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TEXTBOOK :Medical Robotics

Medical Robotics

Edited by Vanja Bozovic .

536 pages . 
Open Access .

The first generation of surgical robots are already being installed in a number of operating rooms around the world. Robotics is being introduced to medicine because it allows for unprecedented control and precision of surgical instruments in minimally invasive procedures. So far, robots have been used to position an endoscope, perform gallbladder surgery and correct gastroesophogeal reflux and heartburn. The ultimate goal of the robotic surgery field is to design a robot that can be used to perform closed-chest, beating-heart surgery. The use of robotics in surgery will expand over the next decades without any doubt. 
Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is a revolutionary approach in surgery. In MIS, the operation is performed with instruments and viewing equipment inserted into the body through small incisions created by the surgeon, in contrast to open surgery with large incisions. This minimizes surgical trauma and damage to healthy tissue, resulting in shorter patient recovery time.
The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the state-of-art, to present new ideas, original results and practical experiences in this expanding area.
Nevertheless, many chapters in the book concern advanced research on this growing area. The book provides critical analysis of clinical trials, assessment of the benefits and risks of the application of these technologies.
This book is certainly a small sample of the research activity on Medical Robotics going on around the globe as you read it, but it surely covers a good deal of what has been done in the field recently, and as such it works as a valuable source for researchers interested in the involved subjects, whether they are currently “medical roboticists” or not.

Dr. Vanja Bozovic



1. The learning curve of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery 001  E. Olthof, D. Nio and W.A. Bemelman

2. The Must-Have in Robotic Heart Surgery: Haptic Feedback 009 Eva U. Braun, Hermann Mayer, Alois Knoll, Ruediger Lange and Robert Bauernschmitt

3. Robot-Assisted Epicardial Ultrasound for Coronary Artery Localization and Anastomosis Quality Assessment in Totally Endoscopic Coronary Bypass Surgery 
021 Ricardo P.J. Budde, Cornelius Borst, Patricia F.A. Bakker and Paul F. Gründeman

4. Image Guided Robotic Systems for Focal Ultrasound Based Surgical Applications 029 Sunita Chauhan

5. Robotic Applications in Neurosurgery 041 M. Sam Eljamel

6. Autonomous Virtual Mobile Robot for the Exploration of 3D Medical Images 065 Luca Ferrarini, Hans Olofsen, Johan H.C. Reiber and Faiza Admiraal-Behloul

7. Robotic Foregut Surgery 075 Daniel T. McKenna, M.D. and Jon C. Gould

8. Robotic Long Bone Fracture Reduction 085 A. E. Graham, S. Q. Xie, K. C. Aw, W. L. Xu and S. Mukherjee

9. Non-Invasive Estimates of Local Field Potentials for Brain-Computer Interfaces: Theoretical derivation and comparison with direct intracranial recordings 
Rolando Grave de Peralta Menendez and Sara L. Gonzalez Andino

10. Motion Tracking for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery 117 Martin Groeger, Klaus Arbter and Gerd Hirzinger

11. Surgical Skills Training For Robotic Assisted Surgery 149 Juan D. Hernandez R., Fernando Bello and Ara Darzi

12. Medical Robotics in Cardiac Surgery 167 Stephan Jacobs and Volkmar Falk

13. Robotic Neurosurgery 175 Karas, CS and Baig, MN

14. The Use of Software Systems for Visualized Treatment Objectives in Orthognatic Surgery181 Zafer Ozgur Pektas, Beyza Hancioglu Kircelli and Ulkem Cilasun

15. Intelligent Laparoscopic Assistant Robot through Surgery Task Model: How to Give Intelligence to Medical Robots 197 Dong-Soo Kwon, Seong-Young Ko and Jonathan Kim

16. Miniature robotic guidance for spine surgery 219 Y. Barzilay, L. Kaplan and M. Liebergall

17. Nerve Sparing Axillary Dissection using the da Vinci Surgical System 233 Susan M L Lim, Cheng-Kiong Kum and Foong-Lian Lam

18. Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Renal and Adrenal Surgery 239 Yves Caumartin, Jeffrey Warren and Patrick P.W. Luke

19. Robin Heart - Perspectives of application of mini invasive tools in cardiac surgery 265 Zbigniew Nawrat and Pawel Kostka

20. Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery for Aortoiliac Disease; a systematic review 291 Jeroen Diks, Denise Nio, Willem Wisselink and Willem Bemelman

21. Basic Study of Appropriate Knot-tying Force in the Gastrointestinal Tract for Development of Haptic Surgical Robot 299 
Junya Oguma, Soji Ozawa, Yasuhide Morikawa, Toshiharu Furukawa, 
Yuko Kitagawa, Masakazu Ueda, Kouhei Ohnishi and Masaki Kitajima

22. Robotic Gastrectomy with Lymphadenectomy for Gastric Cancer 305 Casandra Anderson, Joshua Ellenhorn and Alessio Pigazzi

23. Robotic Rectal Cancer Surgery 315 Minia Hellan, Joshua Ellenhorn and Alessio Pigazzi

24. Efficient Non-Invasive Registration with A-mode Ultrasound in Skull Surgery 323 Aleksandra Popovic, Stefan Heger, Axel Follmann, Ting Wu, 
Martin Engelhardt, Kirsten Schmieder and Klaus Radermacher

25. Camera Holding Robotic Devices in Urology 341 Sashi S Kommu and Abhay Rané

26. Telerobotic Surgery for Right and SigmoidColectomy 351 Arthur Rawlings, M.D., M.Div. and David Crawford

27. Robotic Assisted Microsurgery (RAMS):Application in Plastic Surgery 363 Sanjay Saraf

28. Prototypic force feedback instrument for minimally invasive robotic surgery 377 Ulrich Seibold, Bernhard Kuebler, and Gerd Hirzinger

29. “RoboLase”: Internet-accessible robotic laser scissors and laser tweezers microscope systems 401 Linda Z. Shi, Michael W. Berns and Elliot Botvinick

30. Robot Attack on Vascular Surgery 421 Petr Stádler

31. Mechanical error analysis of compact forceps manipulator for laparoscopic surgery 433 Takashi Suzuki, Yoichi Katayama, Etsuko Kobayashi and Ichiro Sakuma

32. Dental Patient Robot 443 Hideaki Takanobu

33. Neuro- and Fascial Anatomy in the Male Pelvis for Robotic Radical Prostatectomy 457 Atsushi Takenaka, Ashutosh K. Tewari and Masato Fujisawa

34. Robotic assistance in microvascular surgery 471 M.G.W. van den Heuvel and R.R.W.J. van der Hulst

35. Cooperative robotic system to support surgicalinterventions 481 Raúl A. Castillo Cruces, H. Christian Schneider and Jürgen Wahrburg

36. Robotics in General Surgery 491 James Wall, MD, Venita Chandra, MD and Thomas Krummel

37. Telemanipulated Long Bone Fracture Reduction 507 Ralf Westphal, Simon Winkelbach, Thomas Gösling, Markus Oszwald, Tobias Hüfner, Christian Krettek and Friedrich Wahl .

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