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DNA molecule is the carrier of genetic information in the cell. Its faithful transmission through the generations is the basis of genome stability and integrity. A number of pathways ensure that the genome is replicated once and only once each time the cell divides. Several chapters in this book are dealing with regulation of DNA replication in eukaryotes. Targeted phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of key proteins that carry out initiation step of DNA replication is presented in chapter by Zhai et al., how initiator protein Cdc6 may promote cell proliferation by preventing senescence is demonstrated in chapter by Feng et al., while additional mechanisms, beside cyclin- CDK activity, adopted by cells to prevent re-replication during cell cycle arrest is addressed by Chandrasekaran and coworkers.
This book highlights different aspects of DNA replication process in eukaryotes, from assembly and regulation of prereplication complex (Lutzmann), mechanism of unwinding the double stranded DNA during initiation step (Simmons) and possible importance of intrinsically bent DNA regions in replication origins (Fiorini et al.), through structure and function of DNA polymerase α (Takemura) and functional analysis of its individual subunits (Mizuno et al.), to formation and propagation of epigenetic patterns during the cell cycle (Jacobi et al.) and its changes by various environmental factors (Kubota).
On the other hand, minichromosome maintenance complex (MCM) is essential component of pre-replication complex and plays the central role in the progression of replication forks. Regulation of MCM complex under replication stress in order to preserve the replication machinery is reviewed in chapter by Zafar and Nakagawa.
Possible role of MCM7 protein in human malignancies and its potential use in gene therapy is analyzed in chapter by Luo and Yan Yu, whereas possible function of another member of MCM protein family, MCM8 protein, in DNA replication and during the cell cycle is discussed in chapter by Daniel.
Interesting on its own right is the question of collision between replication fork progression and ongoing transcription discussed in chapter by Castro-Roa and Zenkin. Visualization of chromosome structure dynamics during S phase of the cell cycle, covered by Gotoh, has provided much of our understanding of relation between DNA replication and chromosome condensation.
Research of DNA replication, carried out in E. coli, revealed the basic mechanism and enzymology of replication fork and Espindola-Serna and coworkers in their chapter present an overview of DNA replication process and its regulation in prokaryotes.
The chapters in this book bring the current understanding of the mechanisms leading to genome stability and replication fidelity and we hope the reader will find it interesting, helpful and inspiring.

Dr. Jelena Kušić-Tišma
Laboratory for Molecular Biology
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering


1 Assembly and Regulation of the Pre-Replication 
Complex: Increasing Complexity in Sight of Diversified Function and Regulation 3
Malik Lutzmann

2 Regulation of DNA Replication Origin Licensing 13
Srikripa Chandrasekaran, Karen T. Reidy and Jeanette Gowen Cook

3 Addressing the Enigma of MCM8 in DNA Replication 37
Dianne C. Daniel and Edward M. Johnson

4 Regulation of MCM7 DNA Replication Licensing Activity 53
Jian-Hua Luo and Yan P. Yu

5 Regulation of Minichromosome Maintenance (MCM) 
Helicase in Response to Replication Stress 65
Faria Zafar and Takuro Nakagawa

6 Cell Cycle Control of DNA Replication by Phosphorylation 
and Dephosphorylation of Replication-Initiation Proteins in Budding Yeast 87
Yuanliang Zhai, Philip Y.K. Yung and Chun Liang

7 Cdc6 Knockdown Renders p16INK4a Re-Activation, Leading to Senescence Human Breast Carcinoma Cells 107
Luo Feng, Jerry R. Barnhart, Lingtao Wu, Greg Shackleford, Sheng-he Huang and Ambrose Jong

8 Visualize Dynamics of Chromosome Structure Formation and 
DNA Repair/Recombination Coupled With DNA Replication: Tight Coupled Role of DNA Replication in Chromosome Compaction and DNA Recombination 119
Eisuke Gotoh

9 Sequence-Directed DNA Curvature in Replication 
Origins Segments 145
Adriana Fiorini, Fabrícia Gimenes, Quirino Alves de Lima Neto, Fábio Rogério Rosado and Maria Aparecida Fernandez

10 Initiation of DNA Replication from Closed Circular DNA 161
 Daniel Simmons

11 Function of DNA Polymerase α in a Replication Fork 
and its Putative Roles in Genomic Stability and Eukaryotic Evolution 187
Masaharu Takemura

12 Quality Control of DNA Polymerase α 205
Takeshi Mizuno, Masako Izumi and Christian S. Eichinger

13 Mechanisms and Controls of DNA 
Replication in Bacteria 219
César Quiñones-Valles, Laura Espíndola-Serna and Agustino Martínez-Antonio

14 Propagating Epigenetic States During DNA Replication
 Jennifer L. Jacobi and Ann L. Kirchmaier

15 Epigenetic Modifications: Genetic Basis of Environmental Stress Response 271
Takeo Kubota, Kunio Miyake and Takae Hirasawa

16 Relations Between Replication and Transcription 289
Daniel Castro-Roa and Nikolay Zenkin .

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