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Edited by Plamen Kinov .

616 pages . 

Arthroplasty is one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding spheres of orthopedics and medical science. The successive stages of development of the technique of joint replacement include introduction of uncemented implants, emergence of biomaterials and ceramics, and evolution of bearing surfaces. Last but not least, credit to the success of arthroplasty is attributed to continuous improvements in surgical technique and introduction of mini-invasive techniques during the last decade. All these contribute to the tremendous success and unusual popularity of the intervention. As a result, it is not a surprise that the number of arthroplasties increases steadily every year and nowadays more than one million patients undergo the procedure annually worldwide. Moreover, based on the global aging of the population and higher arthritis prevalence, the demand for the procedure is expected to increase
The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the up-to-date developments in orthopedic surgery. It is a sequel of a successful series dedicated to one of the fastest growing fields in orthopedics - arthroplasty. Aiming at dissemination of scientific research this book provides a profound overview of the recent evolution of technology and surgical techniques.
The process of improving care for patients and standards of treatment requires straightforward access to up-to-date research and knowledge. The format of the publication allows easy and quick reference to shared ideas and concepts. We hope, that the current book will add significant contribution to the success of this endeavor.
New technologies, improvements in implant design and advances in surgical technique have yielded favorable outcomes after joint replacement and decreased rate of complications.
In short-term perspective mini-invasive surgery may offer certain advantages. However, successful clinical outcome after arthroplasty is a function of stable and long-lasting fixation of the implant. This in addition to a pain-free joint with a functional range of motion defines the arthroplasty as successful .... 

Plamen Kinov, MD, PhD
Assoc. Professor and Head,
Joint Replacement Unit, Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery,
University Hospital Queen Giovanna
ISUL, Sofia, Bulgaria


Section 1 of the textbook : Decision Making for Arthroplasty .

Chapter 1 Surgical Approaches to the Hip Joint and Its Clinical 
Implications in Adult Hip Arthroplasty 3
Hiran Amarasekera

Chapter 2 Preoperative Planning of Total Knee Replacement 21
A.O. Erdogan, N.S. Gokay and A. Gokce

Chapter 3 Special Considerations in Asian Knee Arthroplasty 33
Ali Sina Shahi, Hosseinzadeh, Gholam Hossein Kazemian, Aidin Masoudi, Mehrnoush Hassas Yeganeh, Usama Hassan, Samih Tarabichi and Hamid Reza Seyyed Hossein Zadeh Ardebili

Chapter 4 Predictors of Pain and Function Following Total Joint 
Replacement 65
Michelle M. Dowsey and Peter F. M. Choong

Section 2 of the textbook : Surgical Techniques and Technologies .

Chapter 5 The Acrylic Bone Cement in Arthroplasty 99
Hamid Reza Seyyed Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Emami, Farivarabdollahzadeh Lahiji, Ali Sina Shahi, Aidin Masoudi and Sina Emami

Chapter 6 All Ceramic Tripolar THA to Prevent Dislocations in Risky 
Patients 127
Jean-Yves Lazennec, Adrien Brusson and Marc Antoine Rousseau

Chapter 7 Short-Stem Hip Arthroplasty 141
Kálmán Tóth and Gellért Sohár

Chapter 8 “Neck-Sparing” Total Hip Arthroplasty 157
Lee E. Rubin, Scott A. Ritterman and Timothy McTighe

Chapter 9 The Evolution of Modern Total Knee Prostheses 181
Eun-Kyoo Song, Jong-Keun Seon, Jae-Young Moon and Yim Ji- Hyoun

Chapter 10 Optimization of Tuberosity Healing in Prosthetic 
Reconstruction of Proximal Humerus Fractures 195
Moby Parsons

Chapter 11 The LP-ESP Lumbar Disc Prosthesis: Concept, Development and 
Clinical Experience 215
Jean-Yves Lazennec, Alain Aaron, Adrien Brusson, Jean Patrick Rakover and Marc Antoine Rousseau

Section 3 of the textbook : Diagnostic Techniques .

Chapter 12 X-Ray Digital Tomosynthesis Imaging: An Appropriate 
Reconstruction Algorithm for Arthroplasty 243
Tsutomu Gomi, Hiroshi Hirano and Masahiro Nakajima

Section 4 of the textbook : Results of Arthroplasty by Etiology .

Chapter 13 Hip and Knee Arthroplasty in the Patient with Inflammatory 
Arthritis 259
Andrew Gordon, Hosam E. Matar and J. Mark Wilkinson

Chapter 14 Total Joint Arthroplasty for Hemophilia 289
Hideyuki Takedani

Chapter 15 Revision Hip Arthroplasty: Management of Bone Loss 299
Plamen Kinov and Peter Tivchev

Chapter 16 Ankle Osteoarthritis and Arthroplasty 337
Nadr M. Jomha, Angela Scharfenberger, Gordon Goplen and M. Elizabeth Pedersen

Section 5 of the textbook : Complications After Arthroplasty .

Chapter 17 Complications Following Total Hip Arthroplasty 379
Asim Rajpura and Tim Board

Chapter 18 Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures in Total Knee 
Arthroplasty 419
Vladan Stevanović, Zoran Vukašinović, Zoran Baščarević, Branislav Starčević, Dragana Matanović and Duško Spasovski

Chapter 19 Imaging Patellar Complications After Knee Arthroplasty 435
Pietro Melloni, Maite Veintemillas, Anna Marin and Rafael Valls

Chapter 20 Extensor Mechanism Complications After Patellar Resurfacing 
in Knee Replacement – Can They Justify Non-Patellar Resurfacing? 449
Antonio Silvestre, Raúl Lopez, Fernando Almeida, Pablo Renovell, Francisco Argüelles and Oscar Vaamonde

Chapter 21 Glenoid Loosening in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty 467
Nahum Rosenberg, Maruan Haddad and Doron Norman .

Section 6 of the textbook : Periprosthetic Infection .

Chapter 22 Peri-Prosthetic Joint Infection: Prevention, Diagnosis and 
Management 479
Adrian J. Cassar Gheiti and Kevin J. Mulhall

Chapter 23 Management of Prosthetic Infection According to Organism 515
Trisha Peel, Kirsty Buising, Michelle Dowsey and Peter Choong

Chapter 24 Periprosthetic Infection Following Total Knee 
Arthroplasty 535
Michael Soudry, Arnan Greental, Gabriel Nierenberg, Mazen Falah and Nahum Rosenberg

Chapter 25 Articulating Spacers in Infection of Total Knee Arthroplasty — 
State of the Art 553
Manuel Villanueva-Martínez, Antonio Ríos-Luna, Francisco Chana- Rodriguez, Jose A. De Pedro and Antonio Pérez-Caballer

Chapter 26 The Role of Knee Arthrodesis After TKA Infection 575
Pablo Renovell, Antonio Silvestre and Oscar Vaamonde

Section 7 of the textbook :  Alternatives to Arthroplasty .

Chapter 27 Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis with Tendon 
Transfer of the Flexor Digitorum Brevis 589
Ricardo Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, Marta Elena Losa Iglesias and Miguel Fuentes Rodriguez .

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