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Edited by Kerry Thoirs .

356 pages . 

Medical sonography is a medical imaging modality used across many medical disciplines because of its relative low cost and easy accessibility, with its use constantly growing. Currently, there are many high quality ultrasound imaging systems available that are easily transportable, making it a diagnostic tool amenable to bedside and office scanning. This book includes sonography applications usable across a number of medical disciplines including radiology, thoracic medicine, urology, rheumatology, obstetrics and fetal medicine and neurology.
The book is divided into two sections. The first section is comprised of author contributions that revisit established applications in medical sonography such as biliary, testicular and breast sonography, and sonography in early pregnancy. The second section outlines some interesting applications of sonography that are still in their early stages, such as fetal yawning as an indicator of safe neurological development, and transcranial sonography used to assess the intracranial arteries and also to investigate mental effort and cognitive competence. A number of chapters look at applications and techniques used to assess tissue perfusion, and three- and fourdimensional sonography are also featured.
Considering the rapid advances in technology and sonography applications, it is important that the users regularly update their professional knowledge. The final chapter looks at preferred ways for achieving this for health professionals using sonography.

Dr. Kerry Thoirs

School of Health Sciences
University of South Australia



Part 1 of the textbook : Current Applications of Sonography .

Chapter 1 Sonography of the Scrotum 3 Chee-Wai Mak and Wen-Sheng Tzeng

Chapter 2 Clinical Perspectives of Scrotal Ultrasound in Urology 29 Shou-Hung Tang, Tai-Lung Cha and Guang-Huan Sun

Chapter 3 Prostate 45 Ragab Hani Donkol and Ahmad Al Nammi

Chapter 4 Advances in Breast Ultrasound 73 Heino Hille

Chapter 5 The Accuracy of Ultrasound in the Pre-Operative Localisation of Parathyroid Lesions in Primary Hyperparathyroidism: A Review of the Literature 93

S. Alford, W. Barber, G. Cheung and K. Thoirs

Chapter 6 Lung Sonography 111 Rahul Khosla

Chapter 7 The Use of Ultrasonography in Conservative Management of Cervical Pregnancy 131
Bing Xu, Jo Kitawaki, Yuying Duan and Jilian Ding

Chapter 8 Clinical Utility of Ultrasonographic Detection of Pleural Effusion for Evaluation of Heart Failure Patients 141 H. Kataoka

Chapter 9 Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access 159 Hamid Shokoohi, Ali Pourmand and Keith Boniface

Chapter 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis Assessment with Ultrasonography 173 Thierry Marhadour and Alain Saraux

Chapter 11 Sonogram of Biliary Dilatation in Children 187Hung-Chang Lee, Chuen-Bin Jiang, Wai-Tao Chan and Chun-Yan Yeung

Part 2 of the textbook : New and Advanced Applications in Sonography .

Chapter 12 Application of Orbital Sonography in Neurology 203 Michael Ertl, Maria-Andreea Gamulescu and Felix Schlachetzki

Chapter 13 The Role of TCCS in the Assessment of the Main Anatomical Patterns of the 
M1 Segment of the Middle Cerebral Artery 217 
Fabrice Vuillier, Laurent Tatu, Paola Montiel, Françoise Cattin and Thierry Moulin

Chapter 14 Transcranial Doppler Sonography in Studies of Mental Effort 227 David A. Washburn, Natasha B. Schultz and Holly A. Phillips

Chapter 15 Future Uses of Three/Four Dimensional Power Doppler Signal in Fetal Medicine 249 Juan Carlos Bello-Munoz, Mauricio Ayala, Elena Carreras, Paula Oliveros, Nazareth Campo,

Alexandra Casasbuenas, Silvia Arévalo and Lluis Cabero

Chapter 16 Thyroid Sonography in 3D with Emphasis on Perfusion 273 Roy Moncayo and Helga Moncayo

Chapter 17 Dynamic Tissue Perfusion Measurement – Basics and Applications 293 Thomas Scholbach

Chapter 18 Fetal Yawning 325 Olivier Walusinski

Chapter 19 Professional Learning in Sonography 333 Madeleine Shanahan .

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