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Edited by Francisco J. Agullo .
274 pages . 

Plastic surgery continues to be a rapidly growing field in medicine. There have been 
multiple recent advancements in the field. Specifically, there has been a continuously 
growing interest in fat grafting, body contouring, minimally invasive surgery, and 
plastic surgery education. At the same time, there have been continued advances and 
modifications in surgical techniques, which translate into improved results for our 
patients while increasing safety and efficacy.
The title of the book is Current Concepts in Plastic Surgery, and, as such, it highlights 
some of the “hot topics” in recent years. Some of the topics continue discussion on 
controversial issues such as fat grafting for breast reconstruction and the combination 
of liposuction and abdominoplasty. Other topics offer reviews of and refinements in 
techniques of head and neck, breast, aesthetic, and microsurgical procedures.
We have invited renowned specialists from around the world to share their valued 
expertise and experience. Most of the chapters will expose the reader to multiple 
techniques for achieving desired results, with emphasis on the author’s preferred 
methodology. This book is a brief snapshot of plastic surgery today, and does not 
attempt to cover its entirety, as we acknowledge the immense depth of the field and its 
ongoing improvement.

Francisco J. Agullo
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – El Paso, TX
El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Center – El Paso, TX


Part 1 of the textbook : Head and Neck .

Chapter 1 Minimal Invasive Surgery in Head 
and Neck Video-Assisted Technique 3
Jorge O. Guerrissi

Chapter 2 Basal Cell Carcinoma 13
Tomasz Dębski, Lubomir Lembas and Józef Jethon

Chapter 3 Implant Retained Auricular Prostheses 49
Metin Sencimen and Aydin Gulses

Part 2 of the textbook : Breast .

Chapter 4 Contralateral Breast Augmentation 
in Heterologous Breast Reconstruction 71
Paolo Persichetti, Barbara Cagli, Stefania Tenna, Luca Piombino, Annalisa Cogliandro, Antonio Iodice and Achille Aveta

Chapter 5 The Role of Free Fat Graft 
in Breast Reconstruction After Radiotherapy 95
Pietro Panettiere, Danilo Accorsi and Lucio Marchetti

Chapter 6 Correction of Inverted Nipple: 
Comparison of Techniques with Novel Approaches 121
Ercan Karacaoglu

Chapter 7 Tuberous Breast: 
Clinical Evaluation and Surgical Treatment 135
Giovanni Zoccali and Maurizio Giuliani

Part 3 of the textbook : Aesthetic .

Chapter 8 Combination of Liposuction and Abdominoplasty 155
Francisco J. Agullo, Sadri O. Sozer and Humberto Palladino 

Chapter 9 Gynecomastia and Liposuction 169
Francisco J. Agullo, Sadri O. Sozer and Humberto Palladino

Part 4 of the textbook : Research and Microsurgery .

Chapter 10 Autologous Fat Grafting – 
Factors of Influence on the Therapeutic Results 183
Regina Khater and Pepa Atanassova

Chapter 11 Importance of Anatomical Landmarks 
on Axillary Neurovascular Territories for Surgery 211
Nuket Gocmen Mas, Hamit Selim Karabekir, Mete Edizer and Orhan Magden

Chapter 12 Simulation in Plastic Surgery Training: 
Past, Present and Future 235
Phoebe Arbogast and Joseph Rosen

Chapter 13 Prevention of Microsurgical Thrombosis 257
S.M. Shridharani, M.K. Folstein, T.L. Chung and R.P. Silverman .

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