pediatric Referral Center 
in Athens, Greece and Review of the Literature 331
Chrysanthi L. Skevaki, Elpida Charalampaki, Georgia Pinna, Michail Pararas, Athanassios Tsakris and Dimitrios A. Kafetzis

Chapter 18 Neurological Manifestations in Behcet Disease 353
E. Ait Ben Haddou, A. Benomar, W. Regragui and M. Yahyaoui .

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