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Longmire, called it a ‘‘hostile’’ organ because it welcomes malignant cells and sepsis so warmly, bleeds so copiously, and is often the first organ to be injured in blunt abdominal trauma. To balance these negative factors, the liver has two great attributes: its ability to regenerate after massive loss of substance, and its ability, in many cases, to forgive insult.
This book covers a wide spectrum of topics including, history of liver surgery, surgical anatomy of the liver, techniques of liver resection, benign and malignant liver tumors, portal hypertension, and liver trauma. Some important topics were covered in more than one chapter like liver trauma, portal hypertension and pediatric liver tumors.
As the editor, I wish to thank my colleagues, the authors, for their co-operation and desire to share their precious experience with the medical community. They are well-known experts from many centers across the world. On their behalf, I wish to express the hope that our publication will facilitate access to the latest scientific achievements in the field of liver surgery all across the world.
This book is dedicated to our Patients without whose goodwill and trust, no progress in medicine would be possible. To all my colleagues at the National Liver Institute in Egypt who supported me, and embraced me with their warm feelings: I love you all. To professor, Amr Helmy, and all my professors who so generously guided me by their example, wisdom and insights: thank you. Finally, to Ms. Romana Vukelic, who shared me the birth of this book, and to Ms. Danijela Duric who completed the job as the publishing manager: thank
you, Romana and Danijela…

Hesham Abdeldayem, MD.
Professor of Surgery
National Liver Institute
Menoufeyia University


  1 General Introduction: Advances in Hepatic Surgery 1 
J.H.M.B. Stoot, R.J.S. Coelen, J.L.A. van Vugt and C.H.C. Dejong

  2 Essential Functional Hepatic and Biliary Anatomy for 
the Surgeon 41 Ronald S. Chamberlain

  3 Anesthetic Considerations for Patients with Liver Disease 61 
Aparna Dalal and John D. Jr. Lang

  4 Critical Care Issues After Major Hepatic Surgery 83 
Ashok Thorat and Wei-Chen Lee

  5 Strategies to Decrease Morbidity After Hepatectomy for 
Hepatocellular Carcinoma 105 Hiroshi Sadamori, Takahito Yagi and Toshiyoshi Fujiwara

  6 Experimental Models in Liver Surgery 121 M.B. Jiménez-Castro, M. Elias-Miró, A. Casillas-Ramírez and C. Peralta

  7 The Aim of Technology During Liver Resection — A Strategy to 
Minimize Blood Loss During Liver Surgery 167 Fabrizio Romano, Mattia Garancini, Fabio Uggeri, Luca Gianotti, Luca Nespoli, Angelo Nespoli and Franco Uggeri

  8 The Role of Ultrasound in Hepatic Surgery 207 
Mattia Garancini, Luca Gianotti, Fabrizio Romano, Vittorio Giardini, Franco Uggeri and Guido Torzilli

  9 Segmental Oriented Liver Surgery 223 
O. Al-Jiffry Bilal and Khayat H. Samah

  10 Two-Step Hanging Maneuver for an Isolated Resection of the 
Dorsal Sector of the Liver 257 Hideaki Uchiyama, Shinji Itoh and Kenji Takenaka

  11 Right Anterior Sectionectomy for Hepatocellular 
Carcinoma 271 Hiromichi Ishii, Shimpei Ogino, Koki Ikemoto, Kenichi Takemoto, Atsushi Toma, Kenji Nakamura and Tsuyoshi Itoh

  12 Benign Hepatic Neoplasms 279 
Ronald S. Chamberlain and Kim Oelhafen

  13 Surgical Management of Primary Hepatocellular 
Carcinoma 301 Kun-Ming Chan and Ashok Thorat

  14 Liver Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma 327 
Mazen Hassanain, Faisal Alsaif, Abdulsalam Alsharaabi and Ahmad Madkhali

  15 Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma 353 
Ahmad Madkhali, Murad Aljiffry and Mazen Hassanain

Chapter 16 Secondary Liver Tumors 367 Hesham Abdeldayem, Amr Helmy, Hisham Gad, Essam Salah, Amr Sadek, Tarek Ibrahim, Elsayed Soliman, Khaled Abuelella, Maher Osman, Amr Aziz, Hosam Soliman, Sherif Saleh, Osama Hegazy, Hany Shoreem, Taha Yasen, Emad Salem, Mohamed Taha, Hazem Zakaria, Islam Ayoub and Ahmed Sheief

  17 The Assessment and Management of Chemotherapy Associated Liver Injury 397 S. M. Robinson, J. Scott, D. M. Manas and S. A. White

  18 Liver Tumors in Infancy 423 
Julio C. Wiederkehr, Izabel M. Coelho, Sylvio G. Avilla, Barbara A. Wiederkehr and Henrique A. Wiederkehr

  19 Liver Tumors in Infancy and Children 461 
Chunbao Guo and Mingman Zhang

  20 Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver Tumors 489 Mirela Patricia Sîrb Boeti, Răzvan Grigorie and Irinel Popescu

  21 Surgical Management in Portal Hypertension 517 
Hiroshi Yoshida, Yasuhiro Mamada, Nobuhiko Taniai, Takashi Tajiri and Eiji Uchida

  22 Vasoactive Substances and Inflammatory Factors in 
Progression of Liver Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension 531 Hao Lu, Guoqiang Li, Ling Lu, Ye Fan, Xiaofeng Qian, Ke Wang and Feng Zhang

  23 Egyptian Hepatic Veno-Occlusive Disease: Surgical 
Point of View 549 Elsayed Ibrahim Salama

  24 Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis 563 
Ahmad Mohamed Sira and Mostafa Mohamed Sira

  25 Management of Hepatobiliary Trauma 589 
Rajan Jagad, Ashok Thorat and Wei-Chen Lee

  26 Hepatic Trauma 611 
Bilal O. Al-Jiffry and Owaid AlMalki .

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