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TEXTBOOK : Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Edited by David Moratal .

698 paages .
Open Access .

Finite element analysis (FEA) is an engineering method for the numerical analysis of complex structures based on their material properties to determine the distribution of stress and strain when such structures are subjected to forces. Its development began in the 1940s in the field of structural engineering. Since then, the numerical method of FEA has been applied to a wide range of different areas in engineering and mathematical physics.
This book collects original and innovative research studies on recent applications in Finite Element Analysis, exhibiting various investigation directions and providing a bird’s eye  view on this very broad matter. The 27 chapters composing it have been grouped into four major domains: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Process Analysis and Civil Engineering. It is meant to provide a small but valuable sample of contemporary research  activities around the world in this field and it is expected to be useful to a large number of  researchers. Through its 27 chapters the reader will have access to works related to dental  prosthetic design, orthopaedics, polymer scaffolds architecture, viscoelastic materials,  vehicle-bridge dynamic interactions and several other exciting topics.
The text is addressed not only to researchers, but also to professional engineers, engineering  lecturers and students seeking to gain a better understanding of where Finite Element  Analysis stands today. It has been written at a level suitable for the use in a graduate course  on applications of finite element modelling and analysis (mechanical, civil and biomedical  engineering studies, for instance).
I am very honoured to be editing such a valuable book, which contains contributions of a  selected group of researchers describing the best of their work. I would like to express my  sincere gratitude to all of them for their outstanding chapters.
I also wish to acknowledge the Sciyo editorial staff, in particular Iva Lipovic, for indispensable  technical assistance in book preparation and publishing.

David Moratal
Center for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Universitat Politècnica de València


 1 Finite element analysis on strains of viscoelastic human skull and duramater 1  Xianfang YUE, Li WANG, Ruonan WANG and Feng ZHOU

 2 Application of finite element analysis in dentistry 43 Ming-Lun Hsu and Chih-Ling Chang

 3 Finite element analysis for dental prosthetic design 61 Akikazu Shinya and Daiichiro Yokoyama

 4 Application of finite element analysis in root canal therapy 103 Tao Hu, Ran Cheng, Meiying Shao, Hui Yang, Ru Zhang, Qianhua Gao and Liyang Guo

 5 Finite element simulation. Applications in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology 125 Antonio Herrera, Luis Gracia, Elena Ibarz, Juan J. Panisello, José Cegoñino, Jesús Mateo, Javier Rodríguez-Vela and Sergio Puértolas

 6 Finite Element Analysis in Orthopaedic Biomechanics 155 Daniel Kluess, Jan Wieding, Robert Souffrant, Wolfram Mittelmeier and Rainer Bader

 7 Orthopaedic Biomechanics: A Practical Approach to Combining Mechanical Testing and Finite Element Analysis 175 Rad Zdero, Ph.D.and Habiba Bougherara, Ph.D.

 8 Finite element modeling for a morphometric and mechanical characterization of trabecular bone from high resolution magnetic resonance imaging 199 Angel Alberich-Bayarri, Luis Martí-Bonmatí, M. Ángeles Pérez, Juan José Lerma and David Moratal

 9 Finite Element Modeling of the Human Lumbar Spine 213 Marta Kurutz

 10 Analysis of human pressure ulcer and cushion pads for its prevention 241 Masataka Akimoto M.D.,Ph.D.

 11 Microfinite Element Modelling for Evaluating Polymer Scaffolds Architecture and their Mechanical Properties from Microcomputed Tomography 255 Angel Alberich-Bayarri, Manuel Salmerón Sánchez, M. Ángeles Pérez and David Moratal

 12 Computational Modelling of Auxetics 269 Bogdan Maruszewski, Tomasz Strek, Artur A. Pozniak and Krzysztof W. Wojciechowski

 13 Modelling of polymeric fibre-composites and finite element simulation of mechanical properties 289 Robert A. Shanks

 14 Finite Element Analysis of Nonlinear Isotropic Hyperelastic and Viscoelastic Materials for Thermoforming Applications 319 Erchiqui Fouad

 15 Finite element analysis and Fracture in viscoelastic materials by Mθv integral-Part I: crack initiation 339 Rostand Moutou Pitti, Frédéric Dubois and Mustapha Taazount

 16 Finite Element modelling of Elastic-Plastic Contact of Rough Surfaces 365 Jamil Abdo, M. Danish Haneef and Abdullah M. Al-Shabibi

 17 Numerical study of backward extrusion process using finite element method 385 K.Abrinia and S.Orangi

 18 Finite element analysis on v-die bending process 411 Sutasn Thipprakmas

 19 Analysis of Welding Residual Stresses and Its Applications 433 Byeong-Choon Goo, Jung-Won Seo and Seung-Yong Yang

 20 Dynamic Finite Element Analysis on Underlay Microstructure of Cu/low-k Wafer during Wirebonding 457 Hsiang-Chen Hsu, Chin-Yuan Hu, Wei-Yao Chang, Chang-Lin Yeh and Yi-Shao Lai

 21 Finite element analysis of deformation and fracture of cylindrical tubes under internal moving pressures 483 Majid Mirzaei

 22 FE Analysis of Evolution of Defects during Rolling 505 Dr. YU Hai-liang

 23 Finite element analysis of strip and rolling mills 565 Jian-guo CAO, Jie ZHANG, Ning KONG and Kai-fu MI

 24 Strain variations on rolling condition in accumulative roll-bonding by finite element analysis 593 Tadanobu INOUE

 25 Finite element analysis of wall deflection and ground movements caused by braced excavations 615 Gordon Tung-Chin Kung

 26 Vehicle-Bridge Dynamic Interaction Using Finite Element Modelling 641 Arturo González

 27 Finite Element Modelling of Sound Transmission Loss in Reflective Pipe 667 Tomasz Strek . 

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