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Edited by Nurcan Buduneli .

212 pages .
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Periodontology has been one of the most glamorous fields of dentistry with numerous exciting papers published so far which open up completely novel pathways. “The more we go into it, the more complex it becomes.” This is quite true for Periodontology. However, this complexity not only attracts even more scientists to work in this field, but also stimulates building new bridges between multiple disciplines to make the story clear.
Periodontal diseases are among the most common chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases in the world. Pathogenesis of periodontal diseases has two major aspects: the microbial basis and the host response. Knowledge of both aspects has been increasing in a parallel manner. This book comprises reviews from renowned experts in the field of periodontology, and also findings from innovating studies.....

Dr. Nurcan Buduneli

Department of Periodontology
School of Dentistry
Ege University
İzmir, Turkey


Part 1 Etiopathogenesis of Periodontal Tissue Destruction .

1 Pathogenic Factors of 
P. gingivalis and the Host Defense Mechanisms 3 Shigenobu Kimura, Yuko Ohara-Nemoto, Yu Shimoyama, Taichi Ishikawa and Minoru Sasaki

2 Exopolysaccharide Productivity and Biofilm Phenotype on Oral Commensal Bacteria as Pathogenesis of Chronic Periodontitis 19 Takeshi Yamanaka, Kazuyoshi Yamane, Chiho Mashimo, Takayuki Nambu, Hugo Maruyama, Kai-Poon Leung and Hisanori Fukushima

3 The Role of 
Immuno-Inflammatory Response in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Periodontitis and Development of Chair-Side Point of Care Diagnostics 33 Marcela Hernández, Rolando Vernal, Timo Sorsa, Taina Tervahartiala, Päivi Mäntylä and Jorge Gamonal

4 Growth Factors and Connective 
Tissue Homeostasis in Periodontal Disease 55 Catalina Pisoschi, Camelia Stanciulescu and Monica Banita

5 Effects of Tobacco Smoking on 
Chronic Periodontitis and Periodontal Treatment 81 Nurcan Buduneli

6 Advanced Glycation End 
Products: Possible Link Between Metabolic Syndrome and Periodontal Diseases 97 Maria Grazia Cifone, Annalisa Monaco, Davide Pietropaoli, Rita Del Pinto and Mario Giannoni

Part 2 Treatment Approaches in Periodontitis .

7 Clinical Considerations of Open Gingival Embrasures 113 
Jae Hyun Park, Kiyoshi Tai, John Morris and Dorotea Modrin

8 Interdisciplinary Treatment of Aggressive Periodontitis: Three-Dimensional Cone-Beam X-Ray Computed Tomography Evaluation 127 Tetsutaro Yamaguchi, Kazushige Suzuki, Yoko Tomoyasu, Matsuo Yamamoto and Koutaro Maki

9 Japanese Apricot (Ume): A Novel Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Periodontitis 145 Yoko Morimoto-Yamashita, Masayuki Tokuda, Takashi Ito, Kiyoshi Kikuchi, Ikuro Maruyama, Mitsuo Torii and Ko-ichi Kawahara

10 Association Between 
Self-Efficacy and Oral Self-Care Behaviours in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis 157 Naoki Kakudate and Manabu Morita

11 Adjunctive Systemic Use of Beta-Glucan 
in the Nonsurgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis 167 Neslihan Nal Acar, Ülkü Noyan, Leyla Kuru, Tanju Kadir and Bahar Kuru

12 Alternative Treatment Approaches 
in Chronic Periodontitis: Laser Applications 183 Livia Nastri and Ugo Caruso .

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