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264 pages . 
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Remarkable advances in medical diagnostic imaging have been made during the past few decades. The development of new imaging techniques and continuous improvements in the display of digital images have opened new horizons in the study of brain anatomy and pathology. The field of brain imaging has now become a fastmoving, demanding, and exciting multidisciplinary activity. I hope that this textbook will be useful to students and clinicians in the field of neuroscience, in understanding
the fundamentals of advances in brain imaging.
We couldn't have produced the book in less than a year without the excellent team of authors. I am deeply indebted to all the authors. Their contribution and sacrifice made this a worthwhile and proud endeavour.
Special thanks to Ms. Romana Vukelic, publishing process manager for this project, for her tireless and unwavering support of the project.
We are greatly indebted to the production staff of InTech for their patience, valuable guidance and extreme professionalism.
I would also like to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their understanding and encouragement throughout the project.

Dr. Vikas Chaudhary
Department of Radiodiagnosis,
Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Model Hospital,


1 Automatic Vector Seeded Region Growing 
for Parenchyma Classification in Brain MRI 1 Chuin-Mu Wang and Ruey-Maw Chen

2 Neuroimaging and Dissociative Disorders 11 
Angelica Staniloiu, Irina Vitcu and Hans J. Markowitsch

3 Neural Mechanisms for Dual-Process Reasoning: 
Evidence from the Belief-Bias Effect 35 Takeo Tsujii and Kaoru Sakatani

4 Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Diffuse Optical Tomography in Neuroscience 51
Matteo Caffini, Davide Contini, Rebecca Re, Lucia M. Zucchelli, Rinaldo Cubeddu, Alessandro Torricelli and Lorenzo Spinelli

5 Intraoperative Human Functional Brain 
Mapping Using Optical Intrinsic Signal Imaging 77 Sameer A. Sheth, Vijay Yanamadala and Emad N. Eskandar

6 Functional Holography and 
Cliques in Brain Activation Patterns 101 Yael Jacob, David Papo, Talma Hendler and Eshel Ben-Jacob

7 Hyperpolarized Xenon Brain MRI 127 
Xin Zhou

8 Segmentation of Brain MRI 143 
Rong Xu, Limin Luo and Jun Ohya

9 Comparison of Granulometric Studies of Brain 
Slices from Normal and Dissociated Strabismus
Subjects Through Morphological Transformations 169 Jorge D. Mendiola-Santibañez, Martín Gallegos-Duarte, Domingo J. Gómez-Meléndez and Angélica R. Jiménez-Sánchez

10 Intracerebral Communication 
Studied by Magnetoencephalography 195 Kuniharu Kishida

11 Pre-Attentive Processing of Sound 
Duration Changes: Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography Study 221 Wichian Sittiprapaporn

12 White Matter Changes in 
Cerebrovascular Disease: Leukoaraiosis 235 Anca Hâncu, Irene Răşanu and Gabriela Butoi .

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