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Since Dr. Branemark presented the osseointegration concept with dental implants, implant dentistry has changed and improved dramatically. The use of dental implants has skyrocketed in the past thirty years. As the benefits of therapy became apparent, implant treatment earned a widespread acceptance. The need for dental implants has resulted in a rapid expansion of the market worldwide. To date, general dentists and a variety of specialists offer implants as a solution to partial and complete edentulism. Implant dentistry continues to advance with the development of new surgical and prosthodontic techniques.
The purpose of Implant Dentistry - The Most Promising Discipline of Dentistry is to present a comtemporary resource for dentists who want to replace missing teeth with dental implants. It is a text that integrates common threads among basic science, clinical experience and future concepts. This book consists of twenty-one chapters divided into four sections.
The first section of the book, Bone Grafting Procedures in Implant Dentistry, includes seven chapters and provides basic information regarding bone physiology and bone grafting procedures.
The second section of the book, Bone-Implant Interface: Biomechanics and Surrounding Tissues, consists of four chapters, and focuses on stress distribution in the jawbone, load transfer along the bone-implant interface and response of the bone/soft tissue around implants.
The third section of this book with six chapters, Implant Surfaces and Clinical Practice, concentrates on bone response to various implant surfaces, implant placement techniques and complications that might be encountered.
The fourth section of the book, Computer-Aided Implant Dentistry and Imaging, consists of four chapters and emphasizes state-of-the-art computer softwares for treatment planning and the value of computer softwares in more predictable implant treatment outcomes. Chapters in this section describe computer-guided implant surgeries, and the importance of computerized tomography in implant dentistry.
Our goal in writing this text is to help elevate and advance the discipline of implant dentistry, and we think that, Implant Dentistry – The Most Promising Discipline of Dentistry, will be a valuable source for dental students, post-graduate residents and clinicians who want to know more about dental implants.

Ilser Turkyilmaz, DDS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Director, Dental School Implant Clinic,
Department of Comprehensive Dentistry,
The University of Texas Health Science Center at
San Antonio, Texas
Diplomate, The International Congress of Oral Implantologists


Part 1 Bone Grafting Procedures in Implant Dentistry .

1 Various Ways to Enhance the Results of Maxillary 
Sinus Augmentation Procedures 3 Jun-Beom Park

2 Biomaterials Applicable for Alveolar Sockets 
Preservation: In Vivo and In Vitro Studies 17 Christiane Kunert-Keil, Tomasz Gredes and Tomasz Gedrange

3 New Bone Formation in the Maxillary Sinus 
With/Without Bone Graft 53 Dong-Seok Sohn

4 Bone Substitutes 91 
Jesus Torres, Faleh Tamimi, Mohammad Alkhraisat, Juan Carlos Prados-Frutos and Enrique Lopez-Cabarcos

5 Dental Reconstruction Using Secondary Bone 
Graft Followed by Implant Placement in Alveolar
Cleft of Patients with Cleft Lip and/or Palate 109 Tetsu Takahashi

6 Bone Substitutes and Validation 129 
Christopher Ogunsalu

7 Immediate Dental Implants and Bone Graft 173 Khalid S. Hassan and Adel S. Alagl

Part 2 Bone-Implant Interface: Biomechanics and Surrounding Tissues .

8 Biomechanics of Cantilevered Implant-Supported 
Prosthesis (Biomechanics in Implant Prosthodontics) 185 José H. Rubo and Vinicius Cappo Bianco

9 Changes in Bone Metabolisim Around 
Osseointegrated Implants Under Loading 203 Shigeto Koyama, Hiroto Sasaki, Masayoshi Yokoyama, Miou Yamamoto, Naoko Sato, David Reisberg and Keiichi Sasaki

10 Biological Sealing and Defense Mechanisms in Peri-Implant Mucosa of Dental Implants 219 Takayoshi Yamaza and Mizuho A. Kido

11 Ultrastructure of Dentogingival Border 
of Normal and Replanted Tooth and Dental Implant 243 Takashi Sawada and Sadayuki Inoue

Part 3 Implant Surfaces and Clinical Practice .

12 Oral Bacterial Adhesion and 
Biocompatibility of Silver-Amorphous Carbon Films: A Surface Modification for Dental Implants 263 Argelia Almaguer-Flore, Sandra E. Rodil and René Olivares-Navarrete

13 n-SiO2 Embedded HA/TiO2 Composite 
Coatings Deposited on Pure Titanium Substrate by Micro-Arc Oxidation 283 Feng-ying Yan, Yu-long Shi and Jia-hua Ni

14 Implant Insertion Methods and 
Periimplant Tissues – Experimental Study 303 Smiljana Matić, Novak Stamatović, Zoran Tatić and Aleksandra Petković-Ćurčin

15 Bacterial Leakage Along the Implant-Abutment Interface 323 Cássio do Nascimento and Rubens Ferreira de Albuquerque Jr.

16 The Current Knowledge of Genetic Susceptibility 
Influencing Dental Implant Outcomes 347 Fabiano Alvim-Pereira, Claudia Cristina Alvim-Pereira and Paula Cristina Trevilatto

17 Implant Complications 369
Mª Angeles Sánchez Garcés, Jaume Escoda-Francolí and Cosme Gay Escoda

Part 4 Computer-Aided Implant Dentistry and Imaging .

18 Virtual Planning for Dental Implant Placement 
Using Guided Surgery 399 Vinicius Nery Viegas, Celso Gustavo Schwalm Lacroix, Rogério Miranda Pagnoncelli and Marília Gerhardt de Oliveira

19 Computer Aided Techniques Developed for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implantology 409 Elnaz Moslehifard

20 Bone Quality Assessment for Dental Implants 437 
Ayse Gulsahi

21 Current Concept of Densitometry in 
Dental Implantology 453 Dragana Gabrić Pandurić, Marko Granić, Mato Sušić and Davor Katanec .

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