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Cardiovascular diseases and atherogenesis have been and still are an important topic many scientists are working on.
In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci had described “The narrowing of the passage of blood vessels, thickening of the coats of these vessels and hardening of arteries”. This is the first documentation of atherosclerosis, but today our understanding of atherogenesis as a process of a chronic inflammatory disease has been updated by many mechanisms such as
hypercholesterolemia, dysfunction of endothelial cells, oxidation of lipoproteins and especially oxidative stress. In particular, the endothelium is responsible for the regulation of vascular tone, the exchange of plasma and cell biomolecules, inflammation, lipid metabolism and modulation of fibrinolysis and coagulation. Endothelial cell disruption, morphological abnormalities in size and shape, susceptibility to apoptosis and abnormal release of endothelial cell-derived factors are strictly implicated in the pathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases. Growing evidence indicates that chronic and acute overproduction of oxidative stress alters endothelial cells as pivotal early event in atherogenesis. It is important to remember that drugs intake, such as statins, life style control for regulating fat intake and exercise activity must be monitored for improving cardiovascular disease incidence.
In recent years a novel topic regarding antioxidant properties of some natural substances seems to be very important for decreasing certain problems related to cardiovascular diseases and atherogenesis.
This book presents the state of the art of the antioxidants in the clinical and experimental approaches in order to bring better understanding of the mechanisms and useful therapies for these diseases. We hope that it can indicate new “current trends” for identifying new aspects regarding this scientific problem involving not only anatomical and functional, but also clinical questions.

Dr. Rita Rezzani
University of Brescia


1 Atherosclerosis and Current Anti-Oxidant Strategies for 
Atheroprotection 1
Luigi Fabrizio Rodella and Gaia Favero

2 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in the Endothelium: A 
Contribution to Athero-Susceptibility 27
Alessandra Stacchiotti, Gaia Favero and Rita Rezzani

3 Dendritic Cells in Atherogenesis: From Immune Shapers to 
Therapeutic Targets 55
Ilse Van Brussel, Hidde Bult, Wim Martinet, Guido R.Y. De Meyer and Dorien M. Schrijvers

4 Atherogenesis: Diseases that May Affect the Natural History “Schistosomiasis and HIV Infection” 81
Carlos Teixeira Brandt, Emanuelle Tenório A. M. Godoi, André Valença, Guilherme Veras Mascena and Jocelene Tenório A. M. Godoi

5 The Evaluation of New Biomarkers of Inflammation and 
Angiogenesis in Peripheral Arterial Disease 97
Sonja Perkov, Mirjana Mariana Kardum Paro, Vinko Vidjak and Zlata Flegar-Meštrić

6 The Role of Cyclic 3’-5’ Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) in 
Differentiated and Trans-Differentiated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells 121
Martine Glorian and Isabelle Limon

7 MicroRNAome of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells: Potential for 
MicroRNA-Based Vascular Therapies 147
Kasturi Ranganna, Omana P. Mathew, Shirlette G. Milton and Barbara E. Hayes

8 Atherosclerosis-Susceptible and Atherosclerosis-Resistant 
Pigeon Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells Express Different Genes and Proteins in vitro 165
J. L. Anderson, S. C. Smith and R. L. Taylor Jr.

9 Use of Natural Products for Direct Anti-Atherosclerotic Therapy 187
Alexander N. Orekhov, Igor A. Sobenin, Alexandra A. Melnichenko, Veronika A. Myasoedova and Yuri V. Bobryshev

10 Self-Management Training for Chronic Stable Angina: Theory,
Process, and Outcomes 219
M.H. McGillion, S. O’Keefe-McCarthy and S.L. Carroll

11 Attributes of Hypoxic Preconditioning Determine the 
Complicating Atherogenesis of Plaques 237
Lawrence M Agius .

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