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Edited by Luís Antonio Violin Pereira .
222 pages .

Embryology is a branch of science concerned with the morphological aspects of 
organismal development. The genomic and molecular revolution of the second half of 
the 20th century, together with the classic descriptive aspects of this science have 
allowed greater integration in our understanding of many developmental events.
Current studies in embryology and developmental biology are not restricted to gamete 
formation, fertilization (in vivo or in vitro), zygote formation, early growth or the 
development of living organisms, but also involve investigation of the genetic control 
of these processes and of development itself (so called morphogenesis). Modern 
embryology seeks to provide practical knowledge that can be applied to assisted 
reproduction, stem cell therapy, birth defects, fetal surgery and other fields.
This book focuses on human embryology and aims to provide an up-to-date source of 
information on a variety of selected topics. The book consists of nine chapters 
organized into three sections, namely: 1) gametes and infertility, 2) implantation, 
placentation and early development, and 3) perspectives in embryology.....

Luis Antonio Violin Pereira, MD, PhD
Department of Histology and Embryology, State University, Campinas


Part 1 of the textbook : Gametes and Infertility 1

Chapter 1 Molecular Alterations During Female Reproductive 
Aging: Can Aged Oocytes Remind Youth? 3
Misa Imai, Junwen Qin, Naomi Yamakawa, Kenji Miyado, Akihiro Umezawa and Yuji Takahashi

Chapter 2 Role of Sperm DNA Integrity in Fertility 23
Mona Bungum

Chapter 3 The Epididymis: Embryology, Structure, 
Function and Its Role in Fertilization and Infertility 41
Kélen Fabiola Arrotéia, Patrick Vianna Garcia, Mainara Ferreira Barbieri, Marilia Lopes Justino
and Luís Antonio Violin Pereira

Part 2 of the textbook :  Implantation, Placentation and Early Development 67

Chapter 4 Endometrial Receptivity to Embryo Implantation: 
Molecular Cues from Functional Genomics 69
Alejandro A. Tapia

Chapter 5 The Actors of Human Implantation: 
Gametes, Embryo, Endometrium 85
Virginie Gridelet, Olivier Gaspard, Barbara Polese, Philippe Ruggeri, Stephanie Ravet, Carine Munaut, Vincent Geenen, Jean-Michel Foidart, Nathalie Lédée and Sophie Perrier d’Hauterive

Chapter 6 The Role of Macrophages in the Placenta 127
Grace Pinhal-Enfield, Nagaswami S. Vasan and Samuel Joseph Leibovich

Chapter 7 DNA Methylation in Development 143
Xin Pan, Roger Smith and Tamas Zakar

Part 3 of the textbook :  Perspectives in Embryology 171

Chapter 8 Stem Cell Therapies 173
D. Amat, J. Becerra, M.A. Medina, A.R. Quesada and M. Marí-Beffa

Chapter 9 Self-Organization, Symmetry and Morphomechanics 
in Development of Organisms 189
Lev V. Beloussov .

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