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Today, we live almost twice longer than the generations living in the beginning of the last century. Our life expectancy has increased 35‐70 years in the last 100 years. There are several factors which are important for our longer and healthier life. One very important factor is a better understanding of the human biology. Scientists are making new breakthroughs every day. Better understanding of human biology also taught us how to improve sanitation, hygiene and fight against diseases. In order to live a longer and healthier life, human body should be maintained in normal physiology without serious interferences with the environmental factors. Food and drugs play very important role in normal physiology. Food is a main source providing all needed components to maintain normal physiological conditions in a healthy body.
However, with the chronic and/or acute change of environmental factors such as temperature, radiation, vibrations, magnetic fields and also invasion of microbial or chemical pathogens into the normal body, normal physiological conditions of the body can not remain as such. Often normal physiological conditions will be changed because of the internal factors such as DNA or enzyme induction and functions.
Whether the factors are internal or external, the patho‐physiologic conditions make our body deviate from normal functions – it is what we call disease condition. In a case of a disease, the special chemicals, care and food are important for the body i.e. the facilitation of biological reactions to bring back the body into the normal physiology by medical treatment.
The knowledge advancement on human biology and development of technical tools in the field of medical treatment led us discover and develop new and advanced drugs. In fact, drugs are pharmacologically active chemical substances specially designed or formulated to be useful to the human body. As opposed to food, drug substance is used for a body system which is not in a normal condition. Therefore, discovery, production, distribution, and the phase of administration of patientsʹ quality assurance has to be controlled with a technological procedure and tight regulations to make the system as effective as possible for the benefit of human health. Our book provides selected but vital information on the sources, tools, technologies and regulations regarding the current status of medicine development. The knowledge which helped drug substance to be used in medicine is tremendously increased in the last hundred years. In spite of this a search for safe and more effective drug/medicine is still an important part of the research. Therefore this book especially provides some selected updates on vital information in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The information provided in our book cover information on the source, discovery, and regulations of the drugs.

Purusotam Basnet



 1 Modern Medicine and Pharmaceutics 1 Purusotam Basnet

 2 Drug Designing, Discovery and Development Techniques 19 Elvis A. Martis and Rakesh R. Somani

 3 Pharmacognostic Methods for Analysis of Herbal Drugs, According to European Pharmacopoeia 37 Duţu Ligia Elena

 4 Biological Products: Manufacturing, Handling, Packaging and Storage 63 Nahla S. Barakat

 5 Apparent Solubility and Dissolution Profile at Non-Sink Conditions as Quality Improvement Tools 83 Stefania Petralito, Iacopo Zanardi, Adriana Memoli, M. Cristina Annesini, Vincenzo Millucci and Valter Travagli

 6 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Medicinal Products 101 Jaya Bir Karmacharya

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