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Brain, the source of human’s ingenuity, passion, motivation and emotions holds a world of mystery and promises for scientists, biologists, physicians, philosophers and poets! It is, therefore, not surprising that Gliomas, as the most common form of the malignant brain tumors, impose such a strong impact on our society at different levels.
Despite a series of significant improvements in our understanding about the molecular etiology of Gliomas, the road lays long in front of us to reach the ultimate goal of elimination of the burden delivered to human health by these deadly diseases. But, in this mix, there are also good news: First, the rate of malignant brain tumors in men seems to be declining. Secondly, the overall incidence rate of Glioblastomas has been stable suggesting that external risk factors may not influence the origination of these malignancies*.
Novel Therapeutic Concepts for Targeting Glioma offers a comprehensive collection of current information and the upcoming possibilities for designing new therapies for Glioma by an array of experts ranging from Cell Biologists to Oncologists and Neurosurgeons. A variety of topics cover therapeutic strategies based on Cell Signaling, Gene Therapy, Drug Therapy and Surgical methods providing the reader with a unique opportunity to expand and advance his knowledge of the field.
We remain grateful to the efforts of our colleagues at INTECH for providing such an accessible and efficient platform for dissemination of science. Our hopes are raised and our spirits are lifted because of endeavors of the people who not only seek but one day will deliver human race’s freedom from Cancer.

Faris Farassati, PhD, PharmD,
Department of Medicine-Molecular Medicine Laboratory
The University Of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas,



Part 1 Surgical Therapy of Glioma .

 1 Innovative Surgical Management of Glioma 3 Dave Seecharan, Faris Farassati and Ania Pollack

Part 2 EGFR and Glioma Therapy .

 2 Advances in the Development of EGFR Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Glioblastoma 27 Terrance Johns

 3 Future Perspectives of Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition in Malignant Gliomas 43 Georg Karpel-Massler and Marc-Eric Halatsch

Part 3 MicroRNAs in Treatment of Glioma .

4 MicroRNA and Glial Tumors: Tiny Relation with Great Potential 59 Jiri Sana, Marian Hajduch and Ondrej Slaby

 5 The Role of microRNAs in Gliomas and Their Potential Applications for Diagnosis and Treatment 75 Iris Lavon

Part 4 Inhibition of Invasion in Treatment of Glioma .

 6 Molecular Targets: Inhibition of Tumor Cell Invasion 91 Raquel Brandão Haga and Silvya Stuchi Maria-Engler

Part 5 Blood-Brain Barrier in Glioma Therapy .

7 Blood-Brain Barrier and Effectiveness of Therapy Against Brain Tumors 111 Yadollah Omidi and Jaleh Barar

Part 6 Gene Therapy of Glioma .

 8 Glioma-Parvovirus Interactions: Molecular Insights and Therapeutic Potential 143 Jon Gil-Ranedo, Marina Mendiburu-Eliçabe, Marta Izquierdo and José M. Almendral

 9 The Potential and Challenges of siRNA-Based Targeted Therapy for Treatment of Patients with Glioblastoma 161 M. Verreault, S. Yip, B. Toyota and M.B. Bally

 10 Hypoxia Responsive Vectors Targeting Astrocytes in Glioma 199 Manas R. Biswal, Howard M. Prentice and Janet C. Blanks

Part 7 LGI1 in Treatment of Glioma .

 11 The Tumor Suppressor Function of LGI1 219 Nadia Gabellini

Part 8 Antioxidant Adaptive Response in Glioma .

 12 Antioxidant Adaptive Response of Malignant Glioma Related to Resistance to Antitumor Treatment 247 Tomohiro Sawa and Takaaki Akaike

Part 9 TRP Channels in Glioma Therapy .

 13 Ionic Channels in the Therapy of Malignant Glioma 265 Xia Ding, Hua He, Yicheng Lu and Yizheng Wang .

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