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Edited by Terry Lichtor .

652 pages .
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Although technical advances have resulted in marked improvements in the ability to diagnose and surgically treat primary and metastatic brain tumors, the incidence and mortality rates of these tumors is increasing. Particularly affected are young adults and the elderly. The present standard treatment modalities following surgical resection including cranial irradiation and systemic or local chemotherapy each have limited efficacy and serious adverse side effects.
Furthermore the relatively few long-term survivors are inevitably left with cognitive deficits and other disabilities. The difficulties in treating malignant gliomas can be attributed to several factors. Glial tumors are inherently resistant to radiation and standard cytotoxic chemotherapies.
The existence of blood-brain and blood-tumor barriers impede drug delivery to the tumor and adjacent brain infiltrated with tumor. In addition the low therapeutic index between tumor sensitivity and toxicity to normal brain severely limits the ability to systemically deliver therapeutic doses of drugs or radiation therapy to the tumor. New treatment strategies for the management of patients with these tumors are urgently needed.
In this book a review of the important features involving the clinical management of patients with these tumors are outlined. In addition advances in radiology both for pre-operative diagnostic purposes along with surgical planning are described. Furthermore a review of newer developments in chemotherapy along with the evolving field of photodynamic therapy both for intra-operative management and subsequent therapy is provided. Hopefully this information coupled with advances in the understanding of the pathology and molecular biology of brain tumors which are also outlined in this book will translate into additional novel therapeutic treatment strategies that should lead to the prolongation of survival without a decline in cognitive functions or other side effects in patients with brain tumors.

Dr. Terry Lichtor
Rush Medical College,
Department of Neurosurgery,
Chicago, United States of America



Section 1 Radiologic Issues Relevant to Brain Tumors .

1 Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) for Pre-Surgical Planning of Brain Lesion in Critical Areas: Basic Principles and Early Experience 3 Concetta Alafaci, Alfredo Conti and Francesco Tomasello

 2 Functional MRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Magnetic Source Imaging and Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Guided Brain Tumor Resection in Awake and Under General Anaesthesia 17 Zamzuri Idris, W M Nazaruddin W Hassan, Muzaimi Mustapha, Badrisyah Idris, Rahman Izaini Ghani and Jafri Malin Abdullah

 3 Modern Neuroimaging Techniques in The Diagnosis of Brain Tumours 55 Concetta Alafaci, Francesca Granata, Mariano Cutugno, Maria Caffo, Gerardo Caruso and Francesco Maria Salpietro

 4 Radiology Imaging Techniques of Brain Tumours 77 Kamil Zeleňák, Cisáriková Viera and Poláček Hubert

 5 Recent Developments of Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography for the Diagnosis of Brain Tumors 107 Yasushi Shibata

Section 2 Pathology of Brain Tumors .

 6 Pilocytic Astrocytoma: Anatomic, Pathological and Molecular Aspects 127 Aline Paixao Becker, Cristovam Scapulatempo-Neto, Luciano Neder, Leila Chimelli and Rui M. Reis

 7 Histology of Primary Brain Tumors 145 Maysa Al-Hussaini

Section 3 Brain Metastases .

 8 Surgical Treatment for Multiple Brain Metastases 183 Takeshi Okuda and Amami Kato

 9 Metastatic Brain Tumors 193 Steven N. Kalkanis and Sanjay Patra

Section 4 Tumor Induced Epilepsy .

 10 Tumor Associated Epilepsy 211 Edward K. Avila

 11 Glioma-Associated Epilepsy 225 Kost Elisevich

Section 5 Photodynamic Therapy .

 12 Current Applications of 5-ALA in Glioma Diagnostics and Therapy 249 Lei Teng, Mitsutoshi Nakada, Yutaka Hayashi, Takeshi Yoneyama, Shi-Guang Zhao and Jun-Ichiro Hamada

 13 Photodynamic Therapy Using Talaporfin Sodium and Diode Laser for Newly Diagnosed Malignant Gliomas 263 Jiro Akimoto

Section 6 Molecular Biology of Brain Tumors .

 14 Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Progression of Glioblastoma 277 Andrej Pala, Georg Karpel-Massler, Christian Rainer Wirtz and Marc- Eric Halatsch

 15 Laboratory Testing for Prognostic and Predictive Markers in Gliomas 291 Milena Cankovic

 16 Telomeres and Brain Tumors 321 Domenico La Torre, Giovanni Raffa, Chiara Tomasello, M’Hammed Aguennouz and Antonino Germanò

 17 Chromosomal Analysis: Clinical Applicability to Brain Cancers 357 Fabio P. Estumano da Silva and Edivaldo H. C. de Oliveira

Section 7 Brainstem Gliomas .

 18 Brainstem Gliomas 391 Zhiping Zhou and Mark M. Souweidane

Section 8 Chemotherapy .

 19 Chemotherapeutic Agent for Glioma 415 Shinji Kohsaka and Shinya Tanaka

 20 Topoisomerase Therapy in the Treatment of Brain Tumors 439 George Theodore, Niramol Savaraj and Lynn Feun

Section 9 Central Nervous System Lymphoma .

 21 Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma − Recent Advance on Clinical Research 461 Ryuya Yamanaka

Section 10 Neural Basis of Consciousness .

 22 Contributions to the Understanding of the Neural Bases of the Consciousness 473 Leon Dănăilă and Mihail Lucian Pascu

Section 11 Antioxidants in Brain Tumors .

 23 The Stance of Antioxidants in Brain Tumors 523 Pinar Atukeren and M. Ramazan Yigitoglu

Section 12 Anesthesia for Patients with a Brain Tumor and Pregnancy .

 24 Management of Brain Tumor in Pregnancy — An Anesthesia Window 555 Hala M. Goma

Section 13 Surgical Management Issues .

25 Interdisciplinary Surgical Management of Orbital and Maxillo- Ethmoidal Complex Disorders 571 Jarosław Paluch, Jarosław Markowski, Jan Pilch, Agnieszka Piotrowska – Seweryn, Robert Kwiatkowski, Joanna Lewin-Kowalik, Czesław Zralek and Agnieszka Gorzkowska

Section 14 Epidemiology of Brain Tumors .

 26 The Epidemiology of Paediatric Brain Cancer — Descriptive Epidemiology and Risk Factors 599 Adrianna Ranger .

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