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Rehabilitation medicine is the final care path to improve quality of life for those who sustain impairment, disability, or handicap after illness. Remarkable development and improvement of diagnostic as well as therapeutic skills in recent times have contributed to increasing survival rates. Consequently it also increases demand for rehabilitation for survivors. For rehabilitation professionals, this text will provide current concepts, practical skills, and further research issues in various areas. The contributors of this text not only describe current knowledge, but also stimulate readers to continue developing better rehabilitation skills. This text is not sufficient to cover every rehabilitation issue in one volume. However, we hope the readers will build up more knowledge upon this first edition.

Dr. Chong-Tae Kim
Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine,
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine,



1 Diabetic Foot Ulceration and Amputation 1 Stephanie Burns and Yih-Kuen Jan

2 Stroke Rehabilitation 21  Chong Tae Kim

3 Myotonometric Measurement of Muscular Properties  of Hemiparetic Arms in Stroke Patients 37  Li-Ling Chuang, Ching-Yi Wu and Keh-Chung Lin

4 Validity and Reliability of a Hand-Held Dynamometer for  Dynamic Muscle Strength Assessment 53 Lan Le-Ngoc and Jessica Janssen

5 Functional Recovery and Muscle Properties After Stroke:  A Preliminary Longitudinal Study 67 
Astrid Horstman, Arnold de Haan, Manin Konijnenbelt,  Thomas Janssen and Karin Gerrits

6 The Hierarchical Status of Mobility  Disability Predicts Future IADL Disability:  A Longitudinal Study on Ageing in Taiwan 85  
Hui-Ya Chen, Chih-Jung Yeh, Ching-Yi Wang,  
Hui-Shen Lin and Meng-Chih Lee .

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