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Plastic Surgery is a fast evolving surgical specialty. Although best known for cosmetic  procedures, plastic surgery also involves reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, which very often overlap, aiming to restore functionality and normal appearance of  organs damaged due to trauma, neoplasm, ageing tissue or iatrogenesis.

First reconstructive procedures were described more than 3000 years ago by Indian  surgeons that reconstructed nasal deformities caused by nose amputation as a form of punishment. Nowadays, many ancient procedures are still used like the Indian forehead flap for nasal reconstruction, but as with all fields of medicine, the advances in technology and research have dramatically affected reconstructive surgery.
Recent developments and discoveries in vascular anatomy, imaging, advanced wound dressing, tissue engineering and robotic prosthetics have lead to moving frontiers in reconstructive surgery. These developments expand the limits of reconstruction and lead to achieving outcomes that would not have been possible ten years ago.
This book comprises three sections. First section is dedicated to general concepts of plastic surgery such as infection control, local flaps and sociological perspective of plastic surgery. The second section consists of highly detailed and reproducible reconstructive strategies used in several surgical problems. The final section provides the surgeons with easy-to-read articles about new technologies than can be applied in
practically any field of plastic surgery.
I sincerely hope that this book will help plastic surgeons, residents and researchers to provide the best care for their patients worldwide.

Dr Stefan Danilla

Plastic Surgeon

Master of Science (Clinical Epidemiology)
Hospital Clinic University of Chile Hospital
Clínica Alemana de Santiago


Part 1 of the textbook : Basic Topics in Reconstructive Surgery .

Chapter 1 Scar Revision and Secondary Reconstruction 
for Skin Cancer 3
Michael J. Brenner and Jennifer L. Nelson

Chapter 2 Local Antibiotic Therapy in the Treatment of 
Bone and Soft Tissue Infections 17
Stefanos Tsourvakas

Chapter 3 The Social Limits of Reconstructive Surgery: 
Stigma in Facially Disfigured Cancer Patients 45
Alessandro Bonanno

Part 2 of the textbook : Topographic Reconstruction Strategies .

Chapter 4 Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery 61
J.J. Vranckx and P. Delaere

Chapter 5 Acellular Dermal Matrix 
for Optimizing Outcomes in
Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: Primary and Revisionary Procedures 93
Ron Israeli

Chapter 6 Consequences of Radiotherapy 
for Breast Reconstruction 113
Nicola S. Russell, Marion Scharpfenecker, Saske Hoving and Leonie A.E. Woerdeman

Chapter 7 Reconstruction of Perineum 
and Abdominal Wall 141
J.J. Vranckx and A. D’Hoore

Part 3 of the textbook : New Technologies and Future Scope in Plastic Surgery .

Chapter 8 Stem Cell Research: 
A New Era for Reconstructive Surgery 163
Qingfeng Li and Mei Yang

Chapter 9 Three Dimensional Tissue Models 
for Research in Oncology 175
Sarah Nietzer, Gudrun Dandekar, Milena Wasik and Heike Walles

Chapter 10 Mathematical Modeling in Rehabilitation of 
Cleft Lip and Palate 191
Martha R. Ortiz-Posadas and Leticia Vega-Alvarado

Chapter 11 Advanced 3-D Biomodelling Technology 
for Complex Mandibular Reconstruction 217
Horácio Zenha, Maria da Luz Barroso and Horácio Costa .

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