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Edited by Vaibhav Bagaria .

160 pages .
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Machiavelli once stated, "and one ought to consider that there is nothing more difficult to pull off, more chancy to succeed in, or more dangerous to manage, than the introduction of a new order of things." It was similar experience that the founding fathers of arthrosocopy faced when they started this unique way of treating the musculoskeletal conditions.
Arthroscopy has now become the most commonly performed musculoskeletal procedure.
Arthroscopy has had several beneficial effects especially in terms of reduction of morbidity and reducing and in many cases eliminating the need for hospitalization. It all began with the knee surgeries and even today the most common arthroscopic procedures are performed in knee and yet arthroscopic surgeries performed for other regions right from temperomandibular joint down to the subtalar joint have replicated the success shown in knee surgeries.
They are gradually becoming popular and this book intend to describe the tips and tricks employed by the experts in their respective field for benefit of the residents and fellows.
This book has brought the experts in the field of the arthroscopy who have written the chapters concerning various regions vizTemporomandibular joint, Shoulder, Wrist, Lumbar Spine, Knee, Ankle, and the Subtalar Joint. The focus has been on delivering key surgical points that will help ensure that learning is seamless. There is vast literature on knee arthroscopy but the information on arthroscopic procedures of other region and I hope that this book will in the lacunae.
The book of this magnitude requires a great deal of perseverance, attention to details and close coordination. Towards this end, the team at Intech had been fabulous at every step. So has been my beautiful wife Shalini and my son Shaurya who many times missed his football lessons on account of my being busy with the book. This book is dedicated to my patients, students and my parents who have taught me lessons in orthopedics and life selflessly. I hope that the book will meet their expectation and will especiallyencourage students to thoughtfully experiment and cross borders in the filed of ‘Minimally Invasive keyhole procedures’.

Dr Vaibhav Bagaria

MBBS, MS, FCPS, Dip SICOT (Belgium),
Fellow Orthopedic Surgeon: USA, Australia, Germany
Senior Consultant Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon



1 Ankle Arthroscopy 1 
Jami Ilyas

2 Tibial Spine Avulsion Fractures: Current Concepts and Technical 
Note on Arthroscopic Techniques Used in Management of These Injuries 23 Vikram Sapre and Vaibhav Bagaria

3 Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Endoscopy 39 
Ștefan Cristea, Florin Groseanu, Andrei Prundeanu, Dinu Gartonea, Andrei Papp, Mihai Gavrila and Dorel Bratu

4 Temporomandibular Joint Arthroscopy versus 
Arthrotomy 61 Edvitar Leibur, Oksana Jagur and Ülle Voog-Oras

5 Arthroscopic Ankle and Subtalar Arthrodesis – Indications and 
Surgical Technique 97 Ricardo Cuéllar, Juan Zaldua, Juan Ponte, Adrián Cuéllar and Alberto Sánchez

6 Subtalar Arthroscopy and a Technical Note on Arthroscopic 
Interosseous Talocalcaneal Ligament Reconstruction 123 Jiao Chen, Hu Yuelin and Guo Qinwei

7 Shoulder Arthroscopy 135 
Jeremy Rushbrook, Panayiotis Souroullas and Neil Pennington .

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