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Cancer is a dreadful disease that confiscates million of people’s life every year. It has created trepidation in the human minds for significant amount of time. General perception about cancer is it often leads to death. A large number of cancer patients today can expect to recover from this increasingly treatable illness. This achievement is due to significant advances over the last 50 years in the technology for treating cancer with radiation. While radiation therapy technology has progressed considerably in the last half-century, the basic goal of such treatment is unchanged: To target and kill cancer cells while exposing the surrounding healthy tissue to as little as possible.
Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA either directly or indirectly by creating free radicals within the cells that can in turn damage the DNA.
Radiation may be delivered by a higher energy radiation generating equipments to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. Does radiation therapy kill only cancer cells? The answer is no. It can also damage normal cells leading to side effects as well.
How far has radiation therapy technology progressed and how is the future of radiation therapy. Does this treatment modality for cancer have any role in treating tumors which usually prefer other treatments? All answers for these questions are found in this book entitled “Modern Practices in Radiation Therapy”. This book contains 19 exceptional chapters contributed by renowned world-class radiotherapy professionals and researchers who have overwhelming knowledge in this field. To make this more interesting, all the chapters were further grouped into sections so that the readers could pursue their specific subjects of interest in radiation treatment .....

Gopishankar Natanasabapathi
Gamma Knife Unit, Neurosciences Centre,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi,



Part 1 of the textbook : External Beam RT and New Practices .

 1 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Set-Up Error Correction Using Internal Markers and Its Association with the Patient’s Body Mass Index 3 Chi Lin, Shifeng Chen and Michael J. Baine

 2 STAT RAD: A Potential Real-Time Radiation Therapy Workflow 23 David Wilson, Ke Sheng, Wensha Yang, Ryan Jones, Neal Dunlap and Paul Read

 3 Segmentation Techniques of Anatomical Structures with Application in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning 41 S. Zimeras

 4 Involved-Field Radiation Therapy (IF-RT) for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) 59 Tomoki Kimura

Part 2 of the textbook : Particle Therapy .

 5 Scanned Ion Beam Therapy of Moving Targets with Beam Tracking 69 Nami Saito and Christoph Bert

 6 Neutron Influence in Charged Particle Therapy 85 Su Youwu, Li Wuyuan, Xu Junkui, Mao Wang and Li Zongqiang

 7 The Stopping Power of Matter for Positive Ions 113 Helmut Paul

Part 3 of the textbook : Brachytherapy and Intraoperative Radiation Treatments .

 8 Prostate Seed Brachytherapy – Methods to Improve Implant Characteristics 135 Bruce Libby, Matthew D. Orton, Haidy Lee, Mark E. Smolkin, Stanley H. Benedict and Bernard F. Schneider

 9 Intra-Operative Radiotherapy with Electron Beam 145 Ernesto Lamanna, Alessandro Gallo, Filippo Russo, Rosa Brancaccio, Antonella Soriani and Lidia Strigari

 10 Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Early Breast Cancer 169 Masataka Sawaki

Part 4 of the textbook : Scope of Radiation Therapy for Specific Diseases .

 11 Enhancing Therapeutic Radiation Responses in Multiple Myeloma 181 Kelley Salem and Apollina Goel

12 Radiation Therapy and Skin Cancer 207 Jonathan D. Tward, Christopher J. Anker, David K. Gaffney and Glen M. Bowen

Part 5 of the textbook : Radiation Induced Effects and Overcoming Strategies .

 13 Critical Normal Tissue and Radiation Injury: The Stomach 249 Mineur Laurent, Jaegle Enric, Pourel Nicolas and Garcia Robin

 14 The Cytoprotective Effect of Amifostine Against Radiation Induced Toxicity 257 Vassilis E. Kouloulias and John R. Kouvaris

 15 Abscopal Effect of Radiation Therapy: Current Concepts and Future Applications 275 Kenshiro Shiraishi

Part 6 of the textbook : Emerging Dosimeters and New QA Practices .

 16 Quality Assurance (QA) for Kilovoltage Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 291 Joerg Lehmann and Stanley Skubic

 17 Polymer Gel Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy 309 Senthil Kumar Dhiviyaraj Kalaiselven and James Jebaseelan Samuel Emmanvel Rajan

 18 Digital Filtering Techniques to Reduce Image Noise and Improve Dose Resolution in X-Ray CT Based Normoxic Gel Dosimetry 327 N. Gopishankar, S. Vivekanandhan, A. Jirasek, S. S. Kale, G. K. Rath Sanjay Thulkar, V. Subramani, S. Senthil Kumaran and R. K. Bisht

Part 7 of the textbook : Enhancing Patient Care in RT .

 19 Information and Support for Patients Throughout the Radiation Therapy Treatment Pathway 341 Michelle Leech and Mary Coffey

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