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The topic of antioxidant enzymes occupies a central position in cell biology and medicine. It has become clear in recent years that the study of antioxidant enzymes is of great importance not only to interpret cellular defenses but also to understand the mechanisms leading to drug action. The multidisciplinary approach of this area and the permanent need for information regarding the recent advances have resulted in the need for new books on antioxidant enzymes. However, most books on antioxidants fail to stimulate the cross-fertilization of ideas between workers interested in basic aspects of antioxidants function and medically oriented scientists.
The objective of the present book is to contribute to such a cross-fertilization of ideas by selecting topics that illustrate the interconnection between basic and applied antioxidant biology and medical fields where multidisciplinary research is required. 
The book is divided into the following parts: “Basic Mechanisms of Protection”, “Biomedical Treatment “and “Antioxidants from Plants“.
In the first part antioxidant enzymes and human health are discussed and recent developments in oxidative processes in animal and plant tissue culture are reviewed. This is followed by presentation of mechanisms for protection against oxidative stress followed by the role of p53 in oxidative stress and cancer control. The second part of the book is devoted to biomedical therapies and treatments using antioxidant enzymes. This includes stroke, hypolipidemia and hyperglycemia, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, chronic hepatitis C, and stressed condition. In the third part, antioxidants from plants sources are reviewed and different methods for testing antioxidant activity of natural products are presented.
Thus, the book provides contributions for reference purposes at the professional level, and will be of interest to biologists, biochemists, physicians and so forth. It could be of great help to teachers and students at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Prof. Mohammed Amr El-Missiry
Faculty of Sciences, Mansoura University,


Section 1 : Basic Mechanisms of Protection .

  1 Antioxidant Enzymes and Human Health 3 Praveen Krishnamurthy and Ashish Wadhwani

  2 Oxidative Processes and Antioxidative Metaloenzymes 19 Janka Vašková, Ladislav Vaško and Ivan Kron

  3 Oxidative Stress Studies in Plant Tissue Culture 59 Ayşe Şen

  4 Protection Against Oxidative Stress and “IGF-I Deficiency Conditions” 89 Úrsula Muñoz Morón and Inma Castilla-Cortázar

  5 Antioxidant Role of p53 and of Its Target TP53INP1 117 Marion Seillier, Sylvain Peuget, Nelson J. Dusetti and Alice Carrier

Section 2 : Biomedical Therapies .

  6 Plasma Antioxidant Activity as a Marker for a Favourable Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke 141 Nelly Sapojnikova, Nino Asatiani, Tamar Kartvelishvili, Iagor Kalandadze and Alexander Tsiskaridze

  7 Antioxidant Therapies for Hypolipidemia and Hyperglycemia 169 Dawei Gao

  8 Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status in Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism 197 Mirela Petrulea, Adriana Muresan and Ileana Duncea

  9 Mitochondrial Free Radicals, Antioxidants, Nutrient Substances, and Chronic Hepatitis C 237 Chih-Hung Guo and Pei-Chung Chen

  10 Apoptosis, Free Radicals and Antioxidant Defense in Antitumor Therapy 265 Julita Kulbacka, Jolanta Saczko, Agnieszka Chwilkowska, Anna Choromańska and Nina Skołucka

  11 Effect of Different Concentrations of Red Palm Olein and Different Vegetable Oils on Antioxidant Enzymes in Normal and Stressed Rat 303 Eqbal M. A. Dauqan, Aminah Abdullah and Halimah Abdullah Sani

Section 3 : Antioxidants from Plants .

  12 Antioxidant Potential of Asparagus adscendens 323 Manju Singh, Divya Shrivastava and Raosaheb Kale

  13 Selenium – An Important Antioxidant in Crops Biofortification 343 P. Ježek, P. Škarpa, T. Lošák, J. Hlušek, M. Jůzl and P. Elzner

  14 Plant Antioxidative Enzymes – Case Study: In Vitro Organogenesis of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) 369 Golandam Sharifi

  15 Assay Guided Comparison for Enzymatic and Non-Enzymatic Antioxidant Activities
with Special Reference to Medicinal Plants 381 
Sujogya Kumar Panda .

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