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This book covers selected topics in ophthalmology, providing a glimpse into the advancements in different aspects of the field. It is not aimed to cover the whole field of ophthalmology, and hopefully, more topics will be covered in future books. The book is intended for the general ophthalmologists, sub-specialists, researchers, residents, and fellows. It covers both basic and clinical concepts of ophthalmology.
Each author incorporated his/her own perspectives on each topic adding his/her won theories, future trends, and research. Therefore, the book should enable researchers and clinicians to adopt new ideas for further basic research and clinical practice.
This book, arranged in a systematic approach, discusses first the general aspects of ophthalmology (surgery), and then disorders affecting different structures of the eye from the cornea and ocular surface backwards to the retina and the structures surrounding the globe. It is a product of a balance between the expedited publishing process and encompassing broad aspects of the field.
This book is a result of multi-national ophthalmologists from around the globe, with a common desire to take care of patients. Some of the authors have been involved for many years within this field, some are just at their beginning. Some authors are researches, others are clinicians. Some are world leaders, others will be. I hope that our readers will be as much a wide variety as our authors are.
The book is accessible online to allow free access to as many readers as possible, and is also available on print for those who do not have online access, or are interested in having their own hard copy. This will definitely contribute to the worldwide distribution of the knowledge on ophthalmology between researchers and clinicians.
I would like to acknowledge each and every one of the contributors for their excellent work on each chapter. Each one of them devoted time and effort to write a chapter, contributing to the success of this book and the advancement of ophthalmology. I would thank Ms. Martina Durovic and Mr. Jan Hyrat, the book Publishing Process Managers for their expert assistance in all the issues concerning this book, to Ms. Ana Nikolic, the
Head of Editorial Consultants for her useful assistance, and for all for choosing me to be the editor of the book. My gratitude to the technical editors for arranging the book in a uniform format and for the publisher InTech, for undertaking this mission. Lastly, thanks to my family, teachers, and students from whom I studied throughout the years.

I hope that this book will be part of a series of books in all the sub-specialties of ophthalmology, and that it will be an example for global collaboration, not only between physicians, but also between everyone for the betterment of the humankind. I wish you, the reader, an enjoyable journey throughout ophthalmology and I hope that you will find the book interesting.

Shimon Rumelt, MD, MPA
Department of Ophthalmology,
Western Galilee – Nahariya Medical Center,



Part 1 Basic Concepts in Ophthalmology .

 1 Lasers in Ophthalmology 3 Magdalena Zdybel, Barbara Pilawa and Anna Krzeszewska-Zaręba

2 Microsurgical Techniques in Ophthalmology – Current Procedures and Future Directions 25 Pradeep Prasad, Allen Hu, Robert Beardsley and Jean-Pierre Hubschman

 3 Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channels in the Eye 35 Zan Pan, José E. Capó-Aponte and Peter S. Reinach

Part 2 Cornea and Ocular Surface .

 4 Recent Advances in Mucosal Immunology and Ocular Surface Diseases 49 De-Quan Li, Zuguo Liu, Zhijie Li, Zhichong Wang and Hong Qi

 5 Trafficking of Immune Cells in the Cornea and Ocular Surface 79 Yureeda Qazi, Aslihan Turhan and Pedram Hamrah

 6 Keratoconus Layer by Layer – Pathology and Matrix Metalloproteinases 105 Dasha Nelidova and Trevor Sherwin

 7 Corneal Surgical Techniques 119 Miroslav Vukosavljević, Milorad Milivojević and Mirko Resan

Part 3 Refraction and Refractive Correction .

 8 Incidence of Refractive Error and Amblyopia Among Young Adults – A Hospital Based Study 135 Ashok Kumar Narsani, Shafi Muhammad Jatoi, Mohan Perkash Maheshwari and Khairuddin Shah

 9 Myopia, Light and Circadian Rhythms 141 John R. Phillips, Simon Backhouse and Andrew V. Collins

 10 Etiology and Clinical Presentation of Astigmatism 167 Sanja Masnec Olujić

11 Wavefront Aberrations 191 Mirko Resan, Miroslav Vukosavljević and Milorad Milivojević

 12 Non-Surgical Treatment of Astigmatism 205 Luciane B. Moreira

 13 Treatment Strategies and Clinical Outcomes of Aspheric Surgery for Astigmatism Using the SCHWIND Amaris Platform 217 Maria C. Arbelaez and Samuel Arba-Mosquera

 14 Comparing Nomograms of Two Symmetric and Two Asymmetric Intacs® Segments Implantation for Treatment of Pellucid Marginal Degeneration 249 Luis A. Rodriguez and Anny E. Villegas

15 Toric Intraocular Lenses for the Correction of Astigmatism 267 Milorad Milivojević, Miroslav Vukosavljević and Mirko Resan

 16 Amblyopia and Foveal Thickness 279 Elina Landa, Shimon Rumelt, Claudia Yahalom, Elaine Wong and Lionel Kowal

Part 4 Glaucoma .

 17 Trabecular Surgery 291 Antonio Fea, Giulia Consolandi, Giulia Pignata, Davide Turco, Paola Cannizzo, Elena Bartoli, Teresa Rolle and Federico M. Grignolo

Part 5 Retina and Vitreous .

 18 A Novel Artificial Vitreous Substitute – Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body 307 Qianying Gao

 19 Endophthalmitis 319 Phillip S. Coburn and Michelle C. Callegan

 20 Retinal Detachment – An Update of the Disease and Its Epidemiology – A Discussion Based on Research and Clinical Experience at the Prince Charles Eye Unit, Windsor, England 341 Irina Gout, Faye Mellington, Vikas Tah, Mahmoud Sarhan, Sofia Rokerya, Michael Goldacre and Ahmed El-Amir

 21 Retinal Vascular Occlusions 357 Mario Bradvica, Tvrtka Benašić and Maja Vinković

 22 Induction of Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion by Photodynamic Therapy with Rose Bengal in a Rabbit Model 399 Xiao-Xu Zhou, Yan-Ping Song, Yu-Xing Zhao and Jian-Guo Wu

 23 Regulation of Angiogenesis in Choroidal Neovascularization of Age Related Macular Degeneration by Endogenous Angioinhibitors 409 Venugopal Gunda and Yakkanti A. Sudhakar

 24 NRF2 and Age-Dependent RPE Degeneration 427 Yan Chen, Zhenyang Zhao, Paul Sternberg and Jiyang Cai

 25 Retinitis Pigmentosa in Northern Sweden – From Gene to Treatment 451 Irina Golovleva and Marie Burstedt

 26 Mechanisms of RDH12-Induced Leber Congenital Amaurosis and Therapeutic Approaches 473 Anne Kasus-Jacobi, Lea D. Marchette, Catherine Xu, Feng Li, Huaiwen Wang and Mark Babizhayev

Part 6 Eye Plastics and Orbital Disorders .

 27 Eyelid and Orbital Infections 499 Ayub Hakim

 28 Extended Applications of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery to the Orbit and Pituitary Fossa 521 Balwant Singh Gendeh

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