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Edited by Inga Zerr .

494 pages .

This book spans a variety of approaches to address the complex problem of Alzheimer´s disease - what is the cause, is there a single pathogenetic pathways or are there many of them, how can we address the whole clinical spectrum of the disease, how can the disease be diagnosed early and reliable and which perspectives we have for prevention and treatment.
The collection covers actual topics of interest for basic researcher, clinicians, epidemiologists and provides insight to various aspects of the disease.

Inga Zerr, MD
Department of Neurology
Cliical Dementia Center
Georg August University Göttingen


Section 1 of the textbook : Pathogenesis .

1 Structure and Function of the APP Intracellular Domain in 
Health and Disease 3
Ulrike Müller and Klemens Wild

2 Mechanism of Alzheimer Amyloid β-Protein Precursor 
Localization to Membrane Lipid Rafts 23
Yuhki Saito, Takahide Matsushima and Toshiharu Suzuki

3 The Amyloidogenic Pathway Meets the Reelin Signaling 
Cascade: A Cytoskeleton Bridge Between Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration 39
Daniel A. Bórquez, Ismael Palacios and Christian González-Billault

4 γ-Secretase — Regulated Signaling and 
Alzheimer's Disease 61
Kohzo Nakayama, Hisashi Nagase, Chang-Sung Koh and Takeshi Ohkawara

5 Phosphorylation of Tau Protein Associated as a Protective 
Mechanism in the Presence of Toxic, C-Terminally Truncated Tau in Alzheimer's Disease 89
José Luna-Muñoz, Charles R. Harrington, Claude M. Wischik, Paola Flores-Rodríguez, Jesús Avila, Sergio R. Zamudio, Fidel De la Cruz, Raúl Mena, Marco A. Meraz-Ríos and Benjamin Floran-Garduño

6 Pin1 Protects Against Alzheimer's Disease: One Goal, Multiple 
Mechanisms 109
Lucia Pastorino, Asami Kondo, Xiao Zhen Zhou and Kun Ping Lu

7 Alzheimer Disease and Metabolism: Role of Cholesterol and 
Membrane Fluidity 145
Genaro G. Ortiz, Fermín P. Pacheco-Moisés, Luis J. Flores-Alvarado, Miguel A. Macías-Islas, Irma E. Velázquez-Brizuela, Ana C. Ramírez- Anguiano, Erandis D. Tórres-Sánchez, Eddic W. Moráles-Sánchez, José A. Cruz-Ramos, Genaro E Ortiz-Velázquez and Fernando

Section 2 of the textbook : Diagnosis .

8 Pre-Analytical and Analytical Critical Factors Influencing the 
High Variability of the Concentrations Levels of Alzheimer Disease Biomarkers in Cerebral Spinal Fluid 177
Armand Perret-Liaudet, Aline Dorey, Yannick Tholance, Benoit Dumont and Isabelle Quadrio

9 Candidate Bio-Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease 193
B.K. Binukumar and Harish C. Pant

10 Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Early Detection of 
Alzheimer's Disease 225
Emily J. Mason, Manus J. Donahue and Brandon A. Ally

Section 3 of the textbook : Therapy .

11 Potential Therapeutic Strategies to Prevent the Progression of 
Alzheimer to Disease States 251
Ester Aso and Isidre Ferrer

12 Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities in 
Alzheimer's Disease 303
Sibel Cevizci, Halil Murat Sen, Fahri Güneş and Elif Karaahmet .

Section 4 of the textbook : Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation and Prevention .

13 Epidemiology of Alzheimer’s Disease 329
Weili Xu, Camilla Ferrari and Hui-Xin Wang

14 Apathy as a Key Symptom in Behavior Disorders: Difference Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Subcortical Vascular Dementia 359
Rita Moretti, Paola Torre, Francesca Esposito, Enrica Barro, Paola Tomietto and Rodolfo M. Antonello

15 Predicting Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD): The 
Role of Clinical, Cognitive Characteristics and Biomarkers 375
Mei Sian Chong and Tih-Shih Lee

16 Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes 409
Brent D. Aulston, Gary L. Odero, Zaid Aboud and Gordon W. Glazner

17 Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease: Intervention Studies 451
Francesca Mangialasche, Weili Xu and Miia Kivipelto .

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  1. This information helps individuals and their families deal with Alzheimer's disease and memory loss. Alzheimer’s clinic