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Since the discovery of the DNA structure, researchers have been highly interested in the molecular basis of genome inheritance. This book covers a wide range of aspects and issues related to the field of DNA replication. The basic process of DNA replication is highly conserved among all domains of life. To sustain genetic stability the cell has to ensure that entire genome is replicated exactly once and only once per cell cycle. However, modifications of the cell cycle leading to genome multiplication occur in the animal cells during polyploidization of trophoblast cells in mammalian placenta (reviewed by Zybina and Zybina). On the other hand, meiotic DNA replication reduces a diploid cell to four haploid gametes. Stuart in his chapter describes numerous features that distinguish regulation and progression of meiotic DNA replication from DNA replication during mitotic proliferation, connecting DNA replication and homologous recombination.
Several chapters are dealing with viral DNA replication. Isomura points to regulation of expression of human cytomegalovirus DNA polymerase processivity factor as a link of viral DNA replication and transcription. Successful development of new approaches for antiviral therapy necessitates better comprehension of molecular mechanisms that regulate viral DNA replication fidelity (chapters by Matamoros et al., Hwang).
The DNA repair is one of the most important genome surveillance systems of the cell and DNA replication is an integral part of all mechanisms for the repair of DNA damage. Members of repair family of proteins are emerging as essential components linking DNA damage recognition to cell-cycle checkpoints (Her, Xu and Wu). In his chapter, author McCabe summarized mechanisms of DNA repair with focus on biochemical activity of polymerases, while relationship between the processes of DNA synthesis and recombination is discussed in chapter by Zavec.
Insights into the process of the protein-primed replication mechanism as one of the strategies for management the end-replication problem of linear genomes is describedin chapter by Salas and de Vega.
Two chapters are addressing tissue-specific regulation of DNA replication. Current molecular understanding of DNA replication with a focus on developmental-stage and tissue-specific regulation in the animal model Caenorhabditis elegans is presented in chapter by Ruijtenberg and Heuvel and The, whereas Czaja and coworkers discuss possibility of DNA replication in the adult mammalian neural tissue.
Presence of proteins implicated in formation of prereplication complex could be the first sign of cells intention to proliferate and their use as novel proliferative markers is reviewed in chapter by Karimi.
DNA replication is tightly coordinate with other cellular processes and it’s not surprising that proteins involved in chromosome replication also has additional role in cell life, like SeqA regulation of transcription (Amine et al.).
This volume outlines our current understanding of DNA replication and related cellular processes, and gives insights into their potential for clinical application.

Dr. Jelena Kušić - Tišma
Laboratory for Molecular Biology,
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering,


1 Mini-Chromosome Maintenance Protein Family: Novel Proliferative Markers - The Pathophysiologic Role and Clinical Application 1 Shirin Karimi and Makan Sadr

2 Regulation of DNA Synthesis and Replication Checkpoint Activation During C. elegans Development 15 Suzan Ruijtenberg, Sander van den Heuvel and Inge The

3 The Relationship Between Replication and Recombination 33 Apolonija Bedina Zavec

4 DNA Replication in Repair 63 Kevin M. McCabe

5 The Role of MutS Homologues MSH4 and MSH5 in DNA Metabolism and Damage Response 87 Xiling Wu, Keqian Xu and Chengtao Her

6 Reverse Transcriptase and Retroviral Replication 111 T. Matamoros, M. Álvarez, V. Barrioluengo, G. Betancor and L. Menéndez-Arias

7 DNA Replication Fidelity of Herpes Simplex Virus 143 Charles Bih-Chen Hwang

8 DNA Polymerase Processivity Factor of Human Cytomegalovirus May Be a Key Molecule for Molecular Coupling of Viral DNA Replication to Transcription 161 Hiroki Isomura

9 Protein-Primed Replication of Bacteriophage 29 DNA 179 Miguel de Vega and Margarita Salas

10 Meiotic DNA Replication 207 David T. Stuart

11 Cell Cycle Modification in Trophoblast Cell Populations in the Course of Placenta Formation 227 Tatiana Zybina and Eugenia Zybina

12 Injury-Induced DNA Replication and Neural Proliferation in the Adult Mammalian Nervous System 259 Krzysztof Czaja, Wioletta E. Czaja, Maria G. Giacobini-Robecchi, Stefano Geuna and Michele Fornaro

13 The Absence of the “GATC - Binding Protein SeqA” Affects DNA Replication in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium 283 Aloui Amine, Kouass Sahbani Saloua, Mihoub Mouadh, El May Alya and Landoulsi Ahmed .

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