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444 pages .
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It has been a privilege to have been tasked with editing a book with an international authorship including many distinguished contributors on the topic of cataract surgery.
Not only is cataract surgery the most commonly performed operation in the world but cataract remains the leading cause of blindness worldwide.
Inevitably one must decide which topics to focus discussion on in such a work to make it readable, original, and lasting. The generality of the field of cataract surgery is considered, often through gaining a deeper insight by considering the development of advances in the field. More specific discussions have focussed on areas that have remained and likely will remain topical owing to their practical importance. I have sought to include work which is original but which underpins core aspects to the overall field of cataract surgery.
This book is divided into four sections. The first, Pre-operative Care, is considered from a variety of perspectives – the pathophysiology of floppy iris syndrome, an area that has been topical for the best part of a decade, as well as how to reduce risk to patients from this condition. Also included are studies clearly and concisely considering the effects of antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery, followed by a broader overview of pre-operative assessment in patients undergoing cataract surgery.
In the second section, Operative Surgery and the History of Cataract Surgery, a variety  of topics are introduced by study of the main milestones in the development of  cataract surgery, both directly but also by studying the effects of parallel advances in vision science especially optics. The chapter on Major Advances in Cataract Surgery, which I wrote myself, I included despite my duality of interest as Editor as the publishing house and my predecessor as Editor, who started the project accepted the Chapter for publication, and it remained relevant to the final book. After these overviews of cataract surgery surgical instrumentation and fluidics are discussed from a physical scientific and mathematical perspective. Studies on the use of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices to reduce intraocular pressure rises in small incision cataract surgery are presented, a topic that leads to discussions of the management of intraocular floppy iris syndrome. These are followed by descriptions of studies of a variety of pharmacological adjuncts administered during cataract surgery. Technical considerations are discussed in cataract surgery when combined with trabeculectomy, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, and less common glaucoma procedures.
In the third section of the book, Complications, in addition to a broad overview of problems from cataract surgery, the topic of endophthalmitis and its differential diagnoses includingtoxic anterior segment syndrome are considered in depth by a number of authors from different perspectives. The problem of postoperative macular oedema is also considered from basic scientific, pharmacological and clinical 
In the final section, Cataract Surgery in Special Situations, both specific conditions and extreme environments are considered. The common problem of dry eye, both before and after cataract surgery, is discussed with exceptional clarity including rarely described insights into the underlying anatomy and disturbed pathophysiology of the condition in the context of cataract surgery. The implications to the management of cataract posed by pseudoexfoliation, as well as both common and rare retinal diseases, and the very rare but important situation of patients with a history of intraocular tumours are considered in this context also. In the last two chapters the challenges posed by patients with severe learning disorders in the Netherlands are discussed, contrasting with the problems posed by even routine cataract surgery in sub-Saharan
A multi-author works poses editorial challenges, especially when the contributions involve a combination of topics ranging from the history of medicine through to highly technical descriptions of experiments from both the physical and biological sciences, including submissions from many different continents. After the importance of the topic itself my next consideration has been the clarity of presentation. Some otherwise interesting submissions could not be accepted for this reason only. With the staff from the publishing house I permitted the contributors to express themselves in the language of the international medical and scientific community in the field which uses both British English and American English. References have been accommodated in House Style or, owing to the sheer variety of articles, a format very closely resembling it balancing uniformity and readability with technical clarity. The choice of chapters should also ensure the book, or at least large sections of it, remain significantly useful and informative into the future in what is an ever-developing field which is continually advancing on many fronts.

Farhan Husain Zaidi
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon,
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Kent,
Honorary Fellow, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London,


Section 1 of the textbook :  Pre-Operative Care .

  1 Pathophysiology and Pre-Operative Evaluation of Patients 
at Risk for Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS) 3 Matthew A. Cantrell, Heather R. Bream-Rouwenhorst, Christopher Watts and Thomas A. Oetting

  2 Prevention and Management of 
Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome 15 James A. Davison

  3 Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Use in Cataract Surgery 
and Combined with Posterior Vitrectomy 31 Hiroshi Kobayashi

  4 Pre-Operative Evaluation 43
Mammie Motiang

  5 Anaesthetic Management in Cataract Surgery 53 Alparslan Apan

Section 2 of the textbook : Operative Surgery and the History of Cataract Surgery .

  6 The History of Cataract Surgery 75 
F.J. Ascaso and V. Huerva

  7 Major Advances in Cataract Surgery 91 Farhan Husain Zaidi

  8 In-Vitro Thermal Study of Different Tips in Various Operating 
Modes of the Sina Phacoemulsification System 105 Radin Tahvildari, Hanieh Fattahi and Ahmad Amjadi

  9 Hydrodynamic Analysis and Irrigation Device Design 
for the Coaxial and Bimanual Phacoemulsification Techniques in Cataract Surgery 121 Yury Spirochkin

  10 Dual OVD (Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices) 
Sealing Technique 137 Takao Tanaka, Maiko Hirose, Shigemitu Ishii, Satoshi Fujita and Keisuke Kimura

  11 Management of Intraocular Floppy 
Iris Syndrome (IFIS) in Cataract Surgery 143 Allan Storr-Paulsen

  12 Intracameral Mydriatics in Cataract Surgery 149 
Anders Behndig, Björn Lundberg and Gunnie Bäckström

  13 Chromovitrectomy in 
Vitreous Loss During Cataract Surgery 173 Taiji Sakamoto and Toshio Hisatomi

  14 Trans-Scleral Controlled-Release of 
Drugs for Cataract Surgery 183 Anselmo G. De Oliveira, José A. Cardillo, Fernando Paganelli, Acácio A. S. Lima-Filho and Arnóbio A. Da Silva-Júnior

  15 Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery 197 
Atilla Bayer

Section 3 of the textbook : Complications .

  16 Complications Associated with Cataract Surgery 221 
Rehab Ismail and Ahmed Sallam

  17 Early Post-Operative Complications in Cataract Surgery 245 
Emin Kurt and Hüseyin Mayalı

  18 Post-Operative Infections Associated
with Cataract Surgery 259 Baseer U. Ahmad, Igor Estrovich and Thomas Steinemann

  19 Endophthalmitis, Prevention and Treatment 265 
Elvis Ojaimi and David T. Wong

  20 Endophthalmitis Following Cataract Surgery: 
Clinical Features, Treatment and Prophylaxis 285 Avinash Pathengay, Stephen G. Schwartz, Harry W. Flynn Jr. and Darlene Miller

  21 Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS) and 
Prophylaxis Against Postoperative Endophthalmitis 301 Rosario Díez, Lourdes Jordano and César Hita

  22 Macular Edema and Cataract Surgery 323 
Miltiadis K Tsilimbaris, Chrysanthi Tsika, Vasilios Diakonis, Aleksandra Karavitaki and Ioannis Pallikaris

Section 4 of the textbook : Cataract Surgery in Special Situations .

  23 Cataract Surgery and Dry Eye 339 
Ramin Daneshvar

  24 Pseudoexfoliation and Cataract 353 
George K. Andrikopoulos and Sotirios P. Gartaganis

 25 Cataract Surgery in Retina Patients 371 
Kemal Örnek

  26 Cataract Surgery in Patients with a History of 
Retinoblastoma and Melanoma 391 A.C. Schefler and T.G. Murray

  27 Cataract Surgery in People 
with a Severe Learning Disorder 407 Nel T. Tijmes

  28 The Management of Age Related Cataract 
in Sub-Saharan Africa 419 Lawan Abdu .

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