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Conjunctivitis, a group of inflammatory disorders of the conjunctiva and often also in conjunction with cornea, lacrimal ways and eyelids, is very common condition affecting large adult as well as pediatric population.1 3 These disorders, especially their chronic forms, can be a source of relatively extensive discomfort for the patients,
which can negatively influence their professional carriers as well as their private lives. 
Conjunctivitis can be classified by various manners and according to various parameters.
However, the classification according to the causal aspects might be preferred.1-7
Conjunctivitis can be divided into two basic groups, with respect to the localization of the primary pathophysiologic process and involved mechanisms 8-11; (A) Primary conjunctivitis, including all primary and independent forms/disorders whose underlying pathophysiologic processes are initiated and localized in the conjunctival tissue, eventually in conjunction with the adjacent tissues, such as cornea, sclera, lacrimal ways or eyelid skin. (B) Secondary conjunctivitis, including all conjunctivitis forms, in which the primary pathophysiologic process is localized outside the conjunctivae, in another organ. This group can further be divided into two sub-groups; (B1 ) Secondarily induced conjunctivitis including conjunctivitis forms induced by factors (mediators, cytokines, chemokines, neuropeptides,activated cells) released during the primary pathophysiologic and/or immunologic process in another tissue, e.g. nasal mucosa, middle ear, paranasal sinus mucosa, bronchial mucosa, eyelid skin, and reaching secondarily the conjunctivae; (B2 ) Secondary conjunctivitis forms, being a part of a complex and multifaceted pathophysiologic processes, such as systemic diseases, metabolic disorders, some infectious and parasitic diseases, (auto)-immune disorders, immunodeficiencies, angio-neurotic (Quincke) edema, some malignancy forms, etc....

Dr. Zdenek Pelikan,
Director of Allergy Research Foundation, Breda
The Netherlands



Part 1 Epidemiology of Conjunctivitis .

 1 Epidemiological Aspects of Infectious Conjunctivitis 3 Herlinda Mejía-López, Carlos Alberto Pantoja-Meléndez, Alejandro Climent-Flores and Victor M. Bautista-de Lucio

Part 2 Clinical Aspects and Features of Conjunctivitis .

 2 Clinical Features of Infectious Conjunctivitis 21 Udo Ubani

 3 Allergic Conjunctivitis: An Immunological Point of View 33 Atzin Robles-Contreras, Concepción Santacruz, Julio Ayala, Eduardo Bracamontes, Victoria Godinez, Iris Estrada-García, Sergio Estrada-Parra, Raúl Chávez, Mayra Perez-Tapia, Victor M. Bautista-De Lucio and Maria C. Jiménez-Martínez

 4 Mediators and Some Cytokines in Tears During the Late Conjunctival Response Induced by Primary Allergic Reaction in the Nasal Mucosa 57 Zdenek Pelikan

 5 Cytologic Changes in Tears During the Late Type of Secondary Conjunctival Response Induced by Nasal Allergy 75 Zdenek Pelikan

Part 3 Treatment and Therapeutical Management of Conjunctivitis .

 6 Management of Conjunctivitis in General Practice 95 Soumendra Sahoo, Adnaan Haq, Rashmirekha Sahoo and Indramani Sahoo

 7 Leukotriene Antagonist Drugs as Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis and Comorbidities in Children 111 Salvatore Leonardi, Giovanna Vitaliti, Giorgio Ciprandi, Carmelo Salpietro and Mario La Rosa

 8 The Evaluation of Anti-Adenoviral Therapeutic Agents for use in Acute Conjunctivitis 127 J.A. Capriotti, J.S. Pelletier, K.P. Stewart and C.M. Samson

 9 Conjunctival Flora Before and After Application of 5% Povidone-Iodine Solution 135 Virginia Vanzzini-Zago, Jorge Villar-Kuri, Víctor Flores Alvarado, Alcántara Castro Marino and Pérez Balbuena Ana Lilia

Part 4 Special Forms of Conjunctivitis .

10 Ophtalmia Neonatorum 147 Flora Abazi, Mirlinda Kubati, Blerim Berisha, Masar Gashi, Dardan Koçinaj and Xhevdet Krasniqi

 11 Trachoma and Conjunctivitis 165 Imtiaz A. Chaudhry, Yonca O. Arat and Waleed Al-Rashed

 12 Ocular Symptoms (Conjunctivitis, Uveitis) in Reactive Arthritis 183 Brygida Kwiatkowska and Maria Maślińska

13 Thelazia Species and Conjunctivitis 201 Soraya Naem

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