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The procedure of skin grafting has been performed since 3000BC and, with modern  technology, has evolved through the years. While the development of new techniques and devices has significantly improved the functional as well as the aesthetic results from skin grafting, the fundamentals of skin grafting have remained the same, a healthy vascular granulating wound bed free of infection. Adherence to the recipient bed is the most important factor in skin graft survival and research continues introducing new techniques that promote this process. Biological and synthetic skin substitutes have also provided better treatment options as well as HLA tissue typing and the use of growth factors. Even today, skin grafts remain the most common and least invasive procedure for the closure of soft tissue defects.
It is with great pleasure that I bring you this updated collection of current concepts, the latest research, and future perspectives on skin grafting. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the contributors of this project and encourage them to continue in their quests for solutions. We would also like to thank the entire staff at InTech for their ongoing support in the completion of this project and their dedication in bringing high-quality research and knowledge accessible across the world. It is the intent that this resource will serve as a reference for clinical decisions and generate ideas for future research, that when combined, will continue to optimize both functional and aesthetic patient outcomes.

Marcia Spear, DNP, ACNP-BC, CWS, CPSN

Doctor of Nursing Practice
Department of Plastic Surgery
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Part 1 of the textbook :  Introduction .

  1 Split-Thickness Skin Grafts 3 
Tamer Seyhan

  2 Skin Graft Harvesting and Donor Site Selection 17 
Yusuf Kenan Coban, Ahmet Hamdi Aytekin and Göktekin Tenekeci

  3 Indications of Skin Graft 35 
Abdou Darwish

  4 Full Thickness Skin Grafts 43 
Saikat Ray and Krishna Rao

Part 2 of the textbook : Applications .

  5 Lower Third Nasal Skin Grafting 57 
James F. Thornton and Emily D. Rapstine

  6 Penis-Sparing Surgery with Neo-Glans Reconstruction 
for Benign, Premalignant or Malignant Penile Lesions 73 Enzo Palminteri, Fernando Fusco, Elisa Berdondini and Andrea Salonia

  7 Skin and Soft Tissue Injuries in 
Congenital Vascular Malformations 81 Kyung-Bok Lee and Dong-Ik Kim

  8 Oral Mucosa Graft 97 
Ismaila A Mungadi and Ngwobia P Agwu 

  9 Full-Thickness Skin Grafts in Reconstructive Dermatologic Surgery of Nasal Defects 117 Carmen Fernández-Antón Martínez and Ricardo Suárez-Fernández

  10 Surgical Treatment of Post-Burn Trophic 
Ulcers and Cicatrices of the Foot Calcaneal Area 133 Babur M. Shakirov

  11 Preputial Skin Grafts 141 
Ahmet Bulent Dogrul and Kaya Yorganci

  12 Treatment of Adult-Acquired Buried Penis 147 
W. Britt Zimmerman and Richard A. Santucci

Part 3 of the textbook : Current Research .

  13 Skin Graft Preservation 159 
Liangpeng Ge, Zhenggen Huang and Hong Wei

  14 Comparative Study of Skin Graft Tolerance 
and Rejection in the Frog Xenopus Laevis 175 Hristina Nedelkovska and Jacques Robert

  15 The Effect of Human Recombinant Erythropoietin 
(rHuEPO) and Tacrolimus (FK506) in Autologous and Homologous Full Thickness Skin Graft (FTSG) Take and Viability in a Rat Model 197 Dimitrios Karypidis, Despina Perrea, Othon Papadopoulos and Alkiviadis Kostakis

  16 Recent Innovation in Pretreatment for 
Skin Grafts Using Regenerative Medicine in the East 221 Hitomi Sano and Shigeru Ichioka

  17 Application of the Nanocrystalline Silver 
in Treatment of Burn Wounds in Children 237 Maya Argirova and Ognian Hadjiiski

  18 How Does Human Amniotic Membrane Help Major Burn 
Patients Who Need Skin Grafting: New Experiences 265 Ali Akbar Mohammadi and Mohammad Kazem Mohammadi

  19 Influence of Microorganisms on the Healing 
of Skin Grafts from Chronic Venous Leg Wounds 277 Tine Yding Wolff, Thomas Bjarnsholt, Klaus Kirketerp-Møller and Trine Rolighed Thomsen

  20 Clinical Evaluation of Glyaderm, a Dermal 
Substitute Based on Glycerinized Donor Skin 291 Pirayesh A., Richters CD, Hoeksema H, Verbelen J, Heyneman A and Monstrey S.

  21 External Wire Frame Fixation for Skin Grafts 299 Rei Ogawa and Hiko Hyakusoku

  22 Efficacy of Autogenous Dermis Graft for Wound Coverage 307 Seung-Kyu Han

  23 Cryopreservation of Skin 
Tissues for Skin Grafts 319 Suong-Hyu Hyon

  24 Sentinel Skin Allograft for Monitoring of Composite Tissue Transplants Rejection 339 Zamfirescu DG, Lascar I and Lanzetta M

  25 Immunological Considerations for 
Inducing Skin Graft Tolerance 349 Ethel J. Gordon .

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