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Edited by Koel Chaudhury and Baidyanath Chakravarty . 
500 pages . 

Endometriosis is a progressive debilitating disease affecting the physical, social and  psychological aspects of normal life quality in nearly 1 of 7 women of reproductive  
age. Endometriosis is considered to be an enigmatic disease owing to the lack of 

specific set of symptoms, poorly understood pathogenesis, complexity in diagnosis  
and limited therapeutic options available for management of the disorder. The last 
three decades we have witnessed a significant volume of research related to 
endometriosis. We felt the need to bring together contributions of experts working on 
pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of endometriosis. We genuinely 
hope that the readers will enjoy reading these informative articles contributed by 
eminent clinicians and scientists. We, as editors, would sincerely feel rewarded if the 
readers put to use the contents of the book to alleviate the pain and misery of women 
suffering from endometriosis, a disease which still remains a challenge.

We sincerely appreciate the valuable contributions of all the authors who have put in 
considerable effort to make the book a success. We are grateful to Dr. Ashalatha Ganesh 
for providing her expert opinion and valuable suggestions. We are most thankful to 
InTech publisher for providing us with an opportunity to edit a book of such great 
clinical relevance. Finally, our sincere thanks to Bojan Rafaj, Publishing Process Manager 
for the excellent support extended to us throughout the editing process.

Koel Chaudhury (Editor)

Associate Professor
School of Medical Science and Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Baidyanath Chakravarty (Co-editor)

Director Institute of Reproductive Medicine
Salt Lake, Kolkata


Section 1 of the textbook : Endometriosis .

Chapter 1 Endometriosis 3
Mohammad Reza Razzaghi, Mohammad Mohsen Mazloomfard and Anahita Ansari Jafari

Chapter 2 Urinary Tract Endometriosis 31
Aliasghar Yarmohamadi and Nasser Mogharabian

Chapter 3 Diagnosis and Treatment of Perineal Endometriosis 53
Lan Zhu, Na Chen and Jinghe Lang

Chapter 4 Abdominopelvic Complications of Endometriosis 65
Arturo del Rey-Moreno

Chapter 5 Endometrial Tumors in Postoperative Scars - Pathogenesis, 
Diagnostics and Treatment 85
Stanisław Horák and Anita Olejek

Chapter 6 Pathological Aspects of Endometriosis 101
Agatha Kondi-Pafitis

Section 2  of the textbook : Pathogenesis .

Chapter 7 Involvement of Prostaglandins in 
the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis 115
Gabriela F. Meresman and Carla N. Olivares

Chapter 8 Genetic Polymorphisms and 
Molecular Pathogenesis of Endometriosis 133
Vijayalakshmi Kodati and Q. Hasan

Chapter 9 Progesterone Resistance and Targeting the Progesterone
Receptors: A Therapeutic Approach to Endometriosis 157
Nick Pullen

Chapter 10 Endometriosis and Angiogenic Factors 183
P. G. Artini, M. Ruggiero, F. Papini, G. Simi, V. Cela and A. R. Genazzani

Chapter 11 The Local Immune Mechanisms Involved in the Formation of Endometriotic Lesions 211
Yulia Antsiferova and Natalya Sotnikova

Chapter 12 Virus Infection and Type I Interferon in Endometriosis 245
Pia M. Martensen, Anna L. Vestergaard and Ulla B. Knudsen

Chapter 13 Stem Cell as the Novel Pathogenesis of Endometriosis 263
Eing-Mei Tsai

Chapter 14 Green Tea for Endometriosis 277
Gene Chi Wai Man, Hui Xu and Chi Chiu Wang

Chapter 15 Endometrial Stem Cells and Endometriosis 297
Jafar Ai and Esmaeil Sadroddiny

Section 3 of the textbook : Recent Research Trends .

Chapter 16 Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Cancer: The Role of 
Oxidative Stress 311
Yoriko Yamashita and Shinya Toyokuni

Chapter 17 Alteration in Endometrial Remodeling: A Cause for 
Implantation Failure in Endometriosis? 325
Saikat K. Jana, Priyanka Banerjee, Shyam Thangaraju, Baidyanath Chakravarty and Koel Chaudhury

Chapter 18 Pathomechanism of Infertility in Endometriosis 343
Hendi Hendarto

Chapter 19 Analysis of Differential Genes of Uyghur Women with 
Endometriosis in Xinjiang 355
Aixingzi Aili, Ding Yan, Hu Wenjing,
Yang Xinhua and Hanikezi Tuerxun

Chapter 20 Primary Afferent Nociceptors and Visceral Pain 367
Victor Chaban

Chapter 21 Embryo Quality and Pregnancy Outcome 
in Infertile Patients with Endometriosis 383
Veljko Vlaisavljević, Marko Došen and Borut Kovačič

Chapter 22 Endometriosis and Infertility: 
The Role of Oxidative Stress 399
Ionara Barcelos and Paula Navarro

Section 4 of the textbook : Diagnosis and Treatment .

Chapter 23 Current Insights and Future Advances in 
Endometriosis Diagnostics 419
Michele Cioffi and Maria Teresa Vietri

Chapter 24 Imaging Tools for Endometriosis: Role of Ultrasound, 
MRI and Other Imaging Modalities in Diagnosis and Planning Intervention 437
Shalini Jain Bagaria, Darshana D. Rasalkar and Bhawan K. Paunipagar

Chapter 25 Pelvic Endometriosis: A MR Pictorial Review 447
Rosario Francesco Grasso, Riccardo Del Vescovo, Roberto Luigi Cazzato and Bruno Beomonte Zobel

Chapter 26 Pathophysiological Changes in Early Endometriosis 459
Tao Zhang, Gene Chi Wai Man and Chi Chiu Wang

Chapter 27 Medical Treatment in Endometriosis 475
Elham Pourmatroud

Chapter 28 Sequential Management with 
Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist
and Dienogest of Endometriosis-Associated Uterine Myoma and Adenomyosis 485
Atsushi Imai, Hiroshi Takagi, Kazutoshi Matsunami and Satoshi Ichigo .

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