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Edited by Bassam H. Mahboub and Mayank Vats .

260 pages . 
Open Access .
Medicine is an ever-changing science. Every day we are encountered with the new developments  and knowledge in the pathogenesis, mechanism of disease, newer diagnostic modalities,  treatment options and new challenges in the management of the various diseases. The  same holds true for respiratory diseases with the emergence of new respiratory pathogens  having significant impact on the respiratory system.
Respiratory Diseases are an important contributor to the morbidity and mortality of mankind  since antiquity and its prevalence is on rise in with new disease are being recognized,  however little importance has been given to the respiratory disease due to low level of  awareness in physicians and general public.
This book has been designed to deliver the detailed knowledge about the various respiratory  infections including viral, bacterial, and helminthic infections.
The first section covers the updated pathogenesis of the respiratory viral infections. The chapters  covers the comprehensive view of the virology and molecular epidemiology of RSV, the  commonest respiratory pathogen in children and in adults as well. In the same section detailed  discussion has been done about the structural and functional aspects of viroporins.
The section on bacteriology primarily emphasize upon the very important but often overlooked cause of bacterial infection of the lung, the biofilm which acts as a persistent reservoir for the bacterial load and gives rise to frequent exacerbation in all population.
Appropriate weightage has been given to the Clinical diagnosis and severity assessment of community acquired pneumonia which is a very common cause of morbidity and mortality in all age groups especially at extremes of age including the latest guidelines and recommendation from various professional societies.
Various challenges associated with the diagnosis and management of Helminthic infections and lung especially patients with asthma has been dealt in a very concise way.
As the prevalence of smoking has increased remarkably worldwide hence a dedicated chapter has been included on Smoking Cessation focusing on the Psychological approach to increase Smoking abstinence, which is very important component in any smoking cessation programme.
The authors and the publishers of this book have made sure that the contents and the knowledge delivered by the book is evidence based, updated and comprehensive and taken from the reliable sources.
The experience and knowledge of each of the editors have been directed to ensure that all specialized aspects of respiratory diseases and infection have been expertly covered and to provide a readable and updated coverage of all the latest updates in respiratory diseases and infection.
The book Respiratory Disease and Infections- A New Insight has been intended for the internists, general practitioners and the respiratory physicians in order to broaden the horizon of knowledge about the respiratory diseases and infection.
We owe a great deal to all authors who worked hard to contribute the chapters in the book.
We are greatly indebted to all and especially InTech publisher for their dedicated efforts and close collaboration with all the authors to publish the book for the advancement of knowledge and new insight in the field of Respiratory Disease and Infections.
Lastly, we owe a great deal to our family, who provided constant aspiration, encouragement, peace of mind and unwavering support to us to complete the editorial work of this book.

Dr Bassam H. Mahboub
Director, Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Allergy,
Rashid Hospital & Dubai Hospital,
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Medicine & Respiratory Disease & Allergy,
University of Sharjah, UAE

Co-editor: Dr Mayank Vats

Specialist - A, Pulmonary Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine & sleep Medicine,
AL Qassimi Hospital,
Sharjah, UAE


Section 1 Viral Infections .

Chapter 1 Pathogenesis of Viral Respiratory Infection 3 
Ma. Eugenia Manjarrez-Zavala, Dora Patricia Rosete-Olvera, Luis Horacio Gutiérrez-González, Rodolfo Ocadiz-Delgado and Carlos Cabello-Gutiérrez

Chapter 2 Virology and Molecular Epidemiology of Respiratory Syncytial
Virus (RSV) 33 Sameera Al Johani and Javed Akhter

Chapter 3 Structural and Functional Aspects of Viroporins in Human 
Respiratory Viruses: Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Coronaviruses 47 Wahyu Surya, Montserrat Samsó and Jaume Torres

Section 2 Bacterial Infections .

Chapter 4 Biophysical Effects on Chronic Rhinosinusitis Bacterial
Biofilms 79 Mohammed Al-Haddad, Ahmed Al-Jumaily, John Brooks and Jim Bartley

Chapter 5 Clinical Diagnosis and Severity Assessment in 
Immunocompetent Adult Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia 99 Fernando Peñafiel Saldías, Orlando Díaz Patiño and Pablo Aguilera Fuenzalida

Chapter 6 Pneumonia in Children 137 
Irena Wojsyk-Banaszak and Anna Bręborowicz

Chapter 7 Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Exacerbation – Natural History, 
Causative Factors and Management 173 Iara Maria Sequeiros and Nabil Jarad

Section 3 Helminthic Infections of Lung .

Chapter 8 Helminthic Infections and Asthma: Still a Challenge for 
Developing Countries 207 Isabel Hagel, Maira Cabrera and Maria Cristina Di Prisco

Section 4 Smoking Cessation and Lung .

Chapter 9 Psychological Approaches to Increase Tobacco Abstinence in 
Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Review 231 Jennifer Lira-Mandujano, M. Carmen Míguez-Varela and Sara E. Cruz-Morales . 

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