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Cancer Stem Cells Theories and Practice does not “boldly go where no one has gone before!”
Rather, Cancer Stem Cells Theories and Practice boldly goes where the cutt ing edge  of research theory meets the concrete challenges of clinical practice. Cancer Stem Cells  Theories and Practice is fi rmly grounded in the latest results on cancer stem cells (CSCs)  from world-class cancer research laboratories, but its twenty-two chapters also tease  apart cancer’s vulnerabilities and identify opportunities for early detection, targeted  therapy, and reducing remission and resistance.
The chapters refl ect the current diversity of research on CSCs and are distributed  among six parts that inevitably overlap rather than isolate cubbyholes of research. Part  I examines CSC models, from questions about what stem cells are and where they come  from to issues of plasticity and reprogramming. Part II takes a close look at the CSCs  in particular cancers. Part III examines issues surrounding CSC niches and their neovascularization.
Part IV concentrates on signaling pathways, cross talk, and regulatory  mechanisms in CSCs. Part V looks at possibilities off ered by CSCs for improving diagnosis,  therapeutics, and prognosis. And Part VI confronts CSCs’ role in resistance.

Stanley Shostak

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Part 1 of the textbook : Cancer Stem Cell Models .

  1 The Dark Side of Cellular Plasticity: 
Stem Cells in Development and Cancer 3 Fernando Abollo-Jimenez, Elena Campos-Sanchez, Ana Sagrera, Maria Eugenia Muñoz, Ana Isabel Galan, Rafael Jimenez and Cesar Cobaleda

  2 From where do Cancer-Initiating Cells Originate? 35 
Stéphane Ansieau, Anne-Pierre Morel and Alain Puisieux

  3 Connections between Genomic 
Instability and Cancer Stem Cells 47 Linda Li, Laura Borodyansky and Youxin Yang

  4 Cancer Stem Cells as a Result 
of a Reprogramming-Like Mechanism 53 Carolina Vicente-Dueñas, Isabel Romero-Camarero, Teresa Flores, Juan Jesús Cruz and Isidro Sanchez-Garcia

Part 2 of the textbook :  Stem Cells in Specific Tumors .

  5 Breast Cancer Stem Cells 63 
Marco A. Velasco-Velázquez, Xuanmao Jiao and Richard G. Pestell

  6 Glioma Stem Cells: Cell Culture, Markers 
and Targets for New Combination Therapies 79 Candace A. Gilbert and Alonzo H. Ross

  7 Cancer Stem Cells in Lung Cancer: 
Distinct Differences between Small Cell and Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinomas 105 Koji Okudela, Noriyuki Nagahara, Akira Katayama, Hitoshi Kitamura

  8 Prostate and Colon Cancer Stem Cells 
as a Target for Anti-Cancer Drug Development 135 Galina Botchkina and Iwao Ojima

Part 3 of the textbook :  Niches and Vascularization .

  9 Importance of Stromal Stem Cells 
in Prostate Carcinogenesis Process 157 Farrokh Asadi, Gwendal Lazennec and Christian Jorgensen

  10 Cancer Stem Cells and Their Niche 185  
Guadalupe Aparicio Gallego, Vanessa Medina Villaamil, Silvia Díaz Prado and Luis Miguel Antón Aparicio

  11 The Stem Cell Niche: The Black Master of Cancer 215 
Maguer-Satta Véronique

  12 Cancer Stem Cells Promote Tumor Neovascularization 241 
Yi-fang Ping, Xiao-hong Yao, Shi-cang Yu, Ji Ming Wang and Xiu-wu Bian

Part 4 of the textbook :  Signaling Pathways and Regulatory Controls .

  13 Potential Signaling Pathways Activated 
in Cancer Stem Cells in Breast Cancer 261 Noriko Gotoh

  14 Signalling Pathways Driving 
Cancer Stem Cells: Hedgehog Pathway 273 Vanessa Medina Villaamil, Guadalupe Aparicio Gallego, Silvia Díaz Prado and Luis Miguel Antón Aparicio

  15 MicroRNAs: Small but Critical Regulators 
of Cancer Stem Cells 291 Jeffrey T. DeSano, Theodore S. Lawrence and Liang Xu

 r 16 MicroRNAs and Cancer Stem Cells in Medulloblastoma 313 
Massimo Zollo, Immacolata Andolfo and Pasqualino De Antonellis

Part 5 of the textbook :  Diagnosis, Targeted Therapeutics, and Prognosis .

  17 The Rocky Road from Cancer Stem Cell 
Discovery to Diagnostic Applicability 335 Paola Marcato and Patrick W. K. Lee

  18 Drugs that Kill Cancer Stem-like Cells 361 
Renata Zobalova, Marina Stantic, Michael Stapelberg, Katerina Prokopova, Lanfeng Dong, Jaroslav Truksa and Jiri Neuzil

  19 Cancer Stem Cells as a New Opportunity 
for Therapeutic Intervention 379 Victoria Bolós, Ángeles López and Luis Anton Aparicio

Part 6 of the textbook :  Targeting Resistance .

  20 Targeting Signal Pathways Active in Leukemic 
Stem Cells to Overcome Drug Resistance 401 Miaorong She and Xilin Chen

  21 Cancer Stem Cells and Chemoresistance 413 
Suebwong Chuthapisith

Chapter 22 Cancer Stem Cells in Drug Resistance and Drug Screening: 
Can We Exploit the Cancer Stem Cell Paradigm in Search for New Antitumor Agents? 423 Michal Sabisz and Andrzej Skladanowski

Acronyms and Abbreviations 443 .

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