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Edited by Margarita Pesheva, Martin Dimitrov and Teodora Stefkova Stoycheva .

196 pages .
Open Access .

During the last decades, cancer diseases have increased all over the world. The low quality of food and strong pollution of environment are the main prerequisites for carcinogenesis. The main problem for scientists is to find strategy for prevention of cancer diseases. Therefore, the information about models for studying carcinogenesis and mutagens which appear during cooking, environmental pollutants, and tests for specific detection of carcinogens is particularly important.
The book “Carcinogen” contains a collection of reviews and original papers which illustrate: Models of Carcinogenesis - a review focused on the role of stem cells as target to carcinogenesis Tests for Detection of Carcinogens - one of the reviews describes different methods for analyzing nucleic acid adducts, while the other describes the Ty1 retrotransposition short-term test, which can be used to study carcinogenicity of chemicals, including such applied in agriculture, nutrition and pharmacy. The test is highly sensitive, selective to carcinogenic substances, and can be used to control environmental pollution.
Food and Carcinogens - one of the reviews gives general information about mycotoxins. Some of them have biological effect on human health, the others, however, are carcinogenic according to their mechanism of action. The quality of food depends on the heat treatment during cooking process, which may cause the formation of mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds. Food industry has to monitor and control food technology to ultimately reduce food born carcinogens.
Environmental Carcinogenesis - four reviews are closely focused on environmental pollution with carcinogens and their effect on human health - the risk of leukemia arising from formaldehyde exposure, the effects of bisphenol A (BPA) exposure to cancer risk, the consumption of high amount of water containing humic acid, and genome instability caused by ionizing radiation. The book “Carcinogen” is intended for biologists, researchers, students in medical sciences and professionals interested in associated areas.

Dr. Margarita Peshev
Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Genetics,

Dr. Martin Dimitrov
Sofia University, Faculty of Biology,

Dr. Teodora Stefkova Stoycheva
Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology,
Department of Cryobiology and Lyophilization,


Section 1 Model of Carcinogenesis .

 1 The New Model of Carcinogenesis: The Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis 3 Brenda Loaiza, Emilio Rojas and Mahara Valverde

Section 2 Environmental Carcinogenesis .

 2 Genotoxic Effects of Exposure to Formaldehyde in Two Different Occupational Settings 35 Susana Viegas, Carina Ladeira, Mário Gomes, Carla Nunes, Miguel Brito and João Prista

 3 Ecological Risk Assessment on the Territory of Belarus After Chernobyl Accident 55 Irina Saltanova, Alexander Malenchenko and Svetlana Sushko

 4 Focus on Bisphenol A, an Uncertain Environmental Pollutant 69 Salvatore Sciacca, Gea Oliveri Conti, Maria Fiore and Margherita Ferrante

Section 3 Test for Detection of Carcinogens .

 5 The Ty1 Retrotransposition Short-Term Test for Selective Detection of Carcinogenic Genotoxins 83 Teodora Stoycheva, Margarita Pesheva, Martin Dimitrov and Pencho Venkov

 6 Isolation and Detection of Carcinogenic Nucleic Acid Adducts 111 Dickson M. Wambua, Amanda L. Brownstone, Charles A. Barnes and Norman H. L. Chiu

Section 4 Food and Carcinogens .

 7 Carcinogen Role of Food by Mycotoxins and Knowledge Gap 133 Margherita Ferrante,
Salvatore Sciacca and Gea Oliveri Conti

 8 Food Borne Carcinogens: A Dead End? 163 Rosa Busquets Santacana

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