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Edited by Mandeep Singh Virdi .

314 pages .
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The oral cavity is one of the most easily accessible parts of human body and knowledge about it is very important in understanding various problems related to its various components. Oral Health Science is concerned with the development of its various tissues and structures, their morphology, elements affecting them, affliction of various problems to them, and their management and treatment. The subject is generally covered by various specialties of dentistry. Dentistry is a relatively young discipline encompassing sciences and arts, and some of its specialties are only a few decades old.
The Internet has revolutionized the dissemination of information. A large number of technical journals and indexing services are already available online. The phenomenon of specialized technical books being available on the Internet is relatively new. This present work is probably pioneering in offering free online access to a specialist oral health publication.
InTech Open Access Publisher took the initiative in organizing the publication of this book and making it available on the Internet with free access to all those who may be interested in the subject.
Specialists of various subjects of the Oral Health Sciences have contributed to the book. It is divided into four sections: pediatric and preventive dentistry, research in oral health, public health dentistry and epidemiology, and clinical oral health care.
Other aspects of oral health are covered in the second book volume entitled Oral Health Care - Prosthodontics, Periodontology, Biology, Research and Systemic Conditions.
The book does not claim to be a standard textbook on the subject as it is a compendium of articles which reflect the historical development in various aspects of oral health, and the stage at which state-of-the-art developments currently are. This book will provide exposure to practitioners, academicians, and researchers who wish to initiate research in the particular subject. We expect this work to be accepted as a standard reference in Oral Health Sciences.
The Editor wishes to thank all specialist contributors and Publishing Process Manager Ms Irena Voric of InTech, for their contribution without which this book would not have been possible. It will not be out of place to acknowledge with gratitude, the contribution of my family who were kind enough to bear with me during the process of developing of this book.

Professor Dr Mandeep Singh Virdi
New Delhi,


Part 1 of the textbook : Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry .

 1 Early Childhood Caries: Parent’s Knowledge, 
Attitude and Practice Towards Its Prevention in Malaysia. Shani Ann Mani, Jacob John, Wei Yen Ping and Noorliza Mastura Ismail

 2 Oral Health Care in Children – A Preventive Perspective 19 
Agim Begzati, Kastriot Meqa, Mehmedali Azemi, Ajtene Begzati, Teuta Kutllovci, Blerta Xhemajli and Merita Berisha

 3 Pediatric Dentistry – A Guide for General Practitioner 51 Mandeep S. Virdi

 4 Gingivitis in Children and Adolescents 69 Folakemi Oredugba and Patricia Ayanbadejo

 5 The Principles Prevention in Dentistry 87 Jalaleddin Hamissi

Part 2 of the textbook : Research in Oral Health .

 6 Antidepressants: Side Effects in the Mouth 113 
Patrícia Del Vigna de Ameida, Aline Cristina Batista Rodrigues Johann, Luciana Reis de Azevedo Alanis, Antônio Adilson Soares de Lima and Ana Maria Trindade Grégio

 7 Classical and Modern Methods in Caries Epidemiology 129 M. Larmas, H. Vähänikkilä, K. Leskinen and J. Päkkilä

 8 Epidemiology of Dental Caries in the World 149 
Rafael da Silveira Moreira

Part 3 of the textbook : Public Health Dentistry and Epidemiology .

 9 The Determinants of Self–Rated Oral Health 
in Istanbul Adults 171 Kadriye Peker

 10 Krill Enzymes (Krillase®) an Important Factor 
to Improve Oral Hygiene 189 Kristian Hellgren

 11 Probiotics and Oral Health 195 
Harini Priya Vishnu

 12 Towards Oral Health Promotion 205 
José Roberto de Magalhães Bastos, Magali de Lourdes Caldana, Luis Marcelo Aranha Camargo, Ariadnes Nobrega Oliveira, Ricardo Pianta Rodrigues da Silva, Angela Xavier, Fábio Silva de Carvalho and Roosevelt da Silva Bastos

 13 HIV/AIDS and Oral Health 
in Socially Disadvantaged Communities 223 Febronia Kokulengya Kahabuka and Flora Masumbuo Fabian

 14 Oral and Dental Health in Pregnancy 241 
Eftekharalsadat Hajikazemi and Fatemeh Haghdoost Osquei

 15 The Influence of Smoking 
on Dental and Periodontal Status 249 Jindra Smejkalova, Vimal Jacob, Lenka Hodacova, Zdenek Fiala, Radovan Slezak and Sajith Vellappally

Part 4 of the textbook : Clinical Oral Health Care .

 16 Tooth Autotransplantation 273 
Eduardo Santiago, Germano Rocha and João F. C. Carvalho

 17 The Importance of Final Irrigation with 
Mineralolithic Effect Agents During Chemomechanical
Treatment of Tooth Root Canal 285 Aleksandar Mitić, Nadica Mitić, Slavoljub Živković, Jelena Milašin, Jovanka Gašić, Vladimir Mitić, Tatjana Tanić and Jelena Popović

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